E-commerce Business Plan: How to Create an Actionable Business Plan for Your E-commerce Business


Some e-commerce business owners might skip this step and concentrate on the urgent tasks on their to-do list, like launching a website, connecting online payment platforms, and presenting a product. What is an e-commerce business plan? What is an e-commerce business plan?

Prices, Shipping, Growth: New Trends in E-Commerce


How much are consumers spending online, and what do merchants pay for shipping in relation to the overall revenue from those e-commerce orders? These are just two questions answered in the recent 2021 E-Commerce Shipping and Fulfillment Benchmarks Report.


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The Growth of E-Commerce and Your Sales Tax Obligation


Is it just your imagination or is e-commerce expanding every year? The e-commerce industry is growing 23% year-over-year (yet 46% of American small businesses still don’t have a website). By 2040, an estimated 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce.

E-Commerce Analytics Tools


Businesses that are able to effectively collect and analyze data have a significant advantage over their competitors, and the e-commerce industry is no different. In order to be successful, e-commerce businesses need to use the best business analytics tools available.

7 Necessary Tips to Create Content for E-commerce Websites


If you’re interested in e-commerce, you should know that selling products or services cannot exist without making content. The key is in understanding your content, and the following basic tips bring you, step by step, to success in the e-commerce sphere.

E-Commerce Bounce Rate Benchmark


Your e-commerce bounce rate is an all-important metric and shows how many visitors you work so hard to attract that bounce away from your pages without spending a cent. How Are E-Commerce Bounce Rate Benchmarks Useful? Your e-commerce store is flooded with data daily.

Data Analysis in E-commerce


Rest assured that AI companies are striving to make the best analytics tools for e-commerce in order to circumvent these new pieces of legislation to find new ways to track consumers and continue the practice of data-as-currency in the online world of e-commerce and advertising. .

Taking Your E-Commerce Store from $0 to $100K+!


Since the beginning of e-commerce, entrepreneurs have been looking for the best way to get customers online. In this post we’ll go over some steps that can help you take your e-commerce business from $0 to $100K+. Blog or e-commerce?

How Is Analytics Used in E-commerce?


Analytics tools for e-commerce are vital for countless tasks–from monitoring customer behaviors and refining your conversion strategies to evaluating which products are selling well (and which aren’t). Different Types of E-Commerce Analytics.

How to Handle Stripe Disputes in E-commerce


With Stripe being among the most popular sales channels for e-commerce businesses globally, the question of resolving Stripe disputes is worth your attention. You might think that dealing with customers who dispute charges is the most difficult task for an e-commerce business.

Introduction to B2B E-Commerce


Moving your existing client base online is the first stage in expanding into the B2B e-commerce offering which will need careful consideration, educating of the buyers and highlighting the benefits of the new way of ordering. Menzies LLP - A leading chartered accountancy firm.

Why Is Accounting Important For E-commerce?


While accounting isn’t the most glamorous aspect of running an e-commerce business, it is one of the most important functions that determine your success. Do I Need E-commerce Accountancy Software? What Features Should I Look For in an E-commerce Accounting Program?

Understanding Your Sales Tax Obligations As an E-Commerce Business – a Checklist


In fact, it is estimated that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be through e-commerce. Sales and use tax generally applies to the sale or use of tangible personal property (TPP) and certain services.

Daily Summary: Easier Accounting for E-commerce Business Owners


Running out of cash is one of the major reasons about 20% of e-commerce businesses fail during the first year (and by the fifth year, the percentage rises to about 50%). Here’s how e-commerce business owners can leverage it.

E-Commerce Features in QuickBooks Online

Intuitive Accountant

Liz Scott takes a peek into how QB Commerce within QBO and shows how it can be a benefit for today's ecommerce businesses

Which Is the Best Web Analytics for E-commerce?


In the world of e-commerce, knowing your customer is priceless. Today, let’s examine the best analytics tools and see which ones might help you gain business insights for your e-commerce store. How Can Analytics Help My E-Commerce Store?

Enhance Accounting Operations for E-commerce Businesses with Synder Sync


Managing an e-commerce business may be both a blessing and a curse. We’ve created special feature articles to get business owners and accountants acquainted with Synder: Integrations: with e-commerce platforms with payment platforms with accounting software. –

What Are the Future Trends of E-commerce?


E-commerce has come a long way since the early days of the dot-com era of the late 90s. Here are some of the newest trends in e-commerce today, as well as a few that are definitely still in the research and development phases: Artificial Intelligence.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms: a Short Feature Overview


Why is integration with e-commerce platforms so important? That’s why the first step when you’re working with an e-commerce platform is to connect it to the accounting software solution you’re using. Integration with an e-commerce platform isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Detailed Look at the E-Commerce Space with Marilyn Parham


Tune in to this episode when host Hugh Duffy talks with Founder and CEO of The Bottom Line® CPA Marilyn Parham about how she got started in the E-Commerce space. Hear about the biggest challenges small businesses face in E-Commerce and what strategies can lead to success.

How You Can Help LGBTQIA+ E-commerce Businesses


The other option is to produce and sell products in collaboration with other LGBTQIA+ e-commerce businesses. Support LGBTQIA+ e-commerce businesses directly. LGBTQIA+ e-commerce businesses often advertise their shops through Twitter and by using hashtags.

Do I Need an Accountant for My E-commerce Business?


Although many e-commerce businesses will hire an accountant to help them with tasks such as tax filings, having efficient accounting for Shopify software can make a big difference to your finances! When Should an E-commerce Business Hire an Accountant?

7 Cash Flow Management Tips for E-commerce Businesses


Moving to an e-commerce platform is a growing trend seen throughout the business world. Let’s explore how these seven tips can help keep your accounting organized as you transition to an e-commerce platform. 7 cash flow management tips for e-commerce businesses.

How To Choose Location For E-commerce Business: Increasing Sales By Choosing The Right Business Location


But does location play an equally important role for e-commerce businesses? Understanding where customers come from and how they buy can provide valuable insights into improving sales: from what e-commerce platform to choose to where to allocate marketing efforts and budgets.

E-commerce Drop Shipping Accounting


Our team of e-commerce accountants is able to assist with drop-ship accounting and understand the complexities associated with this method of shipping

E-commerce 2.0: 3 Tips for Creating an Omnichannel Strategy


While businesses continue to invest in e-commerce and digital marketing today, omnichannel customer experience has become the “next step” in the e-commerce roadmap – but few know how to achieve it. The post E-commerce 2.0:

What are the challenges with starting an E-Commerce Business


As the e-commerce industry continues to rise due to significant advances in technology, there are endless opportunities to be had with starting your own ecommerce business or moving your existing business online. Menzies LLP - A leading chartered accountancy firm.

What Are the Most Important Pages on an E-commerce Site?


What if the real reason you’re missing your bounce rate benchmarks for e-commerce is down to the pages you don’t have rather than those you do? Still, using that data to make impactful changes to your e-commerce offer is important.

You’ve Connected Your E-commerce Business to Automation, Now What?


e-commerce site, mobile app store) in one place. Accounting Business Management E-commerce New Business Owner CPA tipsIntroduction. The automated accounting system is up and running, and you’re already seeing the benefits.

E-commerce Accounting Simplified with Daily Summary: A Short Feature Overview


E-commerce accounting differs from traditional accounting, as e-commerce businesses usually have much larger volumes of business transactions to manage.

Salesforce for E-Commerce: Everything to Know About This B2C Platform

Accounting Seed

Salesforce B2C Commerce is one of the top tools for launching an e-commerce store. E-commerce as a sales channel picked up pace during the last decade. From 2010 to 2021, e-commerce sales went up nearly 400%. What Is B2C E-Commerce?

How Synder Sync Helps E-commerce Brands Sync Transactions from Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy to Their Books


Nowadays, it’s common for e-commerce brands to have not one platform, but many that they are selling goods from. This can save 10-15 hours per week for busy e-commerce stores with 2-5 million in revenue. E-commerce New Synder Use Cases Business Owner Small Business Synde

9 Common E-Commerce Accounting Mistakes You Need to Avoid


The post 9 Common E-Commerce Accounting Mistakes You Need to Avoid appeared first on Xendoo. As a new business owner, you have a lot to manage on your eCommerce site.

Is the Future of Cannabis in the Hands of E-Commerce?


Unprecedented e-commerce opportunities have presented themselves to the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry. Increasing in popularity, e-commerce is significantly influencing and accelerating cannabis businesses globally.

How Porch Pirates Subtly Steer E-commerce


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Embracing E-commerce as the New Norm



New report highlights key indirect tax challenges regarding compliance, technology, and e-commerce


Indirect taxation and the e-commerce conundrum. When it comes to e-commerce and digital services, however, it is not always easy to know what tax rates apply in any given jurisdiction.

Congress should set guidelines for state taxes on remote sales, says GAO

Accounting Today

Sales tax Tax State taxes SCOTUS E-Commerce

Shopify adds tax support

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Sales tax software Technology Tax E-Commerce

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Founded in Tech: Impact of Wayfair Case on e-Commerce Companies



Case Study: Current vs. Future State Analysis Strengthens Women-Focused E-commerce Company Operations


Case Studies

Lack of data standards driving manual reconciliations

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Outsourcing Technology Automation E-Commerce Hardware and software

Walmart Doubles Down On E-Commerce, Slows Store Growth


The world’s largest retailer by sales will be pumping the breaks on its store expansion model as it reorients its attention toward expanding its e-commerce operations and infrastructure. At Walmart’s annual investor day this year, the company announced something of a change of pace from the last several decades of its growth and development.