Ready to automate the month-end close process but don't know where to start? We got you covered. Join us in this informative webinar where we will walk you through the main consideration areas when it comes to evaluating and selecting a month-end close solution.

We will cover everything from sponsor champion identification, vendor evaluation, pitfalls during contracting, IT requirements, termination considerations, and more. Distilled from conversations with thousands of CFOs and Controllers, we will guide you as you embark on the important journey of selecting the best partner to automate month-end close. Learn how to answer questions such as:

  • What automation capabilities are typically available in month-end close platforms?
  • What are the three most important factors for the champion and project sponsor to consider?
  • How does pricing and billing work for this type of software?
  • How best to evaluate vendor and software reputation outside of reference calls?
  • Which clauses should an organization look out for during contracting?
  • Which implementation method is best for your team?
  • How to accurately assess the vendor’s level of customer support that your team will receive?

If you're looking to adopt month-end close automation in the near future, this will be a webinar you won't want to miss.

Register now for September 26th, 2023 at 12:00 pm PT, 3:00 pm ET, 8:00 pm BST to reserve your spot!