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Financial Challenges Faced by Non-Profits and Solutions to Help Them Succeed


Non-profit organizations often stand at the frontier of social change, operating with the noblest of causes but facing challenges unique to their sector, particularly in the financial realm. With a mission-driven focus and often a limited budget, navigating the complex financial landscape of a non-profit can be daunting.

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4 Ways Outsourced Accounting Helps Non-Profits Deal with Multi-level Government Regulations


Your Mission As a non-profit, your primary goal is to provide services that contribute to the betterment of society through a variety of different ways, such as charitable and philanthropic work, or advocacy and awareness. Your entity might be a charitable organization, a public charity, or a private foundation.


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Aprio Community Impact Week Supports 43 Non-Profits

CPA Practice

Throughout the week of November 6 – 11, Aprio employees volunteered over 1,410 hours across the globe to support 43 non-profit organizations throughout the United States as well as the Philippines. “At Aprio, LLP , the fastest-growing business advisory and accounting firm in the U.S.,

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Inducting new board members for non-for-profits

Accounting for Good

Inducting new board members for non-for-profit organisations. Board members are pivotal in shaping the organisation's mission and strategic direction. |

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The Non-Profit Financial Statement Breakdown


While non-profit organizations are not concerned about showing a profit for investors, these entities still must report financial activities to board members and local, state, and federal tax agencies.

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Form 990: A Guide for Accountants Working with Non-Profit Organizations

Canopy Accounting

As accountants, working with non-profit organizations requires a deep understanding of specific financial reporting requirements. One of the critical documents that demands attention is Form 990 - Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax.

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5 reasons why non-profits should embrace accounting software


Non-profits are one of the few types of organisations that seem to eschew the use of proper accounting software to manage their books! 1) Tracking donations and funds Donations and fund-raising activity dominate the financial landscape of the non-profit sector.