Separating Your Business From Its Real Estate


Does your business need real estate to conduct operations? Any short-term benefits may be outweighed by the tax, liability and estate planning advantages of separating real estate ownership from the business.

Depreciating Residential and Commercial Real Estate


Moreover, rental real property owners are entitled to depreciation even if their property goes up in value over time (as it usually does). A motel and apartment building are both rental real estate. When you own rental property, depreciation is your best friend.


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Expanded 45L and 179D energy efficiency tax breaks have implications for real estate owners

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Unlocking real estate wealth for investors nearing retirement

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Wealth management Tax Real estate investments Financial planning

How the Inflation Reduction Act expands energy efficiency tax incentives for the real estate industry

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Tax credits Biden Administration Real estate Tax Tax breaks

Real Estate Professionals Must Put in the Time

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Individuals Real Estate Professionals Must Put in the Time

The Real Estate Tax Implications of California Prop 19


The post The Real Estate Tax Implications of California Prop 19 appeared first on certifiedtaxcoach. The Real Estate Tax Implications of California Prop 19 was first posted on July 27, 2021 at 9:00 am. ©2017 Blog Real Estate Tax

Tax-Saving and Advisory Services for the Real Estate Industry


The real estate market can be volatile, full of risks and challenges. Real estate professionals should enlist an expert to ensure compliance and navigate the specifics of real estate tax and accounting. Real Estate Industry Experts.

When Vacation Rentals Are Commercial Real Estate

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Tax When Vacation Rentals Are Commercial Real Estate

Distressed US Commercial Real Estate Lost 27 Pct Of Value, Wells Fargo Data Shows


Criticized commercial real estate loans soared by 144 percent, to $26 billion, according to an analysis by the Financial Times. Real Estate Coronavirus hotels malls News real estate What's HotCommercial properties in the U.S.

Could COVID-19 Cause A Banking And Commercial Real Estate Crisis?


commercial real estate sector. banks are setting aside to prepare for future losses on some $2 trillion in commercial real estate loans. The COVID-led commercial real estate crunch is also having a major impact on retail properties.

Real Estate Business Provision and Initiatives Included in Bipartisan COVID-19 Agreement


As an industry impacted by the pandemic, real estate businesses can benefit from several key tax provisions in the package. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) allowed a real property trade or business to elect out of the limitation on the deduction for business interest expense.

Banks Raise Real Estate Lending Red Flags As Commercial Properties Sit Vacant


Criticized commercial real estate loans soared by 144 percent, to $26 billion, according to an analysis by the Financial Times. Scott Miller , a real estate lawyer with Carlton Fields, a Florida law firm, told the New York Times.

How ‘Self-Touring’ And Digital Lockboxes Can Change Real Estate Rentals


The pandemic has the potential to change the way any number of business verticals operate — especially industries like real estate, which typically have been based on in-person meetings and tours between property owners or real estate agents and would-be renters or homebuyers.

Retail Real Estate Floats New Business Models


Real estate trends for retailers are back in the news this week, as the pandemic-driven brick-and-mortar market starts to produce new business models and a fair amount of stability. Other signs for the retail real estate sector show some cautious optimism.

Always Be Closing: Digital Infrastructure Company Drags Real Estate Out Of Analog


Even though legal real estate transactions have been happening for centuries, the basic process itself is every bit as complex today as it has ever been, with very little of the digital disruption that’s transformed countless other industries. “It’s Buying a house is so 1980s.

Platforms And AI Are Powering Real Estate Investing’s Digital 3.0 Shift


At the intersection between FinTech and real estate investing, a number of new business models are emerging, bringing buyers and sellers together across online platforms. Real estate has “provided similar returns, with less volatility.”. Stock markets are whipsawing.

Nexus, Entrata Link Commercial Real Estate Offerings


Commercial real estate accounts payable platform seller Nexus and property management software producer Entrata have integrated their services, the companies announced Tuesday (Oct. B2B Payments B2B Entrata News Nexus real estate What's Hot In B2B

Cybersecurity for Real Estate Companies



Best Real Estate Accounting Tips for Agents and Brokers


As the owner of a new real estate business, you’re probably aware of the unique characteristics of your industry. You take a personal interest in the real estate market, and you are excited to do great work for your clients, whether buying or selling pieces of property. .

Cloud-based Accounting Solution Hits Real Estate Industry

Intuitive Accountant

How new Sage Intacct capabilities are improving the efficiency of property billing and management workflows. Sage's Dan Miller explains

RealPage, AvidXchange Team On Digital Payments For Real Estate Industry


RealPage , which works in software and data analytics, has partnered with AvidXchange to offer Online Vendor Payments, according to a press release , which will help to digitize the payments process for customers in the real estate industry.

The Millennial Real Estate Boom Beckons?


So, too, apparently, does real estate. Real Estate Editors' Picks housing market Millennials mortgages News real estateThe saying goes that the future belongs to the young.

Real Estate Startup Opendoor In Talks To Go Public


Opendoor , a San Francisco-based startup that offers a one-stop-shop for buying and selling real estate, is negotiating to go public with a California blank-check company, Bloomberg reported.

Real Estate Related COVID Relief Under the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA)


trillion package that provides additional funding to the PPP program and includes several key provisions that will positively impact the real estate industry. Other Real Estate Related Provisions. Tax , Real Estate , Technology , Hospitality.

Redfin Testing Online Real Estate Bids


Redfin , the real estate company based in Seattle, is rolling out a new program that enables home buyers to bid on properties via its website. It’s trying to bring eCommerce to the real estate market with the service. Redfin Chief Executive Glenn Kelman told The New York Times that at the end of March it started accepting online bids from people who aren’t represented by a real estate agent.

Dutch Startup Raises $33M For AI In Real Estate


When Dutch entrepreneur Teun van den Dries started GeoPhy , an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven service that performs real estate valuations, there was nothing like it on the market. Essentially, in all other industries, there is no real equivalent where this much money trades hands with this little information,” van den Dries said. Currently, it focuses on commercial real estate, but intends to expand into the residential market soon.

The Digital Real Estate Boom (And How Long It Might Last)


The COVID-19 pandemic has been good for the real estate market. Pushed by all of that suddenly exploding demand, the real estate market (particularly the digital retail market) has been booming. For instance, online real estate giant Zillow Group Inc. As a leading digital real estate company, we are well-positioned to serve our customers and partners — both now and in the future.”. Real Estate COVID-19 economy home sales News real estate

WeWork Co-founder Invests In Residential Real Estate Service


Other investors include Spark Capital, New Enterprise Associates and apartment developer Greystar Real Estate Partners LLC. While still at WeWork , according to Bloomberg, Neumann led a company foray into residential real estate through an offering called WeLive.

Fiscal Year 2023 Revenue Proposal: How Does the Biden Administration’s Proposal Impact the Real Estate Industry?


If you are in the real estate space, it is important to know that many of the proposal’s provisions will negatively impact the real estate industry. Below are the highlights of the proposal that would heavily affect the real estate industry.

Real Estate Watch: Simon Property Group Unleashes The Lawyers


On Tuesday (July 14), the country’s biggest retail real estate investment trust filed a lawsuit against Eddie Bauer for $6.2 However, according to the real estate trade site The Real Deal, those lawsuits pale in comparison to the Gap.

Real Estate Portfolio Emissions Considerations for Fund Managers  


Real estate is directly in the crosshairs of the war on climate change. Institutional asset owners are going net-zero, real estate is a significant source of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and net-zero is a fixed, definable target.

Real Estate Tech Firm Perch Gets New Name, Raises $36M


Real estate technology firm Perch has rebranded as Orchard while raising $36 million in new equity funding led by Navitas, with participation from FirstMark, Juxtapose and Accomplice, the company announced on Tuesday (Jan.

Challenges Facing the Real Estate Industry in the Wake of COVID & the Election


This is a preview of one of the articles in the new KROST Quarterly Real Estate Issue , titled “Challenges Facing the Real Estate Industry in the Wake of COVID & the Election” by So Sum Lee. Learn more about KROST’s Real Estate Industry Services ».

The Tax Break Commercial Real Estate Investors Might Need After COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on commercial real estate values, and in some cases resulted in property no longer being able to support the debt with which it is encumbered. How coronavirus hit commercial real estate – GREEN STREET ADVISORS.

How COVID-19 Is Transforming Supply Chains – And Industrial Real Estate Demand


Caton said the grocery vertical has several logistics considerations (such as cold storage) that are likely to impact how industrial real estate is developed and deployed. “As Coronavirus Consumer Demand COVID-19 ecommerce economy News Prologis real estate Supply Chain

Beyond WeWork’s Flameout, Real Estate’s Platform Model Rework


Take, for example, the recent news surrounding real estate investment firm Cadre , a platform that allows individuals to invest in commercial property transactions. As Fortune reported, the company has returned $100 million to the investors, who, thus far, have ponied up a minimum of $50,000 to invest in $3 billion of real estate assets since 2014. In the meantime, in real estate, plenty of other tech-nimble upstarts focused on real estate are doing just that.

Deep Dive: How Real Estate Firms Can Eliminate Onboarding Frictions With Fresh Data


The real estate industry faced severe economic damage at the beginning of the pandemic. The initial hit to sales and the shift in how real estate firms interact with clients may have far-reaching effects on the space, however.

Real Estate Money Laundering An Increasing Focus Of Governments


Governments around the world have a new front in their fight against money laundering: real estate. According to a report in Mansion Global , a growing list of money laundering suspects from China to Venezuela are facing allegations that they are using money acquired illegally to purchase real estate properties in some of the world’s most expensive markets, spending more than $10 million a pop to acquire these homes in upscale, tony neighborhoods across the globe.

Real Estate Co First American To Acquire Docutech


Real estate transaction company First American Financial Corporation has announced that it is acquiring eDocument company Docutech, according to a press release. Together, we will accelerate the evolution of real estate closings.”.

Avignon Capital Rolls Out Accounting Service To Help Real Estate Investors


To help real estate investors contend with the increasingly complicated accounting and compliance work particular to real estate, Avignon Capital , a European firm, has rolled out a new in-house corporate accounting offering.

How Work From Home Is Impacting Residential Real Estate


This is already having an effect on commercial real estate as landlords are downsizing office spaces in response to tenant demand. Real Estate Services. For more information on this topic, please contact a member of Withum’s Real Estate Services Team.

Data Unlocks Digital Onboarding For A Real Estate Recovery


With existing home sales tumbling by almost 27 percent in May 2020 year over year, the pandemic has walloped real estate on several fronts and like few other sectors. It may help save real estate.