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Meet the Brand: Mindful Education

Accounting Insight

Next up in the spotlight is Mindful Education, specialists in o nline accounting courses and apprenticeships. At Mindful Education we create award-winning online accounting courses and apprenticeships which set a new standard in the digital delivery of education. . What do you do?

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How to address growing skills gap for sales tax compliance


According to published reports , fewer than 100,000 people take the certified public accountant exam each year; about half fail. University enrollment in accounting courses is also dropping. Both the number of candidates and the number of those who passed has also fallen in recent years.

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Is an Accounting Major Too Hard? A Thread

Going Concern

Is accounting too hard? That is the question posed by Dr. Josh McGowan, CPA on Twitter: Is the accounting major too difficult? At many universities, accounting courses (especially Principles I & II) have some of the lowest GPAs compared to other disciplines.

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The Face of Forensic Accounting


Along with being a Certified Public Accountant, Tracy is certified in financial forensics, has a degree in criminology, and holds a Master of Business Administration. She has written four books on forensic accounting and fraud investigation, and has taught numerous forensic accounting courses to accountants and attorneys.

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Texas Close to Allowing CPA Candidates to Test with 120 Credits

CPA Practice

The bill, introduced by Republican Sen. Charles Perry who is a practicing CPA, would lower the semester credit hours requirement from 150 to 120.

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Yale Grad and Grant Thornton Lawyer Argues The Case For an Undergraduate Accounting Program at Yale

Going Concern

There is apparently a single undergraduate accounting course offered at Yale : ACCT 270a, Foundations of Accounting and Valuation: Modern accounting practices and their use in distinguishing value creation from value redistribution. Surely no one believes this stereotype in current year?

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How Vinod Shah & Co is embracing cloud accounting to reach their paperless goal


Ravi’s father, Vinod, founded the practice in whatever spare time he had between teaching on professional accountancy courses and spending time with his family. . Ravi’s mother, Punita, also an experienced accountant, worked with Vinod to grow the business, which was operating from the bedroom in their home. . Family business.

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