A Complete Guide to Reading Financial Statements


With little experience in reading financial statements, this request makes you freeze in your tracks, uncertain of how to express the success of your growing business. We’ll help you learn to read and interpret your financial statements and show you how they impact your company.

A financial statement analysis mini-dashboard for a quick data analytics exercise

Wendy Tietz

Looking for a quick data analytics exercise for financial statement analysis in an introductory accounting class? You can give your students the link for this financial statement analysis dashboard and then ask a series of questions.


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Basic Financial Statements That Anyone Should Know


Although individual financial statements each provide different snapshots of financial health, all financial reports reflect business activities that produce a company's profit or loss.

Three Financial Statements Skagit County SMBs Need To Get Right


Pivot on pricing, pivot on operations, pivot on hiring, pivot on supply, pivot on financials… Successfully pulling it off is impressive – really. We’d be happy to sit down with you, take a look at those financial statements and see how we can get your business on steadier ground.

Be an Odd Duck: Work on, Not in Your Public Accounting Practice

Speaker: Tom Bowman, CPA of Bowman & Company

It is possible to run an Accounting Firm and never do tax returns or financial statements! Tom Bowman, Owner of Bowman & Company, CPA, PC shares his journey and 10 step process for going from Technician to Business Owner.

The Non-Profit Financial Statement Breakdown


While non-profit organizations are not concerned about showing a profit for investors, these entities still must report financial activities to board members and local, state, and federal tax agencies.

Financial Statement Fraud Red Flags


Tracy Coenen teaches a group about some of the most common red flags of financial statement fraud. Financial Investigations VideosMore information on corporate fraud is available in Tracy’s book, Essentials of Corporate Fraud.

How to Make Business Financial Statements: Everything to Know

Accounting Seed

Financial statements exist to give business owners answers to these questions. That’s why accurate financial statements are essential to business success. What is a Business Financial Statement? There are four main types of financial statements.

How Financial Statement Fraud is Done


Financial statement fraud happens is one of the most costly types of fraud. It is a significant problem because people inside and outside the company rely on the information provided in the financial statements. It is, in fact, financial statement fraud.

The Damage Inflicted by Financial Statement Fraud


Financial statement fraud impacts any person or organization that has a financial interest in the success or failure of a company. The manipulation of financial statements also affects employees. Financial Investigations

Financial Statement Myths and George Washington


They are on Financial Statement Myths and the Finances of George Washington. My webinar “season” is coming to a brief ending on Thursday with two programs I think anyone would enjoy.

Finding Fraud With Analytical Review of Financial Statements


Performing analytical review on the financial statements of a company is an important part in the fraud detection process. Financial statement line items compared to one another. Numeric data compared to the notes to the financial statements.

How to Read a Financial Statement


“How to Read and Analyze a Financial Statement” is the topic of my next Take A Business Break program at the East Brunswick Public Library on this Thursday Feb.

How Will A Debt Modification Affect Your Financial Statement?



CAP Series- Article #2: Logistics of a CAP audit, and comparing CAP Audits and Financial Statement Audits



Forecasting Revenue the Right Way


It allows for a clear idea of a company's financial standing, helps identify potential risks, and set owners and management up to make adjustments to the business plan throughout the year.

The Income Statement Breakdown


An income statement is a critical financial statement for reporting a business's financial performance. It can also be referred to as a revenue and expense statement.

New! Beginning Data Cleaning (ETL) & Analytics Project for Excel: KAT Concession Supply

Wendy Tietz

Ch 01 Financial statements Ch 01 Introduction Ch 05 Receivables and revenues Data analytics Financial accounting Managerial accounting Miscellaneous financial accounting managerial accounting; teaching accounting

How Did Crowe, Moss Adams, and Marcum Do In Their Respective 2020 PCAOB Inspection Reports?

Going Concern

Of the four wayward audits in Crowe’s 2020 inspection report, three had deficiencies in both financial statement audits and the audit of internal control over financial reporting. It was financial statement audits that were a nightmare, as the firm blew nearly every one of them.

How to Read a Statement of Cash Flows


Entrepreneurs running a start-up, corporate department managers, and small business owners need enough bookkeeping knowledge to understand basic financial statements. Financials help you keep a watchful eye on the financial strength and performance of your organization.

For Government Agencies: 3 Tips for Consolidating Financial Report Footnotes


A number of new debt and lease standards have been added to government agencies’ financial reporting requirements. For this post, we are zeroing in on the condition that government agencies are being required to add additional footnotes to their financial statements.

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What Are Clean Financials and How Can You Get Them?


We often hear prospective clients come to us explaining they are in need of clean financials. outsourced accounting services small business bookkeeping financial management financial accounting financial statements accounting analysis clean financials

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How Cash Flow Statements Help Experts Find Fraud


Many fraud investigations focus on financial statements. Because cash is the most commonly stolen business asset, fraud experts regularly scrutinize statements of cash flow for signs of misappropriation and fraudulent disbursements. Fraud Briefs Cash Flow Statement

Your Guide to Debits and Credits in Accounting Services


Every business transaction impacts your company’s financial statements at the monetary level. Transactions are recorded into two accounts—debits and credits—to create a balanced financial picture. What are debits and credits?

Looking Beyond the Financials for Clues to a Business’s Value


An experienced business valuation professional considers more than just a company’s financial statements when quantifying its value. The post Looking Beyond the Financials for Clues to a Business’s Value appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA.

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Fraud Considerations When Making Business Acquisitions


Plan early to engage a fraud expert to review financial statements and other documents for signs that you could be dealing with a dishonest seller. Subtle warning signs When reviewing a seller’s financial statements, forensic experts look for subtle warning signs of fraud.

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The Cost Approach to Valuing a Business


This financial statement reports “book values” for the company’s assets and liabilities. The cost (or asset-based) approach to valuing a business focuses on the balance sheet. Here’s how the cost approach works and when it might be an appropriate method of valuation.

Starting a Financial Investigation


How do you start a financial investigation? Tracy Coenen talks about some of the important things she would evaluate when starting a case with financial statements and income tax returns. Divorce and Family Law Financial Investigations Videos

How to Work with a Forensic Accountant


They’re uniquely qualified to review financial statements and business records and to interview employees to find evidence of misrepresentations and theft. Forensic accountants are professionals who have received specialized training to uncover fraud and protect against fraud threats.

Free Knowledge Growth Webinars


I am scheduled to present four free webinars primarily for CPAs, but anyone in business that uses financial statements might also find them interesting and insightful. – Financial Statement Myths. – Peeling Away the Layers of a Financial Statement.

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Monthly Financial Review Checklist for CEOs


Financial statements give insight into the health of all areas of the company as well as how it's achieving its goals. One of a CEO's most important tasks is staying on top of the company's numbers. This isn't just something for accountants.

Why Should a Company Make the Jump to Outsourced Accounting?


After a while, the business may add things like bookkeeping, collections, and financial statements out of necessity. In many companies, accounting comes as an afterthought. The main goal initially is to turn an idea into a profitable product.

Controls are Ineffective When Managers Go Rogue


if a senior manager intentionally ignores the rules to manipulate financial statements. Warning signs Management overrides of financial controls can be difficult to detect. Management overrides of internal controls can make your company more vulnerable to fraud.

Designing the Ideal Team Structure: 6 Underlying Principles


Effective production in an accounting business requires these skills: Technical skills, meaning the knowledge and experience of Accountants or bookkeepers to prepare tax returns and financial statements. RESOURCES / ARTICLES. Designing the Ideal Team Structure: 6 Underlying Principles.

How Contribution Margin Helps You Do More Than Just Break-Even


Contribution Margin is not a number you see on a traditional financial statement- it's a management accounting calculation. Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Cash Flow Management Financial Intelligence, Reporting & KPIs

In Non-Russia-Ukraine War News, KPMG UK Screwed Up Another Audit

Going Concern

The Company’s financial statements for FY2015 and FY2016 contained various misstatements which had to be corrected, some of which arose from the three areas mentioned, and some of which were material to the financial statements as a whole.

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Choosing the right firm for your Business Bookkeeping Services


The best way to do that is to have your financial statements in order. They will be able to put together all of your financial data in order. That way the lenders you ask to fund your expansion see that you are in a good position financially.

QuickBooks Online Accountant’s “Your Books” Getting an Upgrade


The post QuickBooks Online Accountant’s “Your Books” Getting an Upgrade appeared first on schoolofbookkeeping.com - Learn bookkeeping, accounting, QuickBooks, financial statements, and more.

But Who’s Counting? Episode 5: How Supply Chain Shortages are Creating Opportunities for Fraud

Anders CPA

Fraud may not be something your business worries about from day to day, but the pandemic has created unprecedented opportunities for fraud that business owners and executives need to be aware of and keep an eye out for. In the fifth episode of the But Who’s Counting? podcast, host David E.

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Verifying Income in Family Law Cases


These may include tax returns and related forms, but can also include things like financial statements, loan applications, or evidence of spending. Family Law Attorney Miles Mason discusses the kinds of documents that may be used to verify income in divorce and child support cases.