Startup Tax Preparation Resources for 2021


A new tax season is underway, and Burkland’s startup tax accountants are working with our clients to prepare. In this article, we share a roundup of helpful 2021 tax preparation Read More. COVID-19 Resources Startup Taxes

Evaluating a Tax Preparer: Understanding Reasonable Tax Positions


One of the many benefits of working with a tax professional is the guidance they provide in developing tax return positions that substantiate why certain income qualifies for tax-exemption or why you are eligible for a certain tax deduction.


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2021 Tax Preparation for Small Business


If you want to make sure that you and your small business are ready for the 2021 tax season, then it is essential to remain well organized throughout the year. Lastly, you need to know about all of the various tax deadlines that might apply to your business throughout the year.

Evaluating a Tax Preparer: Determining a Fair Fee


As news headlines proclaim stories of tax fraud, taxpayers may wonder how they can trust that their tax preparer is abiding by ethical practices. For instance, how do you determine if a tax planner is charging a reasonable fee?

Earn $20 per Book Promoting My Tax Preparer Book from Home in Your Spare Time


Advice for Tax Preparers Making tax preparers lives easier one blog at a time HOME. Earn $20 per Book Promoting My Tax Preparer Book from Home in Your Spare Time. the method you use to advertise the tax preparer book is entirely up to you.

Interviews to Help Tax Preparers


As part of my blog Advice for Tax Preparers , I will be adding interviews other tax professionals on their advice, tips, and tricks to make your life as a tax preparer easier and more successful. All Blog Posts Career Advice Interviews Office Skills Advice Tax Preparer Advice Tax Return Issues Technology Advice Uncategorized cpa interview tax preparer tax professional

Tax Fraud Blotter: Lions and tigers and jail, oh my!

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In the blogs: High anxieties

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In the blogs: Of bins and bogdowns

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Practice management Tax preparation Sales tax IRS Marijuana industry Tax tools HSAs

Tips to Help People Choose a Reputable Tax Preparer


Whether taxpayers regularly use a tax professional to help them file a tax return or they have decided to work with one for the first time, it is important to choose a tax return preparer wisely. This is true regardless of who prepares the return.

Tax Planning Versus Preparation – What is the Difference? – Part 1


Visit social media or google these days and you’ll most likely see advertisements for Tax Planning. But many taxpayers (and even tax pros) are confused about the differences between tax planning and tax preparation. Basics in Tax Reduction.

5 Ways to Improve Your Existing Marketing Strategies


The post 5 Ways to Improve Your Existing Marketing Strategies appeared first on Tax & Accounting Blog. Featured Articles Tax Hot Topics Enrolled Agents Marketing Strategies referrals Tax Preparers

Keep Your Tax Return Safe from “Ghosts”


The post Keep Your Tax Return Safe from “Ghosts” appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA. Infographics Ghost Tax Preparers(This is Blog Post #1159).

Tax Planning Versus Preparation – What is the Difference? – Part 2


Tax planning is making shifts in a taxpayer’s financial and business situation, to minimize their tax burden both in the short term and over time. We’ll discuss five of the main strategies for legally lowering your clients’ tax burden. By Dominique Molina, CPA MST CTS.

Avoid burnout before you’re already burned out


Tax season is a stressful time of year for anyone who works at an accounting firm. From the time tax season starts to when it ends, many professionals find they’re burning the candle at both ends, missing valuable time with their families, and giving their all to their clients.

Beyond tax season: creating revenue stability year-round


Tax season is a critically busy time of the year for accountants, and we all know the stress that can come with such a high demand for services during that part of the year. Why revenue stability is important for small and mid-sized tax and accounting firms. Business tax preparation.

DOJ To Investigate Intuit’s $7B Takeover Of Credit Karma 


ProPublica reported the DOJ has raised questions about potential antitrust issues if Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, takes over its former rival that offered free tax preparation tools. Intuit dominates online tax preparation with a 67 percent market share in 2019. The U.S.

Marketing for accounting firms: individuals vs. small businesses


the potential market available to tax and accounting firms is massive. How to market tax and accounting services. Individuals often think of accountants when they want to save time and not get stressed over taxes. Turning tax clients into full-service clients.

How To Download An IRS Account Transcript – UPDATED 2/6/2022

Nancy McClelland, LLC

Last year we began requiring all clients to submit a copy of their IRS Account Transcript along with their Tax Organizer and other annual tax prep documentation. If a taxpayer did not receive the full amount, then they are entitled to recoup the difference on their annual tax return.

How to avoid burnout during this tax season and beyond


The tide moves in every quarter, and there is always tax season. A recent survey revealed that 82% of tax professionals identify as feeling burned out. It’s a significant issue for tax professionals and accountants. How does burnout affect tax professionals?

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Accounting LIONs


If you have followed my blog for a while you are aware that I created a LinkedIn group with the same name as my blog titled Advice for Tax Preparers. That group is devoted to the same premise as my blog in that the group provides accounting students and tax professionals the opportunity the learn, share and discuss tips and tricks on how to succeed as a tax preparer in a public accounting firm.

How to Get an Accounting Job Using LinkedIn


All Blog Posts Career Advice Office Skills Advice Uncategorized cpa job linkedin tax preparer T his is the big one isn't it? Most of us get plenty of articles in our inbox and social media from sources such as Accounting Today , CPA Trendlines , Going Concern , AccountingWeb , Journal of Accountancy , etc., on the latest updates in the profession. But we are really only looking for a few things. How do I get my first accounting job? How do I make my current job easier?

Learn Why New Accounting Staff Eat Time & How to Fix The Problem


One example is in the area of the billable hours (the time each person charges to the job for preparing and reviewing the tax return or audit) that a staff should put on his timesheet. All Blog Posts Tax Preparer Advice Tax Return Issues Uncategorized accounting staff cpa firm eating time Accountants by the nature of our profession want to follow rules.

Tax Software to Help Prepare for the Next Tax Season


Strategies and tips to help you prepare for the next tax season. This past tax season was one for the record books. Now that you’ve successfully closed the books on a difficult tax year, it’s time to prepare for the next tax season and a successful year-end close.

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Learn How CPA Firms Will Increase Their Net Income on 1040 Tax Returns Without Raising Fees or Reducing Expenses.


One of the constant problems for CPA firms with individual clients is getting all of their information in time to prepare, review and file their return before the October 15 th deadline no matter how many times they are asked for their information. I once worked at a firm that had an individual client that was the last tax return the firm filed by the October 15 th deadline three years in a row.

EY Debuts Corporate Crypto Accounting, Tax Solution


EY announced in a press release this week that its new crypto accounting tool targets the tax preparation process. Dubbed the EY Crypto-Asset Accounting and Tax (CAAT) solution, the tool enables institutional clients to manage and report on crypto assets held on their balance sheets, while also supporting smaller entities and individuals with crypto assets.

Building a better business case: 5 ways to demonstrate ROI for sales tax automation


To build a persuasive business case for sales tax software , professionals need to explain how automating certain tax functions and improving reporting and analysis will benefit the company as a whole. Avoid reporting errors and incorrect sales tax calculations.

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Lawmakers Want FTC To Investigate H&R Block, TurboTax


The calls, which came in the form of letters sent to the IRS and FTC from presidential hopefuls Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders among other lawmakers, stem from allegations the companies didn’t promote free government tax preparation options to customers, reported CNBC. The Free File Alliance is an agreement between the IRS, states and tax preparation companies that gives Americans who make $66,000 a year or less in adjusted gross income free tax preparations online.

2022 Tax Deadlines for Startups


Estimate your tax preparation costs using our Startup Tax Preparation Cost Calculator. 2022 Tax Calendars 2022 U.S. Tax Deadlines for Startups 2022 San Francisco Tax Deadlines for Startups 2022 New Read More. Taxes

Tax & Accounting Service – Preparation, Planning, Representation


Tax Help? IRS – FTB – CDTFA – EDD tax help. . We provide specialized tax & accounting service for individuals and or businesses facing IRS or State tax problems such as: – Back Taxes . – Tax Audits. – Tax Appeal.

2022 Tax Season Review: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

CPA Practice

The tax season is often measured by the revenues a CPA firm generates, so this time period is make-or-break for the whole year. Adopting a reliable, secure cloud-based platform designed especially for CPA firms will help reduce stress for tax preparers.

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Intuit to Pay $141 Million in Multi-State Settlement for Misleading TurboTax Ads

CPA Practice

The settlement, which was signed by the attorneys general of all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, also requires the company to suspend TurboTax’s “free, free, free” ad campaign that lured consumers with promises of free tax preparation.

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Tax Pros Being Targeted in New Phishing Scam

CPA Practice

The IRS has observed similar bogus emails that claim to be from a “tax preparation application provider.”. The latest phishing email uses the IRS logo and a variety of subject lines such as "Action Required: Your account has now been put on hold.”

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2021 Tax Deadlines for Startups


Here are 2021 tax deadlines for startups including U.S. Federal tax filing dates, and key tax dates for San Francisco, New York, and Seattle. You can estimate your tax preparation Read More. The post 2021 Tax Deadlines for Startups appeared first on Burkland.

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How Long Does It Take an Accountant to Do Taxes?


As tax season looms, you may be wondering whether you should have an accountant prepare your taxes. In addition to considering how much an accountant costs , you’ll also want to consider how long an accountant will take to do taxes compared to trying to do it yourself.

Sales tax and accounting services


It’s that time of year again when everyone suddenly thinks about preparing their income taxes. But does tax preparation incur sales taxes – and if it does, where and how? South Dakota use tax is based on where the service is used.

Sales 181

4 financial consulting services accounting firms should quickly add


Many accounting firms provide invaluable services that go far beyond tax prep and financial reporting. Many CPAs offer consulting services alongside regular tax preparation, which helps create additional revenue for the firm and provides additional support for clients.

Tips for taking on a massive QuickBooks Online cleanup


The goal is to reach a point where you have complete, accurate, and tax-ready financials. In the end, your client should be able to take those books and hand them over to their tax preparer, who should have to do very few adjustments in order to get the tax return done.

3 Ideas to Solve Your Least Scalable Service Offering

Ryan Lazanis

In this podcast episode, I shared 3 valuable ideas that can help you avoid getting stressed out if you’re offering the least scalable service — individual tax preparation.

Episode 066: Look at the Film Industry Tax Credit Business with Irene Waschler


Episode 066: Look at the Film Industry Tax Credit Business with Irene Waschler. Tune in to this episode when host Hugh Duffy talks with Irene Waschler of Waschler CPA, LLC about how she got started in the film industry tax credit business.

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