How to File Income Tax Return: Tax Filing Preparation Guide 2022


For e-commerce business owners, income tax filing season marks the start of a highly stressful time. Among the taxes that e-commerce businesses need to file, income tax is the most common one. What is income tax? How does income tax work? Types of income taxes.

Sales and Use Tax Updates from March


There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax. The Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission has approved its “Remote Seller Sales Tax Code & Common Definitions” that would apply to local municipalities in Alaska that choose to adopt it.

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Understanding the Pieces to Your Sales Tax Compliance Puzzle


In a little more than three years since the Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision , multi-state sales tax has gone from a simple obligation for some companies that were based solely in one state to a nightmare of complying with 50 different states’ sales tax rules. sales tax or use tax).

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How to File Your Taxes if You Worked Remotely Out-of-State This Year

Anders CPA

If you work remotely in one state for a company based in another state, and the two states likely have different tax laws, how and where do you file your taxes? How Do Remote Workers File Taxes Now? Why Would a Remote Worker Need to File Taxes in Two States?

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ARPA Close-up: COBRA Premium Subsidy


Employers were reimbursed with a payroll tax credit or a refund if the cost exceeded their tax liability. Credits were claimed through Form 941, the quarterly employment tax return. The credit will be against the employer’s share of Medicare tax.

Restaurant Revitalization Fund – Details


has its own tax identification number) inside another business (e.g., Business Tax Identification Number. Step 1: Begin with gross receipts as reported on the eligible entity’s 2019 Federal tax return. Business tax returns (IRS Form 1120 or IRS Form 1120-S).

Heard About The Calexit?


It’s also wetter and more sparsely populated and has higher taxes, and it’s really expensive to become a Canadian citizen. One can live as an expat — but that often requires filing two tax returns (a Canadian and a U.S.) Texas has threatened a “Texit” on and off now for the past 148 years, and Alaska actually has a political party with the independent nationhood of Alaska as its only platform plank (Alaskit?).