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Financial Statement Fraud: Don’t Believe Everything You Read


Financial statements are central to understanding any business. A public company’s balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement enable investors, lenders, the media and other stakeholders to value the company, forecast short- and long-term performance, and determine potential credit risk, among other purposes.

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Using Financial Statements to Value a Business


The starting point for a business valuation is generally the subject company’s financial statements. Here’s an overview of how historical financial statements can serve as the basis for a valuation professional’s conclusion under the cost, income and market approaches.


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2024 SEC Filing Deadlines and Financial Statement Staleness Dates

Cherry Bekaert

Financial statement issuers must assess many items when planning to file a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including which financial statements are required to be included in the registration statement. Rule 3-12 has a filing calendar for U.S.

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Medical Practice Accounting 101: Understanding Your Financial Statements 


Reviewing your practice’s financial information is not something you may have come across during medical school, and it’s not something that can easily be self-taught. Getting Familiar With Your Financial Statements The two most basic financial statements are the balance sheet and income statement.

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Be an Odd Duck: Work on, Not in Your Public Accounting Practice

Speaker: Tom Bowman, CPA of Bowman & Company

It is possible to run an Accounting Firm and never do tax returns or financial statements! They get wrapped up in production work and never take the time to manage, grow and promote their practice. Tom Bowman, Owner of Bowman & Company, CPA, PC shares his journey and 10 step process for going from Technician to Business Owner.

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A Complete Guide to Reading Financial Statements


With little experience in reading financial statements, this request makes you freeze in your tracks, uncertain of how to express the success of your growing business. If this scenario sounds in any way relatable, it’s time to become more familiar with the process of reading financial statements. Cash flow statements.

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Interpreting Financial Statements: The Story Behind the Numbers

Dent Moses

Financial statements serve as a window into the health and performance of a business, offering valuable insights for investors, analysts, and stakeholders. The statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, provide a comprehensive view of a company’s financial position (and health).