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Using Financial Statements to Value a Business


The starting point for a business valuation is generally the subject company’s financial statements. Here’s an overview of how historical financial statements can serve as the basis for a valuation professional’s conclusion under the cost, income and market approaches.

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A Complete Guide to Reading Financial Statements


With little experience in reading financial statements, this request makes you freeze in your tracks, uncertain of how to express the success of your growing business. If this scenario sounds in any way relatable, it’s time to become more familiar with the process of reading financial statements. Cash flow statements.


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Basic Financial Statements That Anyone Should Know


Although individual financial statements each provide different snapshots of financial health, all financial reports reflect business activities that produce a company's profit or loss. And, banks consider basic financial statements powerful tools useful for evaluating creditworthiness and profit potential.

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Judgment of Management and Financial Statement Fraud


With thousands of detailed accounting rules, how can there be financial statement fraud? There are areas of the financial statements that rely heavily on the judgment of management. They make estimates and decide how to apply the accounting rules. This leaves the door wide open for abuse.

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Be an Odd Duck: Work on, Not in Your Public Accounting Practice

Speaker: Tom Bowman, CPA of Bowman & Company

It is possible to run an Accounting Firm and never do tax returns or financial statements! They get wrapped up in production work and never take the time to manage, grow and promote their practice. Tom Bowman, Owner of Bowman & Company, CPA, PC shares his journey and 10 step process for going from Technician to Business Owner.

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Financial Statement Fraud: Overstatement of Revenue


By far the most common way that executives manipulate financial statements is through the overstatement of revenue. The reason is simple: It’s the easiest way to improve the appearance of the company’s financial condition.

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Three Financial Statements Skagit County SMBs Need To Get Right


We’d be happy to sit down with you, take a look at those financial statements and see how we can get your business on steadier ground. We’ll start by taking a look at the big three financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. The big three financial statements.