Colorado’s Marijuana Industry Tops $6B


The Colorado Department of Revenue has revealed that the state’s regulated marijuana industry sales have topped $6 billion since sales began in 2014. Last year, regulated marijuana sales in Colorado were nearly $1.55 To date, marijuana tax, license and fee revenue totals for Colorado are over $927 million. Retail California Cannabis Colorado Marijuana News revenue sales taxes What's Hot

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Price Rises Above $12K For 30 Minutes; Colorado Lottery Partners With Chainlink For Contest


The Colorado Lottery is partnering with Chainlink and ETHDenver for a new contest “to create new Lottery games that will excite and entertain a new, broad and diverse group of Coloradans to engage them in supporting the great outdoors and schools,” a press release says.


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Colorado State Tax Updates



Inside The Launch Of Colorado’s New State-Run Digital Driver’s License


How Colorado Enabled Digital Driver’s Licenses With The myColorado App. The state of Colorado is one of 12 states currently developing a digital driver’s license program, with the launch of its myColorado app in October.

Bitcoin Daily: US Regulators Join Global Financial Innovation Network; Colorado Explores Crypto Banking For Cannabis Firms


In other news, proposed legislation from Colorado might aim to help crypto companies and cannabis companies obtain bank accounts, with former members of Colorado’s Blockchain Council meeting earlier this month to work on a bill that would authorize the creation of special-purpose banking institutions in the state. Colorado’s bill does have support from some lawmakers. “My

Second Amazon 4-Star Store Set To Open In Colorado

PYMNTS is gearing up to open an Amazon 4-star store in Colorado later Thursday (November 1). According to a report in CNET citing Amazon, the second 4-star store will be located in Park Meadows mall in Lone Tree, Colorado, just outside of Denver. The store will hawk products that are rated 4 stars or higher on Amazon, are from top sellers on its platform or are trending on Amazon. The first 4-star store opened its doors in New York City in September. “We

Inside Colorado’s New State-Run Digital Driver’s License App


PYMNTS recently spoke with Russell Castagnaro, director of digital transformation at the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology , about the app’s development, and how it addresses Coloradans’ concerns regarding security and privacy. but Colorado will be there.”.

Inside The Fight For Digital Driver’s Licenses


Colorado, Louisiana and 10 other states have digital driver’s licenses in various stages of development but are facing their share of obstacles, including the possibility of incompatibility across state lines.

Bitcoin Daily: Binance Applies For Singapore Crypto License; CFTC Files Charges In Digital Ponzi Scheme


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has charged a Colorado resident with fraud in an alleged Ponzi scheme. Bitcoin Binance bitcoin daily CFTC Colorado Google Hedera Hashgraph Ponzi Scheme Singapore Steemit

London FinTech Glint Pay Launches Gold-Backed Debit Card


office is in Boulder, Colorado. Digital Banking Colorado debit card FinTech Glint Pay gold london MasterCard News Sutton Bank What's HotA company called Glint Pay has launched a debit card that’s backed by gold instead of currency, according to a report in The Denver Post. The company is London-based, and its U.S. The card was released in the U.S. on Monday (July 29). Glint Pay was started by entrepreneur Jason Cozens. “We

Data Breaches Impact Unemployment Benefit Applicants In Four States


Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois and Ohio have warned tens of thousands of residents who have applied online for unemployment benefits due to COVID-19 of possible data breaches that could have exposed names, addresses and Social Security numbers.

Legal Pot Starts Pulling Its Retail Weight


Trends in legal cannabis retail are just now emerging, and fresh numbers from Colorado are providing insight into how the industry is evolving. According to a report from CNBC , Colorado, the first to make recreational pot legal, has hit a milestone: It has “surpassed $1 billion in total cannabis-related revenue, the first state in the country to hit that milestone. As Colorado is showing, the legal pot industry continues to grow.

Legal 54

Top News In Payments: Wells Fargo Appoints COO; Visa Names New Partners To Help FinTechs


Inside The Launch Of Colorado’s New State-Run Digital Driver’s License. Colorado is one of 12 states currently developing a digital driver’s license program, with the October rollout of the myColorado app.

Uber App Now Offers Public Transport Tickets For CO Riders


Uber is rolling out more ways to get around with expanded train and bus tickets for its customers in Denver, Colorado. Ridesharing Colorado Mobile Payments News public transport transportation Uber What's HotThe ridesharing leader has its sights set on becoming the smartphone app everyone looks to for a lift—no matter the mode of transportation.

States with local economic nexus - a review


Other states such as Alabama, Colorado and Louisiana have home-rule jurisdictions where separate returns may need to be filed at the local level. Colorado cities with a home-rule charter and that have elected to administer their own local sales and use taxes, though, are “self-collected.”

Alaska 178

Uber Of X: Rent-A-Ref, Sports Officials For Any Game Or Tournament


Based out of Riverside, California, the website (and soon-to-be mobile platform) has been working with leagues all over the state, as well as in Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas. uber of x California Colorado Illinois Massachusetts new jersey New York referee referees rent-a-ref Texas Uber of X What's Hot WisconsinPerhaps the most overlooked person in any sport is the most important one: the referee.

Building CPA Practice From Scratch: Luke Gheen


in Colorado Springs, did – in his early 30s and without any public accounting experience. Luke is a long-time resident of Colorado with extensive corporate finance and accounting experience.

cpa 130

NEW REPORT: Why International Students Must Major In X-Border Tuition Payments


Among these schools is the University of Colorado Denver , a public institution that hosts international students from 73 countries. Cross Border Commerce cross-border payments Flywire Global Payments Architecture Global Payments Architecture Report international education Main Feature News University of Colorado DenverMany U.S. colleges and universities are eager to roll out the red carpet to recruit international students – and why not?

What's new in May for state sales and use taxes


Colorado will no longer require remote sellers, “retailers without physical presence or with only incidental physical presence,” to have local licenses in the state’s some 70 home-rule cities. Beginning July 1, Colorado cities cannot charge out-of-state businesses for local licenses.

Sales 159

Crypto, NFTs and sales tax: What we know so far


More recently, governors in Colorado and Florida expressed openness to accepting crypto for paying taxes. Sales tax has a universe of changing conditions. Now we can add more: cryptocurrency (such as bitcoin) and what seems to be its cousin, non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Sales 175

Recent Happenings and Challenges in the World of Sales Tax


Notable Colorado home-rule jurisdictions have agreed to participate in the Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS), meaning Colorado taxpayers and those selling into the state may soon face more sales tax collection and filing responsibilities.

Sales 130

Gross vs. taxable sales: Which count toward economic nexus?


Currently, states with an economic nexus threshold that don’t include gross sales include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota (though there are special rules concerning “solicitors” in the state) and Oklahoma.

Sales 147

Home Rule: Can Local Jurisdictions Create Sales Tax Obligations?


The Tax Foundation goes on to state “In Alaska, Colorado, and Louisiana, this issue is compounded by the additional challenge of divergent tax bases, where different jurisdictions tax different baskets of goods and services.”

Sales 166

Vendor concessions/discounts can help pay to outsource sales tax obligations


Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio and Louisiana are among states offering a discount for prompt payment; Arizona gives a better discount for e-filers; Florida and South Carolina offer both.

Sales 181

What’s new in state sales and use taxes


Michigan legislators are eying sales tax repeals on diapers after removing a similar state sales tax on menstrual products; Colorado is also considering such a proposal. There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax.

Sales 171

Second Google Lawsuit May Be Filed Next Month By State AGs


The states involved include Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah, according to Reuters. The group is sometimes referred to as the Colorado/Nebraska group and has said it could combine its case with the larger one from the The Department of Justice (DOJ).

Trends: Are sourcing rules changing (and making anything easier)?


Colorado?has “Sourcing” or as we often call it, situsing, is key when you determine sales tax obligations: It refers to the location where a sale is taxed.

Do you really understand economic nexus for sales tax?


Colorado home-rule jurisdictions jumped on the economic nexus bandwagon as well. Businesses have heard a lot about economic nexus over the past few years. But what exactly is economic nexus – and, more importantly, have you kept up with its constant changes in the sales tax realm?

Sales 175

Understanding the Pieces to Your Sales Tax Compliance Puzzle


Some states — notably Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Alaska, among others — empower municipalities and other jurisdictions to levy sales taxes. This article was written for the Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust. To see the original post, click here.

Sales 184

Software, SaaS and Sales Tax


Then there is Colorado which exempts SaaS at the state level but many of the home-rule jurisdictions including Denver do tax SaaS. If your business sells software or software-as-a-service (SaaS), you deal with one of the most complex sales tax situations, potentially without even realizing it.

Sales 173

The Evolving Taxability of SaaS


Colorado exempts SaaS at the state level but many of the home-rule jurisdictions, including Denver, tax SaaS.?Similarly, Tangible personal property has historically been subject to the collection and remittance of sales tax while many services have been non-taxable (or exempt).

2021: The Year in Review – Sales Tax


Before the end of the year, Colorado would also add “digital goods” to its definition of tangible personal property for sales tax purposes and Canada would require non-resident businesses to begin collecting the nation’s Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax on sales of digital goods.

Sales 180

Sales Tax on Shipping: When Does it Apply?


And even if you think you’ve got a grip on how a state taxes shipping, watch for local rules in such strong home-rule states as Colorado and Louisiana.

Sales 171

4 Key Pieces of Your Sales Tax Compliance Process


In a few states, most notably Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana, there are separate local level returns that you are required to file. Colorado alone has 73 home-rule jurisdictions each requiring their own sales tax return to be filed.

Sales 131

What's New in State Sales and Use Taxes?


Colorado voters in the city of Littleton have passed a 0.75% hike in the city's sales tax, the first increase in the tax in nearly half a century. There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax. Here’s a review of some of the recent changes and updates.

Sales 169

What's New in Sales and Use Tax?


Other Sales Tax Updates: Colorado ’s governor has signed legislation adding “digital goods” to the statutory definition of “tangible personal property” subject to sales and use tax. There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax.

Sales 191

Legalization and Taxation of Cannabis


And Colorado raked in $362 million in marijuana taxes in 2020, a 30% jump from 2019. Legalization of cannabis and how it would be taxed has been a discussion for many years.

Legal 142

Understanding Use Tax


A number of states - including Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Washington and more - have chosen to offer remote sellers the option of complying with strict use tax notification and reporting requirements rather than registering for sales tax under nexus provisions.

tax 148

What's New in State Sales and Use Taxes - Monthly Update


to Colorado Springs, Colo., There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax. Here’s a review of some of the recent changes and updates. Oh Joy, oh revenue! State sales tax revenues and their local portions are reported up from Auburn, N.Y.,

Sales 166

State Sales and Use Tax Update


Colorado has issued a private letter ruling stating that sales of a backup service provided by an information technology provider isn’t subject to tax. There’s always something changing or new going on in the world of tax, especially sales tax.

Sales 199

Best States to Practice Dentistry In


Colorado. According to 24/7 Wall Street, a career in dentistry provides a median salary more than quadruple all professions. That’s right, the median salary for a dentist is $156,240. To take this a step further, the best states for dentistry might surprise some of you. When you factor in variations in dental insurance coverage, frequency of visiting a dentist, quality of life, cost of living and more factors, then the best states to practice dentistry are: 1. Massachusetts.

Hawaii 100

Monthly Sales and Use Tax Update


Colorado lawmakers have adopted SB21-282 , which extends the exception to destination sourcing requirements; the exception applies only to businesses with less than $100,000 in retail sales. There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax.

Sales 139

Monthly Review of What's New in Sales & Use Tax


Colorado : Small businesses are scheduled to convert to destination-based tax sourcing by July 1. There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax. And 2021 continues to prove that. Here’s a review of some of the recent changes and updates.

Sales 141