Sales Tax Accounting Basics [+ Journal Entry for Sales Tax Examples] 

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But, how do you record these tax collections and payments in your accounting books? Sales tax accounting. You should understand accounting for sales tax to maintain organized and accurate […] READ MORE. Accounting

Understanding Accounts Receivable (AR): Accounting Basics You Need to Know


However big or small your business is, you’re familiar with the notions of accounts receivable and accounts payable as integral parts of accounting. But if you’re a business owner trying to make sense of your finances, it’s good to master the basics.


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Business Bank Account Basics for Skagit County Business Owners


For my missive today, I thought I might reorient your focus around the most important components of your business’s financial fortress – your banking partner and your business bank account. Here’s what you can expect when you look for your first business bank account.

Start The New Year With These Outsourced Accounting Basics


As you start the new year and continue to seek ways to make this year better than last, it’s time to take another look at outsourced accounting services. Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping solutions help businesses across all industries save time and money.

Accounting Basics for Small Business: A Simple Guide


However, delegating doesn’t mean staying out of the loop completely, especially when it comes to business finances, primarily accounting. Accounting is the language of numbers. What is small business accounting? Basic steps in accounting for small businesses.

Accounting Basics for Small Business Owners [By a CPA]


?. As Warren Buffet says, accounting is the language of business. He and other savvy business owners use accounting to make investment decisions and decisions to grow the businesses they invest in. However, eventually, you will be faced with the reality of accounting. Accountin

The Dangers of DIY Accounting for your Small Business

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Before considering the risks, here are the six greatest dangers to doing your bookkeeping and accounting. As a result, we're often left without the time or energy to do something basic, such as bookkeeping. To perfect their craft, accountants and bookkeepers work for many years.

What Are Assets?


We often get asked to explain the ins and outs of financial reports and have found that providing our favorite clients with a working knowledge of accounting terms is helpful. Your accounts receivable or the balances of your current business checking or savings accounts are a good example.

How to Start a Business on Etsy || 20 Tips to Sell on Etsy Successfully


If you’re new to Etsy and want to make sure you’re doing everything right, it’s essential to have a guide on how to set up an Etsy account. You need to provide your personal information, taxpayer address, and state the account to which your deposit will be transferred.

What Type of Accountant Does Your eCommerce Business Need?


Chances are that your accounting and bookkeeping needs are low on your list of priorities, but that can come back to bite you. Your eCommerce business requires the attention of an eCommerce accountant. . Types of Accounting for Your eCommerce Business. Cash Basis Accounting.

Content Marketing – Distinguishing your Accounting Business


Distinguishing your Accounting Business. Content marketing in the in-store sampling for accountants. Basically, you give away useful, free stuff which is – hopefully – engaging, educational, memorable and builds trust. We encourage accountants to reveal their uniqueness.