New Messaging Showing Up in QuickBooks Desktop

Intuitive Accountant

Coincidental with the general release of QuickBooks Desktop 2023 on September 20 is new messaging about Migrating to QuickBooks Online

Matching Bank Feeds in QuickBooks


In QuickBooks Online and Desktop, the Bank Feed is a nifty tool for importing transactions directly from your bank. Each transaction that the bank processes will show up in QuickBooks for you to categorize into the proper Income, Expense, or Balance Sheet account.


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QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Product Summary

Intuitive Accountant

September 6, 2022 is the day Intuit's QuickBooks Accountant Leader Ted Callahan announced the release of the QuickBooks Desktop 2023 line-up to ProAdvisors and Accountants.

2022 ShayCPA Quickbooks ProAdvisor Update

Shay CPA

When it comes to picking an accounting system for your technology company, Quickbooks i s a great place to start. . ShayCPA’s team is Quickbooks Online Advanced Certified. Here are some advantages of Quickbooks that can help you achieve those goals.

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Webinar Replay

Intuitive Accountant

Did you miss the September edition of QB Talks where Laura Madeira took a deep dive into QuickBooks Desktop 2023? never fear. The recording can be found our our YouTube Channel

QuickBooks Clean Up To Reduce Taxes And Fees For Contractors

Randal DeHart

Contractors who ask for help in Cleaning Up their QuickBooks Files before filing taxes have better results than those that do not. The Tax Accountant is happier because the QuickBooks file is clean and easier to work with.

QuickBooks Bank Feeds Enhancements

Intuitive Accountant

QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds now import available check images and make them available in Accountant View or Business View

Inside QuickBooks' Upcoming Price Increase

Intuitive Accountant

Based on increasing demand for QuickBooks Online and its mission to help its customers thrive, QuickBooks is accelerating its investment in QBO platform products.

How Quickbooks can help your Business


QuickBooks isn’t the latest and greatest accounting software yet it is certainly useful. Countless businesses use QuickBooks at their offices, meaning job-seekers and those looking to advance their career should have in-depth knowledge of this important computing tool.

Equifax Verification – A QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Feature

Intuitive Accountant

New for 2023, QuickBooks has partnered with Equifax to automate employment and income verification. No data is shared unless the employee specifically makes a request. Employers also can opt out of this service

QuickBooks Introduces Spreadsheet Sync


Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU), the global technology platform that makes TurboTax , QuickBooks , Mint , Credit Karma and Mailchimp , today announced Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced (Advanced), which enables two-way synching with Excel.

Syncing Customer Data To Quickbooks: A Feature Overview


Businesses may want to have customer data in QuickBooks for many reasons. The customer data synchronization feature in Synder facilitates customer record keeping in Quickbooks, enabling you to bring accurate and up-to-date customer details from multiple sales channels into Quickbooks.

QuickBooks Connect: Everything You Need to Know

Ryan Lazanis

QuickBooks Connect is one of the most popular annual accounting conferences that’s geared toward QuickBooks users and accounting professionals. What is QuickBooks Connect? QuickBooks Connect is an annual accounting conference held in San Jose, California.

QuickBooks Desktop Price Increase with 2023 Scheduled Release

Intuitive Accountant

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing will increase with the scheduled release of the 2023 products

Webinar Time: 'Getting Started with QuickBooks Commerce'

Intuitive Accountant

In today's online shopping world, Liz Scott takes a deep dive into how QuickBooks Commerce can help your clients manage their accounting and inventory needs.

Expiration Date Tracking – A QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Feature

Intuitive Accountant

edition of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Platinum, Diamond and Accountant subscribers within the US and Canada now can track Expiration Dates as well as their Serial or Lot numbers starting with the new v23.0

QuickBooks introduces solution for contractor payments

Accounting Today

Compliance Technology Tax Intuit

Cash Flow Hub – A QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Feature

Intuitive Accountant

First in our QuickBooks Desktop 2023 feature dive is Cash Flow Hub—your one-stop location to explore, manage and track your cash flow at a glance

QuickBooks Online and Changing Screen Views

Accounting Web

Bookkeeping QuickBooks Online and Changing Screen Views

Auto-matching for QuickBooks Payments

Intuitive Accountant

Intuit QuickBooks is introducing Auto-match for QuickBooks Payments starting in mid-July. Murph runs us through the details

Intuit sounds alarm on QuickBooks phishing

Accounting Today

Phishing Fraud Cyber security Technology Intuit

QuickBooks, Amazon To Provide Automatic Purchase Reconciliation


Intuit has announced a new integration between its QuickBooks software and Amazon Business to allow small businesses to automate purchase reconciliation, according to a press release. Users won't have to go back and forth between Amazon and QuickBooks for purchases, either, the release stated.

Multi-factor Authentication for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Set to Roll

Intuitive Accountant

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll soon will be adding multi-factor authentication in lieu of PIN identification

Future Forward 2022: Security for QuickBooks 2023 and Beyond

Intuitive Accountant

Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor Kellie Parks takes a deep dive into the most current security considerations and best practices for the coming year and beyond.

Inventory Item Categories – A QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Feature

Intuitive Accountant

If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, in the US or Canada, you will have this new 'Inventory Item Category' feature to assist you in establishing a meaningful hierarchy of your inventory, but it will take some thought setting it up

QuickBooks Online Advanced Now Syncs with Excel

Accounting Web

Accounting Software News QuickBooks Online Advanced Now Syncs with Excel

Benefits of Transitioning to QuickBooks Online (QBO) from QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)


By connecting with the internet in the Cloud, QuickBooks Online keeps you instantly and continuously aware of every aspect of your business’s accounting. The post Benefits of Transitioning to QuickBooks Online (QBO) from QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) appeared first on LSL CPAs.

The Newest QuickBooks Migration Tool for Desktop to Online

Intuitive Accountant

Intuit has been working on a new QuickBooks migration tool for desktop to online. We told you about some of its efforts last spring—now those efforts are full speed ahead with the new tool

HCM with Guideline 401(k) – A QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Feature

Intuitive Accountant

If you have QuickBooks Desktop 2023 with Assisted Payroll, get Guideline 401(k) for your business and employees. Easy and affordable, it does all the plan administration and compliance work for you

Sarah T. Ciuk, CPP Appointed to Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Council


quickbooks ADC news company news intuitSelect Panel Advises on Products and Services that Accountants and Their Clients Want Most. Naples, Florida – July 22, 2021 – Today, Intuit, Inc (Nasdaq: INTU) announced that Sarah T. Ciuk, CPP has been named to the company’s U.S.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Adds Support for Form 943

Intuitive Accountant

QuickBooks Payroll recently has launched support for agricultural companies that file Federal Form 943 in lieu of Form 941/944

My Favorite Newbies – QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Intuitive Accountant

Murph tries to pick a few of new or enhanced Desktop features each year as his favorites—with an explanation of why. This year was a little hearder, mainly because he liked them all—some more than others

QuickBooks Desktop Pricing Changes for 2023


We will comb through this email and offer our take on what this means to you as a desktop user or those who support QuickBooks Desktop Clients. This is right on the heels of a price increase to QuickBooks Online so looking at some of these changes is quite a shock to the Desktop faithful.

Congratulations Marti Bockhold – 2022 Top QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor

Intuitive Accountant

Marti Bockhold was named Insightful Accountant's 2022 Top QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor during this year's "Scaling New Heights

Congratulations Marjorie Adams - 2022 Top QuickBooks Desktop Integrations ProAdvisor

Intuitive Accountant

Marjorie Adams was named Insightful Accountant's 2022 Top QuickBooks Desktop Integrations ProAdvisor during Scaling New Heights in June

QuickBooks Recent Updates and News


QuickBooks makes many updates and changes throughout the year. We strive to help our members stay informed and optimize their use of QuickBooks to improve their practice. From Intuit QuickBooks in July: QuickBooks Connect is Back, QuickBooks Payments Updates and More.

Things to Consider when you convert from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop


Things to keep in mind before you convert If you use Multicurrency in QuickBooks Online, you shouldn’t convert to QuickBooks Desktop. You need a recent version of QuickBooks Desktop installed before you start. Quickbooks Desktop Quickbooks Online

What the Return of QuickBooks Connect Could Mean

Accounting Web

Bookkeeping What the Return of QuickBooks Connect Could Mean

Xendoo vs. QuickBooks: The Difference


When it comes to running a business, you may have debated the benefits of providers like Xendoo and tools like QuickBooks. Let’s break it down and discover what will work best for your business: Xendoo vs. QuickBooks. . Xendoo vs. Quickbooks: The Final Considerations.

Enhanced Payment Links – A QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Feature

Intuitive Accountant

Even though Payment Links for QuickBooks Desktop was rolled out with the 2022 product release, it has been enhanced for 2023. Now you can send Links without any transaction form and keep track of all Links with an enhanced dashboard

QuickBooks Deepens PayPal Integration For SMB Payments


QuickBooks Connect , an event planned this week in London, was canceled due to the coronavirus, so parent company Intuit has released information it had been holding back for the event. QuickBooks has also increased its support with Centsoft ’s AP automation cloud software.

Invoice Tracker in QuickBooks Online


One of the nice features of QuickBooks Online when you are using Payments is the Invoice Tracker. The post Invoice Tracker in QuickBooks Online appeared first on - Ignite Your Practice! Knowledgebase Quickbooks Online QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Adds E-signature Capabilities


On March 4, 2021, Intuit released their new DocuSign eSignature Connector by Quickbooks, which allows users to digitally sign estimates from QuickBooks Online Advanced, which can make the quoting process more streamlined. Quickbooks Online Advanced DocuSign Integrations qbo