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Contractor Business Systems Series: Part 7 – Material Management and Accounting System

Cherry Bekaert

A government contractor Material Management and Accounting System (MMAS), as outlined in Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.242-7004 , is a system for planning, controlling and accounting for the acquisition, use, issuance and disposition of material. What are common elements of MMAS?

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Integrating an Accounting System

Accounting Seed

A guide to integrating an accounting system Integrating your accounting software with the rest of your business software lets you streamline your company’s entire financial cycle. Many businesses cringe at the thought of integrating to a new accounting system, anticipating an expensive, complicated process.


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Crunching the Numbers: Setting up an Accounting System

Patriot Software

Software is a popular type of accounting system you can use to streamline your bookkeeping process. But first, you need to know about accounting software setup. Lucky for you, our guide makes setting up accounting […] READ MORE.

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Choosing the Right Accounting System for Web Designers

Steve Feinberg

So, when it comes to finding shortcuts and other ways to keep the contracts coming in, accounting systems for web designers can help keep your workflow on track and ensure you get paid when you need to. Here are a few key features to consider before deciding on the right system for you.

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Automating Vendor Bills: Solving Six Major Pain Points for Small Businesses

This report covers key topics such as: automating the input of vendor bills to the accounting system, having an automated workflow for approvals, being able to search for invoice data on both paid and current invoices, and automating payment processes.

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Technology Modernization and Your Accounting System


Let’s focus on what technology modernization means for your organization specifically in relation to your accounting system. The post Technology Modernization and Your Accounting System appeared first on Withum. Does “technology modernization” apply to me? How do I know? What do I do about it? Let’s Chat.

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Changing Accounting Systems: Tips for Switching to New Software 2023

Accounting Seed

Changing accounting systems can feel intimidating. Even if the legacy accounting system you currently use doesn’t have the features, speed, or power you need, at least it’s familiar. Sometimes though, the benefits of switching to new software begins to outweigh the cost of learning a new system.