Cannabis Tax & Accounting


You need to get EA, CPA help with Cannabis Accounting & Tax if you are going to have a thriving cannabis-based business in Los Angeles or Southern California. Along with the accounting issues, it is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country. Tax Help

Tax & Accounting Service – Preparation, Planning, Representation


Tax Help? IRS – FTB – CDTFA – EDD tax help. . We provide specialized tax & accounting service for individuals and or businesses facing IRS or State tax problems such as: – Back Taxes . – Tax Audits. – Tax Liens.


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Tax Account Review – TAR or Discovery


For Los Angeles, and all over America, individuals or businesses who are concerned about the information they receive from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about their taxes, a tax account review – TAR may be the answer. What is a Tax Account Review or TAR, Discovery?

Bloomberg Tax & Accounting Updates NOL Compliance


Bloomberg Tax & Accounting has debuted enhancements to the State NOL (net operating loss) Manager, which will serve as a comprehensive compliance, provision and planning application for companies with multistate businesses, a press release said on Wednesday (May 19).

Bitcoin Daily: Ukraine Shuts Alleged Crypto-Laundering Network; Crypto Tax, Accounting Software Firm TaxBit Nets $130M


In other news, crypto tax and accounting software provider TaxBit has raised $130 million in a Series B funding round, according to a press release.

Flinchum and Manchir to Discuss ESOP Tax, Accounting, and Valuation Practices at Annual Great Lakes Regional ESOP Conference


Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Mark Flinchum and Andy Manchir will present at the Fifth Annual Great Lakes Regional ESOP Conference. Taking place Oct. 17-18 in Sandusky, OH, the conference brings together the Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky chapters of The ESOP Association to discuss current topics pertinent to the ESOP community

Startup Tax Preparation Resources for 2021


A new tax season is underway, and Burkland’s startup tax accountants are working with our clients to prepare. In this article, we share a roundup of helpful 2021 tax preparation Read More. The post Startup Tax Preparation Resources for 2021 appeared first on Burkland.

Tax Planning for a Business Sale: Factoring in Goodwill


However, in the world of tax accounting, goodwill refers to intangible assets that increase a company’s value. The post Tax Planning for a Business Sale: Factoring in Goodwill appeared first on certifiedtaxcoach.

Whittier 911 Urgent accounting help


This article is for business owners who need emergency bookkeeping, accounting services to catch up on back years and unprepared books. When it comes to your business finances no one knows better than an accountant what you are going through. Bookkeeping & Accounting

Sales and Use Tax Updates from February


There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax. The Sunshine State previously bet a lot on tourism revenue making up for not taxing internet sales – but the pandemic has wrecked that industry. Texas sales tax collections totaled $3.07

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State Sales and Use Tax Update


There’s always something changing or new going on in the world of tax, especially sales tax. In Alabama , tax licenses – including for sales tax, sellers use tax and the simplified sellers use tax – must be renewed annually as of Nov.

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High-Income Taxpayers Who Owe Delinquent Back Taxes Could Be More Effectively Prioritized


A separate IRS analysis of 64,317 delinquent tax cases showed that the IRS collected less than 50 percent of tax debt owed by these high-income taxpayers within 52 weeks of assignment to Field Collection. The intentional failure to pay Federal income tax is a crime.

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Representing High-Income Taxpayers Who Owe Delinquent Back Taxes


A separate IRS analysis of 64,317 delinquent tax cases showed that the IRS collected less than 50 percent of tax debt owed by these high-income taxpayers within 52 weeks of assignment to Field Collection. The intentional failure to pay Federal income tax is a crime.

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4 Key Pieces of Your Sales Tax Compliance Process


Both the process of reporting sales tax and the level of sales tax detail required varies from state to state. Some reporting requirements that should be considered in your sales tax compliance process are: 1. In most states, sales tax is reported to the individual state.

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For example, here is the listing for an entry-level tax accountant in Cincinnati: 25th percentile: $41,000 -> $39,975 50th percentile: $50,250 -> $48,994 75th percentile: $59,500 -> $58,013. “These men ask for just the same thing, fairness, and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have.” ” – Abraham Lincoln. I always get questions about salaries for the CPA profession.

Payroll problem tax debt relief – get professional representation


One of the most important things that a business must report is certain tax information for employment payroll on a quarterly and annual basis. They are required by the IRS to report the amount of 941/940 employment payroll taxes that have been either withheld from employees or what they owe to the government. If they fail to do at the prescribed time they will have a payroll tax problem. What are payroll/employment 940/941 taxes relief. Tax debt relief.

Business Advisory in a Post-COVID Environment: An Interview with Michael Burke


We covered a lot of ground in a recent interview with Panalitix client Michael Burke of Burke Raftery Chartered Accountants. Along the way, he completed a post-graduate degree in behavioral science, not a usual approach for an accountant! They would probably hire a tax accountant.

Los Angeles-Based CPA Firm Receives High Praise from Accounting Today


KROST CPAs and Consultants, Los Angeles-based firm, receives two new accolades from Accounting Today , Top 100 Firms, and Fastest-Growing Firms in the U.S. which is new to the regional list this year.” – Accounting Today. “It Pasadena, CA.

Steve Padgett’s Reasons for Gratitude for 2020


I have some thoughts, which are perhaps a bit more meditative than normal, because of how this holiday works for tax accountants, especially this year. For tax accountants, the December holidays are wonderful, of course — but they are a calm before a big storm (busy season).

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Identifying Your Target Prospect by Steve Padgett


With the business deadline (9/15) behind us, we’re in tax planning season. But this actually has nothing to do with your taxes for this year. Because these tax returns are historical reports — nothing more. And this particular tax accountant LOVES that.

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How To Take Advantage of Your Mazuma Portal


Here at Mazuma, we live by three simple phrases: stay compliant, stay organized, and save on taxes. Our goal is to ensure your small business is compliant with the IRS, your books are organized and you save on taxes during tax season. Business Accounting

Is the GILTI High Tax Exception a Benefit for Controlled Foreign Corporations?


Navigating the ins and outs of US taxes as a US shareholder of a controlled foreign corporation (CFC) has been complex in the last couple of years due to changes in regulations from the IRS. Taxpayers need tax planning to determine the best strategy to mitigate the CFC’s tax liabilities.

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How to effectively communicate your value as a bookkeeper – Part 2


They don’t value the fact that you might be a certified bookkeeper or accountant, a CPA, or an EA. For example, at my company, VM Wasek , my clients’ biggest bookkeeping and accounting problems generally have to do with Shopify accounting, because that’s my niche.

KROST Sponsors AICPA’s PCPS George Willie Ethnically Diverse Student Scholarship & Internship Program


KROST CPAs and Consultants, the Los Angeles-based firm, has announced their co-sponsorship of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ ( AICPA) Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) George Willie Ethnically Diverse Student Scholarship & Internship Program.

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Press Release: KROST Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor for Integrity Bio in Sale to Curia


Integrity Bio has been a client of KROST for ten years, during which time KROST provided Tax, Accounting, Consulting, R&D Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, and now, Mergers and Acquisitions services. Los Angeles, California – Integrity Bio, Inc. ,

LLC Operating Agreement: How to Write One For Your Business


Tax Write-offs for LLC. And if you need help with your business taxes , accounting , or financial management , give us a call today. The post LLC Operating Agreement: How to Write One For Your Business appeared first on Small Business Accounting & Finance Blog.

Tax Refund in 2021: Why You Still Don’t Have Your Money


Where is my tax refund? This is a question we get asked all the time when our clients have done everything right and yet they still haven’t received their tax refund. Well in this post, we want to help eliminate all of the questions and confusion around: Where your tax refund is?

Last Week in Payroll: Summertime Tax Tips


Summertime Tax Tips. Let’s go over a few summertime tax tips for payroll professionals this season: 1) Interns. Biden Administration issues tax proposals “Green Book.” The Vermont Department of Taxes has updated its guidance for remote workers.

Becoming an Expert Witness


Virtually all civil suits involve issues about money, and a certified public accountant is one of the best resources for sorting out the financial details. Others are experts on particular accounting rules, while others may know a lot about fraud.

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Deploying Tax Provision Software in the Classroom


As technology transforms tax accounting, business schools are working hard to ensure the next generation of accountants are well-grounded in the digital tools and software that will be central to their professional lives. Tax Technology to the Classroom.

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Mastercard Grows Partnership With B2B FinTech ANNA Money


The company combines a Mastercard debit card, mobile business account and virtual assistant into one offering, which is designed for freelancers, small businesses and startups.

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Penta Offers Digital Accounting, Receipt Services


Customers of digital business banking platform Penta will now have the option to manage accounting and receipts digitally as the company partners with Germany-based DATEV Marketplace , a company news release stated.

How to say ‘No’ when you’re an introvert bookkeeper


The next prospective client that comes our way will likely say, “I haven’t filed a tax return in three years,” or “I’m trying to get myself organized, but it’s been five years since I’ve done anything with my bookkeeping.” Tax evader. I’ve also talked to prospects who say, “I want you to make the books look as good as possible, but I also don’t wanna pay taxes.” Are you an introvert bookkeeper? Me too.

2022 Outlook for Potential FUTA Credit Reduction States


If these loans are not repaid within a certain amount of time, the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax rate credit that most employers enjoy begins to be reduced. FUTA tax credit. The FUTA tax rate is currently 6.0% Employers paid FUTA tax at a rate of 3.0%

Accounting Jokes, Videos, Puns and Humor


Advice for Tax Preparers Making tax preparers lives easier one blog at a time HOME. Accounting Jokes, Videos, Puns and Humor. If you are going to be an accountant then you have to be able to laugh at yourself. I put together this post to bring together any funny and entertaining accounting and tax videos, puns, jokes, pictures, etc. Accounting and CPA Puns. Short Accounting and CPA Jokes. Famous Accounting Quotes. Accounting Humor.

What is a provision for income tax and how do you calculate it?


What is a tax provision? Simply put, a tax provision is the estimated amount of income tax that a company is legally expected to pay to the IRS for the current year. How provision for tax is calculated. Current income tax expense. Apply the current tax rate.

What are CPA Services? And What Kind of Business Needs a CPA?


CPA services are accounting services that are provided by a Certified Public Accountant, also known as a CPA. Most CPAs have Master’s Degrees in Business or Accounting with at least a few years of experience under a CPA. Tax Services . Tax Preparer. Accountant.

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6 Bookkeeping Tips for Your Business! What You Actually Need to Know


This is really not a surprise to me because most business owners are not CPAs or accountants. And at the end of the day, accounting is the language of business. Well for one, your tax accountant will need to see your income and expenses for just the business to file those taxes.

How to Incorporate a Business – 6 Easy Steps!


C-corps are taxed once at the company level, and distributions of profits (aka dividends) to shareholders are taxed again on shareholders’ personal tax returns. Fiscal year of the corporation for tax and bookkeeping purposes. Just don’t expect tax or legal advice.

Tax Benefits of LLC | LLC Taxes Explained by a CPA – How does a LLC save taxes?


And more importantly, what are the tax benefits of choosing an LLC over another entity? In this post, I’m going to explain all of the tax benefits related to LLCs. It is not meant to take the place of legal and accounting advice specific to your business. LLC Tax Loopholes.

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Ember Launches Solution To Streamline B2B Finance Functions


For instance, the program can link all necessary bank accounts for a company so that transactions appear in one localized feed. Ember also automates the classification of expenses to provide users with a transparent picture of how much they owe in taxes without having to do continuous updates.

Last Week in Payroll: Repaying Deferred Social Security Taxes


Repaying Deferred Social Security Taxes . In addition, a Presidential Memorandum signed on August 8, 2020, allowed employers to defer the employee’s share of Social Security tax from September 1, 2020 through the end of tax year 2020. .

Last Week in Payroll: Keeping Up with Taxes


Keeping Up with Taxes. The legislation levied a direct tax on the American Colonies in an effort to pay off debts and defend new American territories won from the French in the Seven Years’ War. So, why the brief history lesson on American Colony taxes?