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Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in the World


Manufacturing is a critical component for many product-focused businesses around the world. This list of the top 10 manufacturing countries in the world will give you an idea of where other companies outsource their production needs. Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in the World . Global Manufacturing Output. France – 1.9%

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Warehouse Wednesday: Revisiting Manufacturing KPIs

Insightful Accountant

Murph travels back to a series he wrote on measuring manufacturing performance by providing a list of manufacturing KPIs and the related links to the articles with definitions and uses.


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3 Sales tax pitfalls facing manufacturers and wholesalers


Many manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors believe they have minimal sales tax obligations due to the likelihood of  sales tax-exempt transactions. Businesses don’t always fit into a “box” as being only a manufacturer, or only a distributor. Many times, a manufacturer is also a distributor.

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Preventing Ransomware Attacks on Manufacturers


If it seems like cybercriminals often target manufacturing (including food processing) and distribution companies, that’s because they do. According to software company Varonis, manufacturers account for nearly a quarter of all ransomware attacks — more than any other industry. meat supply and even hurting commodity prices.

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Chit Chat: Elevating the Month-End Close Process Through Automation – Lancaster Leaf

Speaker: Raul Perez, VP and CFO of Lancaster Leaf

Lancaster Leaf supplies virtually all the major cigar manufacturers in the U.S. with filler, binder, and wrapper, and exports filler, binder, and wrapper to international cigar manufacturers. Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Co Inc. is a subsidiary of Universal Corporation, the leading global leaf tobacco supplier.

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Legal Protections for Franchise Dealers Against Direct Manufacturer Sales


The post Legal Protections for Franchise Dealers Against Direct Manufacturer Sales appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA. With OEMs implying that it is their wish to implement a direct-to-consumer sales model in some form or another, Bellavia states that franchise dealers are wondering if action.

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Regionalization and Carbon Neutrality Strategies Positively Impact Manufacturers

Cherry Bekaert

Manufacturers now bear increased costs while still being saddled with outstanding debt. middle- and small-market manufacturers do not have the time or ability to reassess supply chain optimality. manufacturing industry overcome these supply chain challenges and potentially cut costs at the same time? Today’s U.S. Along the U.S.-Mexico

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Path to Becoming a CFO

Speaker: Rodrigo Brumana, CFO at Poshmark, and Jeff Epstein, Veteran Tech CFO

We’ll ask him about serving in FP&A and divisional CFO roles in publicly traded companies, and how exposure to eCommerce, internet, digital media, software, services, manufacturing, and investment banking has shaped his approach to his role. We’ll hear about his experience as a public CFO and as CFO of a VC-backed unicorn.