California AB-150 Provides SALT Cap Work-Around


On 7/16/2021, Governor Newsom signed into law AB-150, which provides a means by which certain pass-through entities (Qualified Entities) can make an election to pay California income tax (at the entity-level) on behalf of their owners, for which their consent must be given.

California 1099-NEC Filing Requirements


The post California 1099-NEC Filing Requirements appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA. In IRS Tax Tip 2020-80, the IRS explained new Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation for business taxpayers who pay or receive nonemployee compensation.


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California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II Begins 11/1/21


California Assembly Bill No. 50 (AB-50) established the California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II, which will provide COVID-19 financial relief to qualified small business employers.

Update on California Classic Car Smog Exemption Bill AB 220


As posted to Mike Frankovich’s YouTube Channel on 4/15/2021 (Run time: 8 min, 47 sec) If you’re like me, you have trouble understanding why California continues to make it so difficult to engage is what is one of the most quintessential of California pastimes.

California Small Business Hiring Credit FAQs


The California Legislature passed, and the governor signed, Senate Bill 1447 (click here for FTB Bill Analysis) into law creating a new small business hiring credit (SBHC) for small businesses impacted by economic disturbances in 2020.

Revisiting California’s Worker Classification Law AB 5


This means that many workers previously classified as independent contractors are now employees under California law and you must withhold California income and payroll taxes, and meet California’s minimum wage and overtime requirements.

Blue Shield of California, Walgreens Partner on Personalized Healthcare Solution


Some Golden State residents covered by Blue Shield of California will be offered limited healthcare services at Walgreens locations under a newly announced arrangement between the two companies, according to a press release. The company is based in Oakland, California.

California Judge Strikes Down Gig Worker Exemption From Labor Law


In a blow for Uber and Lyft, a California court has ruled that a 2020 ballot measure making it so rideshare and food delivery drivers were not able to be included in a state labor law is unconstitutional, The Sacramento Bee reported.

California Goes Back Under Lockdown


For the fifth consecutive day, Florida reported more than 12,000 new coronavirus infections, and in California, Gov. The resurgence of the virus in California has taken its toll on the Latino community. Coronavirus bars California closures COVID-19 News Restaurants Retail What's Hot

The Real Estate Tax Implications of California Prop 19


California Prop 19, also known as “The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act,” went into effect on February 16, 2021. The post The Real Estate Tax Implications of California Prop 19 appeared first on certifiedtaxcoach.

California Lets Aurora Operate Driverless Cars


Self-driving vehicle company Aurora has been approved by California regulators to allow passengers rides in its fleet of driverless vehicles, according to reports. The company did not specify when it would allow California passengers in its vehicles.

California Small Business Hiring Tax Credit


To help Californians get back to work, California’s governor signed a new tax bill to give tax breaks to small businesses that increased hiring during the second half of 2020. California has reserved $100 million to fund this Small Business Hiring Tax Credit program.

Los Angeles/Orange County, California Tax Service Help


Tax Resolution Services. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana Metropolitan SoCal area. Local tax helpline 877-78-TAXES [877-788-2937]. Continue reading ›. Tax Resolution Services

California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II


Employers that had fewer than 500 employees on December 31, 2020, subject to California withholding laws, would be considered qualified small businesses. The post California Main Street Small Business Tax Credit II appeared first on KROST.

Maine 83

Uber Lets California Drivers Set Fees


In a move that will give more flexibility to its drivers, less predictability to passengers and potential legal protection for its parent company, Uber now is letting California drivers set their own rates — within limits. Ridesharing California News Uber What's Hot

Small Business Relief From State of California


More relief for small businesses – this time from the State of California! The post Small Business Relief From State of California appeared first on LSL CPAs.

California Pizza Kitchen Joins Eat-at-Home Food Frenzy


Los Angeles-based casual dining chain California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) has joined a growing list of restaurant brands that are leveraging their brand affinity and culinary authority to capture the food-at-home sales opportunity.

Green Dot Moves HQ From California To Texas


Green Dot is the latest company to embark on an exodus from California, relocating to Austin, Texas, CNBC reports. Green Dot, according to CNBC, will focus on four hubs, including the new headquarters in Texas, along with WeWork-style offices in Florida, Ohio and California.

Texas 91

Uber, Lyft Ready Shutdown Friday In California


are ready to suspend their ride-hailing services in California on Thursday (Aug. In a blog post , Lyft said its rideshare operations in California would be suspended at 11:59 a.m. Ridesharing California Lyft News Uber What's Hot

Blue Shield of California, Google Cloud Team on Payment Digitization


Blue Shield of California is working alongside Google Cloud to debut a way to process payment claims in real time on a cloud platform, a press release says. Read more: Blue Shield of California, Walgreens Partner on Personalized Healthcare Solution.

California Proposition 19: Tax Changes


California Proposition 19 passed with just over 51% of the vote in the general election on November 3rd and is expected to become law. April 1, 2021 – For transferring a property tax assessment to a new location within the state of California.

California Cops Enlist Drones For Lockdown Enforcement


A police department in California is going to use drones equipped with loudspeakers to help enforce the state lockdown orders imposed due to the coronavirus, according to a report by the Financial Times. Coronavirus California Drones News What's Hot

No Deduction in California for Expenditures Paid with Forgiven PPP Funds


With the prospect that ordinarily tax deductible business expenses will still be deductible if they were paid for with forgiven PPP loan funds contained in the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021, attention turns to the California treatment of same.

California's Monterey-Salinas Transit To Offer Visa's Tap To Pay


Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) will now allow bus riders to pay fares using contactless solutions, becoming the first California transit agency — and the first system outside a major metropolitan area — to offer tap-to-pay fares, according to a press release emailed to PYMNTS.

California Passes Proposition 19


California Passes Proposition 19Proposition 19 was recently passed in California and will affect properties that you want to pass down to your children. The post California Passes Proposition 19 appeared first on CPA firm in Orange County, CA | CAPATA.

Report: Facebook To Move UK Users To California Privacy Agreement


users into new agreements with its corporate headquarters in California, effectively circumventing the European Union’s strict privacy laws, according to an exclusive report by the Reuters news service. Facebook California News privacy Security Social Media U.K.

COVID Pushes California Pizza Kitchen Into Bankruptcy


California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is the latest big restaurant chain to fall on hard times in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The company opened its first restaurant in 1985 in Beverly Hills, with a menu offering California-style pizza and cuisine.

Grubhub Changes Tipping In California, Angering Drivers


In November, California voters, by a margin of about 58 percent to 42, adopted Proposition 22, which overturned a fairly young state law that made it harder for companies to deploy gig workers without classifying them as “employees” and providing the benefits employees receive.

California Uber, Lyft Drivers File Lawsuit Over Prop 22


G ig workers in California who drive for Uber, Lyft and other rideshare and delivery platforms have filed a lawsuit in the state’s Supreme Court seeking to overturn Proposition 22, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday (Jan.

California Judge: Uber, Lyft Can’t Call Drivers Contractors


A California judge has passed an injunction to force Uber and Lyft to stop classifying their workers as independent contractors rather than employees, CNBC reported. Legal California gig economy Gig Workers legal Lyft News Uber What's Hot

Proposed California Bill Offers Banking Support For Cannabis Businesses


A proposed new California bill, AB 1525 , would give banking institutions and accountants the green light to work with cannabis businesses. Alvarez, California Department of Business Oversight commissioner, Bloomberg reported.

Proposed Tax Relief Bills for California


Proposed Tax Relief Bills for California California’s Governor is expected to sign several tax-related and stimulus bills that the California General Assembly sent to him. The post Proposed Tax Relief Bills for California appeared first on CPA firm in Orange County, CA | CAPATA.

Uber Weighs Backup Plan If Controversial California Labor Law Stands


Uber is weighing contingency plans that could dramatically shrink its California operations should a ballot campaign aimed at revoking a controversial state labor law fall short on Election Day.

California Seeks Court Order To Make Uber, Lyft Drivers Employees


In what could be the start of a protracted court fight, attorneys for the state of California plan to ask a judge to order Uber and Lyft to classify their ride-hailing drivers as employees rather than contractors, Reuters reported. 3, California voters will have their say.

California’s Proposition 24 Vote Could Boost Online Privacy Bills In New York, Washington


A ballot measure passed by a sizable majority of California voters to ramp up protections for online privacy could pave the way for similar measures across the country. Legal California legal Legislation News privacy Security What's Hot

Blackhawk Network To Disburse $100 Million For California’s Vaccine Incentive Program


Blackhawk Network is teaming up with the state of California to offer digital gift cards as an incentive to get vaccinated, the global payments provider announced in a press release Wednesday (June 2).

Newsom Unveils California Stimulus Plan That Would Give Triple Payments


California Gov. California’s recovery is well. California has been recovering from the economic downturn from the pandemic. Economy California Coronavirus economy Gavin Newsom News What's Hot

California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program


As part of the assistance package that was announced by Governor Newsom in September 2020, the State of California is providing $500 million in grants to small businesses that are impacted by COVID-19. The post California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program appeared first on KROST.

California Won’t Open Restaurants Right Now After All


California Gov. Instead, he told a news conference that the state will issue new guidance for California food and dining establishments on Thursday (May 7). Retail California Gavin Newsom governor News regulations reopening Restaurants What's Hot

California Bill Requiring Food Delivery Fee Transparency Awaits Governor's Approval


In California, a bill that would require third-party delivery services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats to show consumers an itemized breakdown of costs and fees, is heading to the desk of Governor Gavin Newsom for approval.

California Tells Uber And Lyft Their Drivers Are Employees


The California agency that regulates ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft said their drivers are considered employees under the state’s new gig work law, the latest development in the fight over drivers’ status, Reuters reported. Ridesharing California Gig Workers Lyft News Uber What's Hot

California Expects IPO Tax Windfall


California is gearing up to get a tax windfall from all the initial public offerings of California companies slated for this year. When Facebook went public, The Wall Street Journal reported California got $1.3 If California gets billions in tax revenue from the IPOs of tech companies, the governor could face pressure from liberal legislators and interest groups to increase spending.

Nuro Gets California Permit For Autonomous Deliveries


Nuro has received the first-ever autonomous vehicle deployment permit from the state of California, according to a press release. Nuro has already run tests of its R2 on California roads, and the permit will now let the company partner with new and existing retailers to operate deliveries.