What's the Difference Between Cost Accounting and Management Accounting?


Spoiler alert: Both cost accounting and management accounting are intended for internal use by business leaders. Accounting & Bookkeeping5 min read. Smart leaders use it to improve organization operations and boost the bottom line.

Why is Job Costing Important for your Small Business?


Job costing is an often overlooked yet important component of business, especially for small to medium-sized companies. This is precisely why job costing is so important.


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Determining Your Indirect Costs


Indirect costs are necessary for the operation of a business. Indirect costs include things like office technology, rental equipment, marketing campaigns, supplies, and accounting services. Indirect costs can be both variable and fixed.

Common Accounting Fears Among Business Owners


Fear of costs, fear of information, fear of change. Accounting Technology virtual accounting accounting strategies outsourced accounting services outsourced accounting accounting services online accounting services accounting processes accounting analysis accounting costs accounting systems accounting trendsLet's talk fear. Businesses are often held back by fear in one or more of these areas.

Common Accounting Mistakes: Government Edition - Issue #11 What is GAAP?


Many small business government contractors are exempt from complying with cost accounting standards (CAS) and defined by the code of federal regulations (CFR). However, compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) is required.

Common Accounting Mistakes: Government Edition - Issue #10 Indirect Rate Calculations and Associated Risks


As part of any cost accounting management system, rates are determined in order to apply costs that are not directly related to a product or service. Direct costs are expenses directly associated with a product or service. The base would be the $25,000 in direct costs.

Specializing an Accounting Business: What and How?


Specializing an Accounting Business: . Accountants are increasingly specializing in response to the commoditization of ‘traditional’ accounting services. Some Accountants will prefer to Stay Close to Accounting. Management accounting. Financial Accounting.

Learn When Your Should Outsource Your Accounting


Should you focus on growing your core business or continue to focus on the administrative side, like managing your accounting and bookkeeping needs? With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with an online accounting firm. Forensic accounting.

Social Media Tips For Your Small Business


It has become the marketing platform that provides the best results for the lowest cost. Accounts are free and easy to maintain. Make sure you have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites allow you to post on all your social media accounts at once.

Oracle, SWIFT Add Fast Cross-Border Payments For SMBs


SWIFT’s [Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication] new service offers the possibility of borderless low-cost account-to-account currency transfers from the bank’s own app or portal, and Oracle Banking Payments’ readiness makes this transition easy and fast for SMEs.”.

Botkeeper Works To Cut Costs For Smaller Accounting Firms


Machine learning (ML)-powered bookkeeping solution Botkeeper has rolled out a new pricing model that will break down cost barriers, increase scale and give more access for firms of all sizes, a press release said on Thursday (April 15).

Memo Bank Launches Interest-Bearing Account For Businesses


The bank is touting its new interest-bearing account as "an innovative current account with no volume fees that starts accruing interest from the very first euro,” which it describes as "a perk unlike anything other business banks are offering.".

BBVA Eyes B2B With First Real-Time Blockchain Payments


Reports said BBVA currently uses the SWIFT banking system to facilitate cross-border payments, but that it is “incapable of providing” payment tracking or the ability for clients to see exactly how much it would cost to complete a payment. “it’s This dearth of data has forced companies to maintain costly accounting operations to reconcile their overseas transactions.”.

B2B 72

US Inflation Balloons: 2.9 Pct Over Past 12 Months


The biggest increases were seen in the cost of housing, where consumer demand is pushing inflation. percent jump in shelter costs accounted for about 60 percent of the increase in the overall CPI last month, the Labor Department said. Retail consumer prices Cost of Living Federal Interest Rates inflation jobs report Labor department News trade war U.S. Core inflation spiked 2.9

Emerging Technologies, Services Drive Payment Rail Innovation


Plus, a data analytics FinTech has become a Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Account Validation. Tranglo provides a virtual account service to firms that lets them send and receive money internationally without needing to open separate bank accounts by using existing rails.

Here’s What’s Driving The Procure-To-Pay Industry’s Growth


According to Technavio, the need to cut costs in the procurement process, modernizing indirect procurement processes, managing risk and automation are behind the forecasted 15.77 “Also, client firms can improve their economical cost structure, as they do not have to pay for extra office space, equipment or specialist employees. ” Researchers found that top-tier procure-to-pay vendors can result in a reduction of indirect procurement costs of between 4 and 14 percent.

Court Ruling Reveals Complexities Of SMB Government Contracts


According to reports, Citizant’s contract protest argued that a GSA contracting officer was incorrect in their low score of Citizant’s bid, despite some awardees failing to provide adequate pricing information or to substantiate the scores of their cost accounting systems, both of which are necessary in the bidding process. The U.S.

The Slippery Relationship Between Bankruptcy And Medical Debt


Looking at the credit reports of all the hospitalized people who filed for bankruptcy afterward, that team did not find that medical costs accounted for 62 percent of all bankruptcies – rather, they found that figure clocked in at around 4 percent. That is problematic, experts note, because patients (particularly those with chronic conditions) will seek medical care, often very costly care, outside of a hospital setting.