Providing Education Assistance to Employees


Providing education assistance to employees is done by many businesses as a fringe benefits so their employees can improve their skills and gain additional knowledge. For this purpose, “education” means any form of instruction or training that improves or develops an individual’s capabilities.

Revised Tax Benefits for Higher Education


The Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was enacted recently, contains some revised tax benefits for higher education. The post Revised Tax Benefits for Higher Education appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA.


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Walmart Puts Up $1B+ Toward Employee Education


further their education in a move to cover tuition and books, per a Walmart press release on Tuesday (July 27). “We Our education offerings tie directly to our growth areas at Walmart, and what better way to fill the pipeline of future talent than with our own associates.”.

Wolters Kluwer’s Continuing Audit Education Adds Value


The value of continuing audit education from the School of Audit During the first few months of each year our lives go on hold as we take care of our clients needs. However, if you think that your employees are too busy to care about continuing audit education, think again. […].

audit 168

Be an Odd Duck: Work on, Not in Your Public Accounting Practice

Speaker: Tom Bowman, CPA of Bowman & Company

It is possible to run an Accounting Firm and never do tax returns or financial statements! Tom Bowman, Owner of Bowman & Company, CPA, PC shares his journey and 10 step process for going from Technician to Business Owner.

Flywire Unveils Revamped Education Payments Platform


Flywire on Thursday unveiled a series of changes to its education payments platform that the firm said will give students and universities greater financial flexibility amid the multiple uncertainties caused by the pandemic and the economic downturn it has triggered.

Kofax, Coforce Collaborate On Digitizing Workflows In Education


Business automation software provider Kofax has joined forces with Coforce to help digitize the Dutch education sector, the companies announced in a Tuesday (July 20) press release. “It’s B2B Payments B2B Coforce Education Kofax News partnerships What's Hot In B2B

Digital Onboarding Comes To Higher Education


Higher education is not immune from pandenomics, and is undergoing its own reset as institutions of higher learning synthesize new market conditions. It’s forcing educational institutions to radically rethink the process end-to-end.

Advancing Retail And Education With Digital Technology 


And in education, Google and Apple are facilitating students’ return to class with the help of technology. 140M: Number of students and teachers using G Suite for Education to stay connected during the pandemic.

CFOs Prepare For Their Crypto Education


There are some things that all chief financial officers (CFOs) have in common. Digital and cloud-based technologies are now critical for finance leaders to optimize workflows in the back office. The pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of cash flow management and forecasting capabilities.

Flywire Teams With Brazilian Education And Travel Group


Vertical payments firm Flywire has partnered with BELTA, the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association, in a move that grows the availability of its cross-border payment services for students from Brazil who are studying in other countries.

FREE Educational Training by Ed Mendlowitz


I am scheduled to present seven webinars for accountants for the CPA Academy and they are FREE. I’ve included a wide array of programs. Blogs

Providing education assistance to employees? Follow these rules


Many businesses provide education fringe benefits so their employees can improve their skills and gain additional knowledge. For this purpose, “education” means any form of instruction or training… The Bottom Line Featured Post Small Business Featured Content

Education Platform Nerdy To Go Public By Merging With SPAC


Education gig economy platform Nerdy Inc. As previously noted in this space, digital education platforms are attractive to subject matter experts seeking to monetize their knowledge in addition to students who want to learn from professionals.

Brightwheel Early Education Platform Raises $55 Million On $600 Million Valuation


Early education software solution startup Brightwheel has raised $55 million in a Series C funding round that puts the company’s valuation at $600 million. Investments Brightwheel Education funding News Venture Capital What's Hot

Higher Education Eyes Freezing Tuition


It isn’t alone — Delaware Valley University in Pennsylvania, Kansas City University and Central Michigan University are also considering similarly unchanged rates in order to offer an olive branch to students and families struggling due to the virus and the costly rates of higher education.

Startup uLesson Lands $3.1M To Improve Education In Africa


Founded this year by Sim Shagaya, uLesson is working to lesson educational gaps in the region by integrating mobile platforms, SD cards, cultural curriculum and a network of tutors. Nigerian startup uLesson has raised a $3.1 million seed round led by TLcom Capital.

Igniting Real Time Payments Means Closing Trust, Education Gap


But regardless of the reason the gap exists, it is clear that more work needs to be done to educate customers about the process and possibilities of real-time payments. As long as you’re educated, you understand the end result. Real-time payments have a knowledge gap.

Educational Toy Company Pivots Into Content


The firm’s mix of high-touch learning and educational materials and toys, which target kids ranging from toddlers through pre-school age, has won a solid following among teachers, homeschoolers and parents for 35 years.

How Higher Education Finds The Flexibility To Manage Cash Flow


There are three letters that best describe the state of higher education in the U.S. Many moving parts remain uncertain, however, thwarting educators from being able to definitively predict cash flows. amid the pandemic: T-B-D.

Can a Qualified Educational Assistance Program Be Used to Repay Employees’ Student Loans?


Could we help them repay those loans on a tax-advantaged basis using a qualified educational assistance program? Loan repayment benefits can be used to pay principal or interest (or both) on any qualified education loan incurred by an employee for the employee’s education.

Payment Platforms Look To Solve Consumer Education Issue


The underlying methods that make up payments – credit, debit, gift card balance, ACH – are best left unseen, but that doesn’t mean a little education isn’t in order. Consumers don’t want to think about payments – they just want them to work.

Outschool On Tailoring Subscription To Online Children’s Education


The internet has consequently become an essential part of the educational experience for many young learners. Subscriptions And The Education Segment. More than 1.2

Credit Unions Turn to Tech, Education to Blunt Real-Time Payment Fraud


In this month’s Feature Story, PYMNTS talked with Brett Engstrom , chief information officer of Iowa-based Veridian Credit Union , about how the CU handled potential fraud risks in real-time payments through rigorous employee and member education. .

Deep Dive: How Studying Up On International Payments Helps Marketplaces Recruit Freelance Educators


Governments are debating how to safely teach students during the pandemic, and some parents have sought to ease educational disruptions and entertain children stuck at home by hiring remote private tutors from digital freelancer marketplaces.

Higher Education Aims To Reduce Costs Amid Pandemic


Institutions of higher education are taking strong measures to stay on an even keel as they encounter less state funding, decreased contributions and a falling number of students.

Developers’ Education Site Thinkful Discovers Data Breach


Thinkful, an online education site for developers, has revealed that it has been hit with a data breach. “We The news comes just a few days after the company, which provides education and training for developers and programmers, announced it is being acquired by Chegg for $80 million in cash. Security & Fraud Acquisition Chegg data breach developers Education hack News Thinkful What's Hot

Mastercard Cybersecurity Toolkit Sheds Light On SMB Education Gap


In its announcement , Mastercard noted that providing educational resources for small businesses to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks not only helps the individual businesses, but supports the economy at large. The service includes educational materials as well, like training videos and guidance on internal cybersecurity policy development. Education Is Key. Cybersecurity experts are urging small business (SMB) owners to not ignore the risks they face from cyberattacks.

Higher Education Learns The Value In Procurement Spend Visibility


The higher education sector is facing rising pressure to manage spend, as operating costs climb and organizations face greater scrutiny over tuition levels. That not only limits spend visibility, explained Anthony Rotoli, CEO of procurement and spend management technology provider ESM Solutions , but can expose higher education organizations like universities to risks, including fraud. Solve for that hurdle, and the education space has a chance to do far more than simply cut costs.

Financial Stability Board Calls For Current Crypto Education


Financial Stability Board (FSB) Chair Randal Quarles has warned global financial regulators that they must accelerate the creation of a framework for cryptocurrency and other forms of digital money, Reuters reported on Wednesday (Feb.

Contextual Commerce Comes To Higher Education


To that end, cross-border payments firm Flywire and CashNet, which offers a payments platform focused on education-related payments, have entered into a new strategic relationship to help smooth friction in paying for studies abroad. Few payments can seem as daunting as tuition payments. Not just because they are investments in a child’s future, or because parents have scrimped and saved to make them.

Cross-Border Payments For Higher Education


When you compare it to the United States,” he observes, “it’s typically much less to seek some of the higher levels of education, especially professional colleges and training in those markets that are much closer to home, more accessible and more affordable.”. Cross Border Commerce APAC Asia Pacific cross-border payments Education educational payments Flywire international Japan Main Feature What's happening now

Amazon Launches Digital Education Service


Amazon has already done its part to disrupt one aspect of the educational industry by opening up the previously narrow textbook resale market. However, Amazon’s education division has even bigger plans for the classroom itself. Rohit Agarwal, general manager of Amazon K-12 Education, explained that Amazon Inspire will help teachers, like those already using it in New York City’s public school system, spend more time on the parts of their jobs that really matter.

Why I’d like to start a movement to educate people on how to think holistically, and then validate facts


Given all this, if I could start a movement it would be to educate people on how to think holistically, and then validate facts so that people could make better informed decisions both for society and in their lives.

Learning Lessons In International Education Payments


While the number of students seeking international education has steadily increased, the challenges they face have largely remained the same. Though millions pursue educational opportunities abroad each year, paying for that experience is a process that continues to be mired by a host of such challenges. In these situations, students must provide paperwork that outlines that the funds are for education as well as the amount of tuition. Researchers have found that roughly 4.7

Combating ATOs With Multifactor Authentication, Behaviors Analysis And Customer Education


Customers cannot afford to let fraudsters compromise their bank accounts under any circumstances, but the current economic climate makes attacks all the more painful.

Access Group Education Leaks Data On Student Loan Borrowers


Access Group Education Lending, the student loan servicing company, has been the subject of a data breach. Security & Fraud Access Group Education Lending Cybersecurity data breach data security Nelnet News student loans What's HotFox Business , citing a letter sent to those impacted, reported that 16,500 borrowers were recently alerted to the fact that files containing their personal data were improperly given to an unnamed business.

Client Spotlight: Joyce Cenali, COO of Big Rock, Educates KROST on the Cannabis Industry, Luxury Products, and Equity in Business


Download: Client Spotlight: Joyce Cenali, COO of Big Rock, Educates KROST on the Cannabis Industry, Luxury Products, and Equity in Business ». KROST Client, Big Rock , has been making a name for itself in the luxury cannabis industry.

Flywire Seeing Strong Growth In Japan’s Education Market


Flywire, a provider of international payments and receivables solutions for businesses, schools and healthcare providers announced news on Tuesday (August 8) that it is seeing strong growth in the Japanese education market. In 2016, Flywire said there were 239,287 international students enrolled in Japanese schools, with higher education institutions accounting for 171,122 of those international students, up 12.5

Higher Education Weighs In On Brexit


The group feels the demands must be met so that higher education “is not damaged” by Brexit. Known as the Russell Group — and including educational institutions such as Oxford on its roster — the statement by the collective argues certain tenets of Brexit hurt the education sector, which contributes more than 70 billion pounds to the economy as a whole. Brexit is getting schooled. Well, in a way.

For SMBs, Education Smooths The Lending Process


But even the most basic levels of education and self-awareness can prove elusive, detrimentally so. Future educational efforts, said Bohlke, will focus on “FICO versus fundraising,” where the former is “just a beginning number.”. Just about anywhere in life — in school, personal endeavors and especially business — knowledge is a powerful tool.

What An Educationally Focused CU Can Teach Other FIs


One such credit union is the Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit Union (KTFCU) of Knoxville, Tennessee, which exclusively serves members working in local education. In addition to teachers, the CU also accepts various other education system members, including school administrators, nurses, custodial staff, food service workers, bus drivers and other education professionals. An Education Investment.

School Systems Find Digital Payments’ Visibility, Cost Effectiveness Make the Grade


The demand for alternative payment options was not lost on educational institutes’ financial departments, and school leaders sought out safe and secure ways for parents to pay for their child’s education expenses. Around the Education Payments Space.