How to File Income Tax Return: Tax Filing Preparation Guide 2022


For e-commerce business owners, income tax filing season marks the start of a highly stressful time. Among the taxes that e-commerce businesses need to file, income tax is the most common one. What is income tax? How does income tax work?

Tax-Free States? Pay No Income Tax in These 9 Tax-Friendly States!


US taxpayers pay over $1 trillion in state income taxes every year. But what if you could pay $0 in state taxes? You can pay absolutely nothing in state taxes, just by packing up your bags and moving to a tax-free state. What are State Taxes? Alaska.


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Selling Into States with Unusual Sales Tax Laws


If you sell into the handful of states that don’t have nexus or don’t have a general sales tax, you might think you’re home free when it comes to obligations to remit sales tax. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have a statewide sales tax. No sales tax but….

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Four years since Wayfair: A trend takes hold


The Supreme Court Wayfair decision four years ago gave tax jurisdictions the sudden power to require countless companies to collect and remit sales tax. The last four years seem to be just the dawn of a new era of sales tax. How is technology being taxed?

Monthly State Sales and Use Tax Update


There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax. There are currently five states with no state-level sales tax. Alaska has long heard rumblings of a statewide sales tax. The growth rate for all Tennessee taxes in August was 22.11

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How to File Your Taxes if You Worked Remotely Out-of-State This Year

Anders CPA

If you work remotely in one state for a company based in another state, and the two states likely have different tax laws, how and where do you file your taxes? How Do Remote Workers File Taxes Now? Why Would a Remote Worker Need to File Taxes in Two States?

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What is the Consumer Price Index, and what does it have to do with payroll?


The Consumer Price Index is involved in payroll topics like minimum wage, benefits, and the federal tax brackets. Alaska’s minimum wage rate did not change from $10.34 The Urban Alaska CPI-U decreased by 1.1% Alaska’s measurement resulted in no increase.

Payroll Considerations: When an Employee Dies


Withholding : Federal income tax (FIT) is not withheld; however, FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes) must be withheld. . FUTA: Subject to FUTA (Federal Unemployment Taxes) when $7,000 wage cap has not yet been met. . FUTA: Exempt from FUTA taxes. .

Restaurant Revitalization Fund – Details


has its own tax identification number) inside another business (e.g., Business Tax Identification Number. Step 1: Begin with gross receipts as reported on the eligible entity’s 2019 Federal tax return. Business tax returns (IRS Form 1120 or IRS Form 1120-S). Introduction.