How to Get an Accounting Job Using LinkedIn


Most of us get plenty of articles in our inbox and social media from sources such as Accounting Today , CPA Trendlines , Going Concern , AccountingWeb , Journal of Accountancy , etc., How do I get my first accounting job? How do I make my current job easier? Can I quit and get a better job or move to a better CPA firm? All Blog Posts Career Advice Office Skills Advice Uncategorized cpa job linkedin tax preparer T his is the big one isn't it?

Friday Footnotes: No Foolin’ Here; 18,000 New Accounting Jobs; Skills Auditors Need NOW to Be Future-Ready | 4.1.22

Going Concern

431K jobs added in March, with 18.2K in accounting [ Accounting Today ] Some of the main job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, and professional and business services, along with retail trade and manufacturing.


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Earn $20 per Book Promoting My Tax Preparer Book from Home in Your Spare Time


My name is Bill Meador and I am writing a book to help tax staff succeed in a public accounting firm tax department. Now I understand the first reaction of many accountants to the concept of selling anything. Accounting Jokes, Videos, Puns and Humor - July 29, 2019.

In 2019, Academic Researchers Tried to Answer the Question ‘Is Accounting a Miserable Job?’

Going Concern

Misery in accounting is timeless after all. The abstract: Popular culture portrays accounting as a miserable job. In this study, we empirically test the basic question: is accounting a miserable job? However, we find that accounting is not a miserable job.

Accounting Automation: The Definitive 2023 Guide

Ryan Lazanis

This is my complete guide to accounting automation in 2023. So if you want to: Learn the 8 benefits of automated accounting. Save time by automating your accounting processes. Automate all 15 areas of your accounting. What is Accounting Automation?

How Are Public Accounting Salaries Stacking Up For 2023? (Part 2, Randstad)

Going Concern

Next up in our preview of accounting salaries for 2023 is the latest Finance & Accounting Salary Guide from staffing agency Randstad. Randstad ’s PR machine put out a press release promoting the salary guide with the headline of “ Salaries in Finance & Accounting on the Rise. ”

Future of Accounting: The 2022 Annual Guide

Ryan Lazanis

In this guide, I’m going to outline what the future of accounting looks like for accounting firms and how to best prepare for it in 2022. So if you’re looking to improve your firm in 2022 and keep yourself on the cutting edge of accounting, you’ll love this new guide.

An Essential Guide to Accounting and Basic Accounting Principles for Beginners


It can be hard to keep up with new opportunities and technologies in our rapidly changing and evolving world, especially in a professional field such as accounting. Why is accounting important? What are basic accounting principles? What is accounting software?

Friday Footnotes: KPMG Is Twice as Bad as Other Firms; Upskill or Die; Hella M&A | 10.21.22

Going Concern

KPMG flunks US overseas audit inspections twice as often as rivals [ Financial Times ] US regulators were twice as likely to find flaws in audits conducted by the overseas affiliates of KPMG than those of any other Big Four accounting firm, an analysis of inspection data shows. 5 tips for keeping your firm running smoothly [ Accounting Today ]. Upskilling required by firms to offset ‘threat’ of accounting automation [ AccountancyAge ]. Accounting Firm Mergers. Big 4.

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How Are Public Accounting Salaries Stacking Up For 2022? (Part 3, Accounting Principals/LHH Recruitment Solutions)

Going Concern

Over the past couple of weeks, we found out from Robert Half that public accounting starting salaries will likely increase in the range of 2.3% in 2023, and that Randstad predicts salaries for traditional public accounting roles will increase for nearly all positions next year.

The Virtual Workplace Is Here To Stay


Having a job in accounting is all about helping managers and owners to understand their numbers. Before the pandemic, only 6% of jobs were primarily remote. About one in four employees have had to quit a job because the commute was too long.

Friday Footnotes: KPMG Downsizes (Office Space); CPA CPA CPA; Some Good News on Diversity | 8.26.22

Going Concern

While you’re here, allow us to pester you to sign up for our newsletter to get accounting headlines twice a week. We found Barry Melancon’s Reddit account. Do we need accounting firms? Looking for a remote accounting job?

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Let’s Say Theoretically You Crap Your Pants Your First Week at a Big 4 Firm, What Should You Do?

Going Concern

While crapping your pants is a pretty egregious offense, keep in mind how hot the public accounting job market is and how desperate firms are for talent. Job market aside, there are two approaches to take when you’ve committed an embarrassing error.

Sometimes, there is no other way out.

Angry Accountants

Sometimes that applies to those with an accounting job that hate every day of their lives, and sometimes that applies to those who have lost their accounting job and hate every day of their lives looking for another accounting job.

Accounting Jokes, Videos, Puns and Humor


Accounting Jokes, Videos, Puns and Humor. If you are going to be an accountant then you have to be able to laugh at yourself. I put together this post to bring together any funny and entertaining accounting and tax videos, puns, jokes, pictures, etc. As a final note, if you have know of any accounting jokes or funny accounting videos that you think I should add you can add them in the comments below or send me an e-mail with the information through my contact page.

Sam’s Club Swaps Out Accountants For Robots


While there has been lots of talk about robots stealing jobs and prompting layoffs of American retail workers, most people probably weren’t thinking accountants would be first on the chopping block. Confirmed last week, the changes will mean that club-level accounting employees will be affected as the retailer automates more of their work through software. Apart from accounting, invoicing jobs at the retailer will also be automated and centralized.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Be His Accountant

Angry Accountants

He already has like a billion accountants working for him. Life working as an accountant at the IRS is no mystery -- just watch Stranger Than Fiction , and if you are interested in the job, try here: [link] But what about non-IRS jobs? Treasury accounts.

Accountants May Be Bucking The Innovation-Averse Trend


The future of the corporate accountant is in flux. FinTechs are developing ways to automate accounting tasks, forcing human accountants to provide more strategic, value-added services. At the same time, an influx in the variety of financial management solutions for large and small businesses has some companies looking beyond the corporate accountant. That doesn’t mean corporate accountants are jumping ship, however.

Fearing Robots In A Tech-First Accounting Approach


Small businesses need accounting processes to be fast. But the most efficient way to achieve accounting acceleration could displace a financial professional out of a job. A new report by B2B software firm Exact says SMEs demand the speed that accounting automation can provide their organizations but aren’t exactly pleased with the threat that robotics would replace human talent. SMEs when it comes to their accounting solution is speed.

Closing The Books Is Now A Lesson In Corporate FinTech Innovation


Corporate accounting software is now a continually evolving space, but progress doesn’t occur in a vacuum: External forces and trends, from changing regulations to increased adoption of FinTech by the enterprise, force businesses to adjust how they record and report financial data. Technology is now instrumental to corporate accountantsjobs, and to their efforts to overcome challenges like a lack of transparency and understanding of financial data.