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Happy International Accounting Day!

Going Concern

An encyclopaedic work (600 pages of close print, in folio) written in Italian, it contains a general treatise on theoretical and practical arithmetic; the elements of algebra; a table of moneys, weights and measures used in the various Italian states; a treatise on double-entry bookkeeping; and a summary of Euclid’s geometry.

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Accounts Payable vs. Accounts Receivable

Patriot Software

Both accounting entries are part of double-entry bookkeeping, but what is the difference between accounts payable vs. accounts receivable? As a small business owner, setting up your accounting books and maintaining accurate records is essential. What is the difference between […] READ MORE.


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Navigating the World of Bookkeeping for Marketing Agencies

Steve Feinberg

Every digital marketing agency should have a proper bookkeeping system in place to manage their preferred cash flow, whether that’s cash and accrual accounting, single-entry, or double-entry bookkeeping. Marketing agencies should choose their bookkeeping system based on their preference and accounting needs.

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How firms can create inclusive workplaces to retain LGBTQ+ accountants


Finally, by leveraging accounting principles such as accrual accounting or double-entry bookkeeping system, accountants can help employers track changes in equity positions at different levels within the organization over time.

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Can Better Digital Bookkeeping Make For Happier Landlords?


But as Koch told Webster, the company sees itself as not only offering a capability to tie together all those different participants — but doing so via its double-entry bookkeeping tools and payment reconciliation. “We We can accommodate a lot of different users,” he said. The transactions automatically reconcile.”.

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Why Hyperledger Says It?s Prime Time For Blockchain


They’re just called double entry bookkeeping.”. Blockchain, he said, exists as a form of “multi-way bookkeeping.”.

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Accounting Cost For Small Business: How Much An Accountant Costs Your Small Business


What are the peculiarities of bookkeeping for small businesses? Double-entry bookkeeping, transaction recording, reconciliation, getting invoices paid and bills covered – the entire process is centered around making sure that your bank account is in balance with your books records.

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