Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in the World


Manufacturing is a critical component for many product-focused businesses around the world. This list of the top 10 manufacturing countries in the world will give you an idea of where other companies outsource their production needs. Top 10 Manufacturing Countries in the World .

Preventing Ransomware Attacks on Manufacturers


If it seems like cybercriminals often target manufacturing (including food processing) and distribution companies, that’s because they do. According to software company Varonis, manufacturers account for nearly a quarter of all ransomware attacks — more than any other industry.


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Sales Tax Obligations for Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Part 1: Resale Certificates and Exemptions


Many manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors believe they have minimal sales tax obligations due to the likelihood of sales tax-exempt transactions. Businesses don’t always fit into a “box” as being only a manufacturer, or only a distributor. Manufacturers.

US Manufacturing Shows Signs Of Improvement


manufacturing sector increased in viability in June by 7.3 Numbers for the manufacturing sector had been at a low during March and April as the pandemic first hit and rendered much of daily life inoperable as the country tried to combat the virus. The U.S.

Path to Becoming a CFO

Speaker: Rodrigo Brumana, CFO at Poshmark, and Jeff Epstein, Veteran Tech CFO

Join us for this conversation between Rodrigo Brumana, CFO at Poshmark, and Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.

Manufacturing Momentum Predicts Consumer Spend Recovery


manufacturing sector continued a rebound that has stretched through the past six months, with the latest showing in October underpinned in part by consumer demand, which in turn translated into continued production of consumers goods. Seems like the rebound has legs.

Sales Tax Obligations for Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Part 2: Monitoring Nexus Thresholds on Sales From Your Own Website


Wholesalers and manufacturers/distributors have some big advantages regarding sales tax compliance – but they can also have hidden obligations.

Pitfalls of Sales Tax for the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing” for sales tax purposes is often d efined as a physical application of materials and labor to change the characteristics of tangible personal property. Examples might include gases or chemicals used to change the physical nature of tangible property during manufacturing.

2020 Indiana Manufacturing Survey: COVID-19 Special Edition


In a year of unpredictable outcomes and business projections, the manufacturing industry took a hit early in the COVID-19 pandemic but is bouncing back to end the year strong

Manufacturers Loosen Budgets To Make Tech Upgrades


The COVID-19 pandemic may have brought manufacturing to a halt, but that hasn’t stopped these same companies from investing in software upgrades and technology initiatives to stay competitive. manufacturers dropped in May to its lowest level since May 2009.

Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies


This is one of the article in the KROST Quarterly Manufacturing Issue , titled “Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies” by Guest Contributor, Michael Maroney. Read the full Manufacturing Issue ».

Navigate the Complex Issues in Manufacturing & Distribution with KROST’s Industry Experts


KROST has extensive experience in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Manufacturing and distribution clients rely on our suite of services, specifically catered to their needs. Gregory Kniss and Keith Hamasaki lead the manufacturing and distribution industry group.

MSTS Teams With GenAlpha For Manufacturing B2B Payments


The ability to create loyalty via frictionless eCommerce has taken on higher importance as manufacturing firms need to adapt quicker to digital channels because of the pandemic, according to a Monday (Sept. B2B Payments B2B Equip GenAlpha manufacturing MSTS News partnerships What's Hot In B2

Employee Retention Credit Provides Benefits for Manufacturing Employers


This is a preview of one of the articles in the new KROST Quarterly Manufacturing Issue , titled “Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Provides Benefits for Manufacturing Employers ” by Jim Estrella, CPA, MSA. Learn more about KROST’s Manufacturing Industry Services ».

10 Things Manufacturers Can Do About Supply Chain Disruptions


The post 10 Things Manufacturers Can Do About Supply Chain Disruptions appeared first on LSL CPAs. Manufacturing News Supply chain disruptionsYou’ve seen the ships off the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, stretching for miles.

ISM: Manufacturing Back On The Rise After Sharp Downturn


manufacturing sector continued its post-pandemic rebound in June, hitting its highest levels in more than a year in a bright spot amid growing unease over resurging coronavirus case numbers, a new survey finds. Fiore, chair of the ISM ’s Manufacturing Business Survey Committee.

Rockwell Automation Takeover Targets Cybersecurity In Manufacturing


Rockwell services the manufacturing industry, which is getting more digital and connected as legacy security measures continue to fall short when it comes to protecting operations.

Changes to Manufacturing Lease Accounting


Most manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors lease operating facilities or equipment, whether from a third party or a related party.

“2020 Indiana Manufacturing Survey: COVID-19 Special Edition” Now Underway


Katz, Sapper & Miller’s annual survey assessing the state of Indiana’s manufacturing industry is now underway. This year’s study is of particular importance as the manufacturing industry looks for strategies and tactics to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Manufacturers' Buyers Dive Into The Self-Service Opportunity


Despite efforts to achieve the B2C-like buying experience, B2B manufacturers have a long way to go before they can offer such capabilities, even as they move online. What CPQ allows is for the online buyer to configure a manufacturer's product to their unique specifications.

Deep Dive: How Manufacturers Are Transitioning To Counter PPE Shortages


PPE shortages have been severe, with governments vying for items their healthcare workers need amid disrupted manufacturing and supply chains. companies are hearing this call and revising their manufacturing approaches to bolster supplies of these essential items.

US Manufacturing At 11-Year Low, But Bright Signs Emerge


The nation’s manufacturing sector fell to its lowest level in 11 years in May, but other indicators suggest the worst impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic could be over, according to new data from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

Manufacturing Companies Beware: CCPA May Impact Your Business


This is a preview of one of the articles in the new KROST Quarterly Manufacturing Issue , titled “Manufacturing Companies Beware: CCPA May Impact Your Business” by Keith Hamasaki, CPA. However, with advances in technology, manufacturing companies may inadvertently hold personal data.

India To Offer $6.6 Billion To Attract Smartphone Manufacturers


India, looking to attract more global investments in the manufacture of mobile phones, is offering financial incentives and a wealth of plug-and-play facilities, Bloomberg reports. Mobile economy Editors' Picks india manufacturing Narendra Modi News pandemic Smartphones trade war What's Hot

10 Steps for Selecting a Manufacturing ERP System


A good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project like selecting a manufacturing ERP system involves an IT team, and maybe even external consultants. There’s no “Y” in Manufacturing – so “Why” an ERP? The post 10 Steps for Selecting a Manufacturing ERP System appeared first on Withum.

APIs Ready Manufacturers For The B2B eCommerce Of Tomorrow


For the manufacturing space, that’s a tall order, considering the widespread reliance on the status quo, according to Znode CEO Rupesh Agrawal. “Many manufacturers and distributors have been doing business the same way for many, many years,” Agrawal recently told PYMNTS.

Suppliers Struggle To Keep Up With Manufacturing Snap Back


Some orders that would've taken a week or two to get done last summer are now taking around six to eight weeks, manufacturers say, as they wait longer for essential supplies. In October, PYMNTS wrote that there's been a re-shoring of manufacturing to U.S. With the U.S.

Curing The $2.4T Manufacturing Sector’s Cash-Flow Crunch


manufacturing sector, valued at approximately $2.4 manufacturing has encountered significant damage recently over the ongoing trade war with China. Smooth cash-flow operations will be essential for manufacturers to successfully navigate a challenging economic period. The U.S.

Study: Automation Will Hurt Manufacturing-Heavy Midwest


Manufacturing-heavy states in the Midwest will be hit hardest by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for lower-skilled jobs, according to a new study by Brookings Institution researchers. Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio, which are heavy manufacturing states, will be the hardest hit. Economy AI automation economy jobs manufacturing Midwest News Skilled Workers What's Hot

Manufacturing Boosts US Economy As Durable Goods Orders Rise Again 


New orders for manufactured durable goods rose $3 billion last month, to a total of $248 billion, the U.S. It also continues a trend of increases over the past six months that have seen the once-beleaguered manufacturing sector help buoy the U.S.

Digital Manufacturing Platform Carbon Raises $260M


Carbon, a digital manufacturing platform, has raised more than $260 million in a funding round led by Baillie Gifford and Madrone Capital Partners, according to a release by the company. The ADF will enable Carbon’s engineering teams to improve Carbon’s platform and workflows in scaled-up manufacturing environments to better support its customers and partners,” the company said. Investments carbon digital manufacturing funding investing News What's Hot

Countries That Rely On Exports, Manufacturing Faring Better In Pandemic


Companies that manufacture products are weathering the pandemic more easily than companies that sell services or experiences, The Wall Street Journal reported. Louis data indicating that, to the extent a graphic without fine details can be cited, the country has lost about five times as many "leisure and hospitality" jobs as "manufacturing" jobs since the pandemic set in.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Manufacturing: Insights and 2021 Outlook



Study Unveils US Manufacturer Digitization Progress Report


As one of the largest and perhaps most impacted areas, manufacturing has wrestled with implementing digitization. On behalf of Siemens , London-based Longitude Research conducted a survey of 200 manufacturing executives to help determine where the U.S. manufacturing industry currently is with regards to digitization, including data intensity, connectivity, adaptability, integration, security and people.

Manufacturing Slowdown Could Reveal Deeper Issues Among SMBs


manufacturing sector, according to the National Association of Manufacturers. So when small business confidence takes a turn for the worse, the manufacturing sector is particularly impacted. Now, new data suggests that a slowdown in the nation’s manufacturing sector is likely contributing to that drop in optimism. “But, eventually, the weakness spreads from manufacturing to the services side of the economy, triggering a more general economic slowdown.”

Gov’t: US Manufacturing Spend Dips As US Consumer Spending Rises


According to data and surveys by the government, there existed a schism between slightly depressed manufacturing numbers and consumer spending, which was up in January. Economy Boeing china Consumer Spending Coronavirus economy manufacturing News Retail trade U.S

Direct To Consumer: Impact On Retail Manufacturing Industry


To say direct-to-consumer retail practices have had an impact on the manufacturing industry would be an understatement. Outside of brick-and-mortar stores being on the receiving end of some crucial direct-to-consumer blows, one area that’s seen a major transformation is behind the scenes with the retail manufacturing industry. Retail manufacturers have received pressure from partners to make and ship products at a much faster rate than at any time in the past.

Business Health Relies on Tight Inventory and Cash Control Systems


Inventory Control Tips for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors Inventory management is a critical component of running a successful manufacturing, wholesaler, or distribution enterprise.

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How Manufacturers Become Direct-To-Consumer Sellers Through Marketplaces


While manufacturers make might products ranging from luxury handbags to jackets, they may only get paid a small percentage of the final retail price for those items. A brand might sell a given product for $100, according to Italic CEO Jeremy Cai, but a manufacturer may only get a small fraction of that amount. That is, a manufacturer might have a cost of goods sold of $16 and sell it to a brand for $20, which, in turn, might sell it for that $100 price tag. “In

2019 Indiana Manufacturing Survey Now Underway


Katz, Sapper & Miller’s 13th annual survey assessing the state of Indiana’s manufacturing industry is now underway. The survey provides key insights and market trends that often lead to industry improvement, including use by the Indiana Manufacturers Association to help advocate pro-manufacturing legislation during Indiana's legislative sessions