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California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II Begins 11/1/21


50 (AB-50) established the California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II, which will provide COVID-19 financial relief to qualified small business employers. Small Business Tax Credit. The post California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II Begins 11/1/21 appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA.

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Is My Business Tax Exempt?

Patriot Software

As a small business owner, you probably spend a lot of time and money on taxes. But, not all businesses have to pay taxes. Have you ever wondered, “Is my business tax exempt?” There are rules you have to follow for tax-exempt status set by the IRS.


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Business Tax: Property matters


read more Blog VAT for property developers in a market slow down read more Blog Property developers: Winding up, Capital treatment and BADR read more Contact Menzies Business Tax Team [contact-form-7] The post Business Tax: Property matters was written by Menzies Sam Coombes and appeared first on Menzies LLP.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions

inDinero Tax Tips

Tracking expenses and claiming all of the small business tax deductions you’re eligible for can add up to substantial savings, especially for start-ups that reinvest aggressively as they scale. Table of Contents What Is a Small Business Tax Deduction and How Does It Work? What small business tax deductions are there?

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Skagit County SMBs: Note These Changing Business Tax Deductions


Though that said, there does seem to be some easing on both of these fronts – and not necessarily because of the “Inflation Reduction Act” (more on that and business tax deductions in a minute). It can be difficult to see your way through it all and keep your business afloat. Business Tax Deductions: Meals and mileage.

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Business Tax Credits to Lower Your Tax Bill


Minimizing your company’s tax burden can help maximize profits. One way of doing this is through business tax credits. Leveraging the right tax credits can save your business thousands of dollars in taxes each year. How do you know which tax credits will save you the most money?

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2021 Ultimate List of Small Business Tax Deductions


With the year coming to an end, tax return season is just right around the corner. For small businesses, that means being prepared to find all of the small business tax deductions you can to minimize your payout to the IRS. . When filing taxes, knowing the deadlines is an essential part of being organized and prepared.