Why should you maintain Personal and Business Accounts Separately?

Simple Accounts

Business is business, and personal matters are personal; the two are not the same. Individual accounts for business and personal requirements are sometimes overlooked in the beginning. Advantages of keeping accounts separate. Start your Business Accounts!

Small Business Accounting Tips: How to Improve Your Workflows

Accounting Seed

Business workflows are like computer code for people. Good accounting workflows turn bookkeeping into a routine task that doesn’t require consistent re-planning and thought. What are Accounting Workflows? Accounting workflows are procedures for managing a company’s finances.


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Small Business Accounting Software: A Skagit County Owner’s Guide


For as long as trade has existed, so has accounting. And it wasn’t THAT long ago that electronic spreadsheets were considered “a big advancement” in accounting technology. Businesses put away those old ledger books and took to smudge-free financial data entry.

The Essential Small Business Accounting Services’ Guide to QuickBooks


In-House or Outsourced CFO: Comparing Business Accounting Services


Outsourced Accounting Services

Remitr Launches Global Business Accounts For SMBs In Canada


Toronto’s Remitr , which works in business payments, has launched a new solution for setting up international payments in a quicker, more efficient manner, according to a press release.

Wirex Rolls Out Beta Version Of Crypto Business Account


Wirex, a cryptocurrency and fiat (real money) payments platform, is releasing a beta version of a regulated crypto-oriented business account, according to reports. The account will support both crypto and fiat payments, and users will be able to transfer funds using over the counter rates or using blockchain, SEPA or Swift. Cryptocurrency and business relationships have been slowly becoming more mainstream. to allow businesses to pay their corporate taxes in bitcoin.

KPMG To Shutter UK Small Business Accounting Unit


Corporate accounting and auditing firm KPMG is shuttering its small business services unit, reports in The Business Desk said Thursday (Feb. According to the publication, KPMG’s Small Business Accounting (SBA) service, which launched in 2014, will be closed in the U.K. In a statement, a KPMG spokesperson confirmed that the company is “proposing to withdraw the provision of our Small Business Accounting (SBA) service in the U.K.,

GreenBox POS Enables Same Day ACH Deposits To Business Accounts


Payment solutions company GreenBox POS has announced a new Same Day ACH program to help businesses manage point of sale (POS) to business payments faster than usual, according to a press release.

The Professional Association of Small Business Accountants Holds 16th Annual Awards Ceremony and Honors Six Members

Steve Feinberg

We’ve always been proud of the work we do at Appletree Business Services , from bookkeeping to payroll and tax-keeping packages, but it’s also satisfying to hear that your work has been recognized by some of the luminaries in your field.

Small Business Accounting Software FreshBooks Rolls Out In UK


With a continuation of its global expansion, small business accounting software maker FreshBooks has rolled out in the United Kingdom. The firm is also rolling out a new set of functions geared toward Biritsh business needs, Accounting Today reported.

Paysend Wields Open Banking For Business Account Services


9), Paysend announced the rollout of Paysend Connect, a business payment account that allows companies to open multi-currency business accounts, issue Mastercard corporate cards and initiate SEPA and SWIFT transfers. For banks, Paysend Connect supports access to Crassula’s open banking technology to augment their own offerings to business customers. For businesses themselves, users can white-label a range of FinTech services into their own platforms.

Inflation makes it seem small businesses are growing, but report says otherwise

Accounting Today

Xero Accounting Small business accounting software Technology Small business banking

Starling To Open Business Account Services Beyond Sole Traders


“We started with a retail current account and then we launched business accounts, first for limited companies with a single director and now for sole traders as well, and soon for multi-director limited companies,” she said. ” Starling Bank first announced its plans to step into the business banking space last year, only four months after it launched its app-only current account services for individual consumers.

HSBC Business Accounts Frozen After AML Misstep


has reportedly frozen some small business (SMB) bank accounts, according to news reports from Reuters. The frozen bank accounts, which have occurred in the last two months, are a result of the broader effort to crack down on money laundering. Now, dozens of SMBs have reportedly been closed out from their accounts after answering questions from HSBC U.K. case, Martyn Fisher owns a company that does business across Asia that also saw its account frozen by HSBC.

Experian API Enables Faster OCBC Business Account Opening


Singapore bank OCBC is accelerating the bank account opening process for startups through a collaboration with Experian. 4) said Experian’s API will allow startups to open a business bank account with OCBC immediately following incorporation. The tie-up means startups will no longer have to wait one day to open a bank account following incorporation, the announcement noted.

5 Financial Metrics and KPIs to Help Your Business Grow


As a business owner, there are many different metrics and KPIs out there for you to follow that can give you insight into your company's current standings, along with assistance when it comes to future planning and goal setting.

Become a Member of PASBA to Enjoy These Benefits


Are you a public accountant, certified public accountant, or enrolled agent who would like to earn more business, learn new skills, and connect with fellow accounting professionals? If so, we invite you to learn more about the many benefits of joining the Professional Accounting Small Business Administration (PASBA). At PASBA, it’s our goal to transform the way our members think about their role as an accountant.

Top Tips To Find A Good Accountant For Your Business


From one-man-teams to small and medium-sized businesses, accounting services are now a mandatory requirement of operations. But you probably don't need to hire an accountant or bookkeeper internally; you just need a trustworthy professional to work with.

AccountingDepartment.com Attends EO Alchemy 2022


To kick off a month full of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) events, ADC Business Development Representative, Shawn Marcum, attended EO Alchemy in Huntington Beach, CA.

What Are Client Accounting Services and Do You Need Them?


And yet, there is some merit to the idea of pursuing client accounting services for your business—if you can figure out what it is that you’re looking for that is.

How Long to Keep Important Financial Records


Determining how long to keep financial records depends on several factors, including the record type and whether it’s for personal or business documentation. You will need proof of payments and any business financial activity in case of disputes, identity theft, or fraud.

Can Accounting Reports Really Be Beautiful?


Consulting Business. Small Business Finances. Can Accounting Reports Really Be Beautiful? Can Accounting Reports Really Be Beautiful? As a small business owner, what is more rewarding than focusing on the area of your business that you are most passionate about? To invest your uninterrupted attention in doing the things that pushed you to start your own business in the first place?  Services Online Audit. Strategy First.

Small Business Tax Deductions for 2021


Tax season feels particularly overwhelming for small business owners. In this blog post, we will share popular small business tax deductions that you may be able to claim for the 2021 tax year! Business Travel Expenses . Business Use of Your Car. Business certifications

The Future of Audit? | Outsourcing Audit & Remote Auditing

Accounting Insight

Traditionally, this would be undertaken internally within the firm, but it is now very common for businesses to outsource this to external firms with specific audit skills for higher quality results. Accounting, as an industry, is no different in its adoption of remote working.

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6 Helpful Accounting Tips For A Start-Up Company


As with any type of business, proper management of finances, and having a dedicated team or staff to handle said finances, is a critical component to long-term success.

AccountingDepartment.com Co-Founder, Dennis Najjar, Featured On The AmiSights Podcast


AccountingDepartment.com Co-founder, Dennis Najjar, had the opportunity to join Ami Kassar, Business Strategist, on the AmiSights podcast.

How to Repurpose Video Content into Blog Posts, Social Media, and More

Summit CPA

As a business owner, you know that creating a valuable, educational, and impactful content plan places you directly in front of your audience if executed well. Business Advisory Virtual CFO Creative Agency Small Business Accounting Virtual CPA Business Owner

5 Ways to Make Halloween Candy Tax-Deductible


As a business, you can use Halloween candy as a tax write-off if you figure out a way to make it business-related. Attach your business card or a promotional flyer to packets of M&M’s and voila! Business Accounting Business Taxes Creative business taxes tax deductible

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Demand is Increasing for Accountants to Help with Human Resources Issues


Today’s small business owner faces a significantly greater challenge in managing human resources regulations at the federal and state levels along with increased regulation in all aspects of their business. Accounting firms that can assist their clients with managing human capital and financial concerns at the same time can truly stand out from the competition. Clients Already Trust Their Accountants. Is Your Accounting Firm Considering Adding These Services?

Insights from the AICPA Engage 2021 Conference


Small Business Advice and Tips accounting strategies small business bookkeeping accounting software small business tips accounting small business accounting tips accounting trends budget dashboard budgeting reports budgeting aicpa jirav engage 2021 forecasting

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Surviving a Cash Flow Shortage


If you have a cash shortage with your business, it is important to have a strategic plan to survive and reverse the shortage. Keep in mind that over 80% of businesses fail due to a cash flow shortage crisis, so putting some of these tips in action may protect you in the long run!

How to Help Your Clients Gain Control of Their Cash Flow


According to a recent study by US Bank, poor cash flow management is the reason for business failure more than 80 percent of the time, and it’s especially common with small businesses. That means there’s a good chance your clients may feel desperate for help when they visit your accounting practice. Some small business owners have no idea how much money leaves their company.

Do I Need an Accountant for My Small Business?


Why do I need an accountant for my small business? Those that do their taxes for themselves may think nothing of taking on this huge responsibility as a small business owner. Here’s why you need an accountant for your small business and when you’ll know it’s time to find one.

Should accountants or bookkeepers advise clients on which (if any) accounting software to use?

Accounting Insight

Choosing the right accounting software – is it the choice of the accountant or the business owner? On a weekly basis we speak with hundreds of UK-based accountants and bookkeepers. On a weekly basis we speak with hundreds of UK-based accountants and bookkeepers.

Is Office Furniture Tax Deductible?


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) understands that office furniture is a vital aspect of running a business, so they allow business owners to deduct those expenses from their taxable income. You shouldn’t be buying something personal and writing it off as a business expense.

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What to include in the preparation of monthly management accounts?

Wellers Accounting

Joe Lennon FCCA highlights the different reporting elements and benefits of management accounts.

Top 20 Common Advertising Expenses for Small Business Owners


You’re probably spending a fair amount of money on advertising your small business to potential clients and customers. Whether you’ve got a whole marketing team running the show or you just purchased your first ad, most money spent on promoting your small business is tax deductible.

How to Stay Profitable With an All-Remote Team


Onboarding is a crucial part of our business. Spend as much time vetting new hires as you do searching for new business. These great resources are provided by our partners at Jetpack Workflow, the leading workflow software provider for accountants and bookkeepers. With so many people working from home right now, here are some valuable tips for making the most of this situation for your firm and your clients. Customer experience is everything.

Minimizing Accounts Receivable Process Time for Greater Cash Flow


All businesses want to increase their cash flow rate, but sometimes cash flow delays come from within the company itself. Time-consuming manual processes and an Accounts Receivables (AR) staff that may be in the dark for some critical information can all be connected to a slow AR process.

ADC’s Cathy Becker to Join Jirav at AICPA Engage


This session promises insights from process innovators, sharing tips on how to develop a scalable forecasting and budgeting service offering for clients, opportunities to position it appropriately, and ultimately, create a new profit center within accounting firms and services.

What If I Don’t Have Receipts for Last Year’s Business Expenses?


It’s tax time and you don’t have receipts for last year’s business expenses. When it comes to travel expenses and business trips, if you don’t have receipts, you’ll need to do the same thing. Another way to account for lost receipts is to show a pattern of spending.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Service


Continue reading for help with this ultimate guide for finding the perfect outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services provider.