How Much Should Public Accounting Starting Salaries Be to Make Public Accounting Starting Salaries Less Awful?

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Let’s talk about starting salaries in public accounting. Let’s assume a student has an undergraduate accounting degree, a MAcc degree, and has passed all 4 sections of CPA exam. Accounting. — Title.

How to Read a Statement of Cash Flows


You don't have to have an accounting degree to make wise business decisions. financial management cash flow management financial statements accounting trends quickbooks reporting cash flow statement


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Illinois Will Soon Let You Sit for the CPA Exam With 120 Units, Should All States?

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” That’s what a stakeholder told me recently when we spoke about the accountant shortage and the growing gap between students getting accounting degrees and recent graduates sitting for the CPA exam. “What are they gonna do, stop requiring 150 units?

The Accounting Talent Shortage is Not New, You Guys

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Although the accounting talent shortage seems like something that just popped out of nowhere and couldn’t possibly have been predicted, oh, a decade ago, I feel compelled to remind everyone that we here at Going Concern saw this coming.

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KROST Sponsors the George Willie Ethnically Diverse Student Scholarship & Internship Program


This scholarship and internship program benefits ethnically diverse students pursuing an accounting degree. Congratulations to Amber Tabata on being selected as one of the ten winners of The George Willie Ethnically Diverse Student Scholarship & Internship Program.

Episode 068: A conversation with Allan Koltin


For twenty consecutive years, Allan has been named by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the accounting profession. In 2016 CPA Practice Advisor inducted Allan into the Accounting Hall of Fame. It now has to accounting and data analytics.

In 2019, Academic Researchers Tried to Answer the Question ‘Is Accounting a Miserable Job?’

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Misery in accounting is timeless after all. The abstract: Popular culture portrays accounting as a miserable job. In this study, we empirically test the basic question: is accounting a miserable job? However, we find that accounting is not a miserable job.

Experience Counts – A Flashback for Friday


Something must have happened that week to cause me to share my feelings about the value of longevity, experience, and knowledge possessed by the accountants in your firm who have thirty or more years of experience. If they started their career after graduating with an accounting degree that would make them around fifty-two years of age. “At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us.

KROST Sponsors AICPA’s PCPS George Willie Ethnically Diverse Student Scholarship & Internship Program


KROST CPAs and Consultants, the Los Angeles-based firm, has announced their co-sponsorship of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ ( AICPA) Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) George Willie Ethnically Diverse Student Scholarship & Internship Program.

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The Accountant Shortage Makes One Office Get Really Desperate

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Well that’s pretty much what’s happening in accounting right now. From the first KCCI story : The Iowa State Auditor’s Office is looking at college graduates with 2-year degrees to help fill open accounting positions.

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: CPAs Are Overworked (Duh); EY’s New Toy; Metaverse Party! | 10.24.22

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The accounting profession is incubating the next big tech boom. A few weeks back a reader wrote in to say we should review “Bean Counters: The Triumph of the Accountants and How They Broke Capitalism” by Richard Brooks. News Accounting News Roundup

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Withum Introduces CEO-elect Pat Walsh to Succeed Bill Hagaman


Withum, a national top 25 accounting and advisory firm, announced today that Pat Walsh , Partner and Market Leader for Withum’s National Tax Services Practice, will succeed CEO and Managing Partner Bill Hagaman , after his term ends in 2023.

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Tax Planning Software – Artificial Intelligence or Skill Saw?


Is it possible for this experienced tax planner of more than 20 years with an advanced degree and thousands of tax plans to complete a bathroom remodel in just a weekend with a Dremel tool? By Dominique Molina, CPA MST CTS. Question : How much time should I devote to studying tax planning?



You hire them because they have an accounting degree, they received good grades and they interviewed well. You teach and train them to perform the basic duties of an accountant working in public accounting. Some no-brainers in an accounting firm – Someone just has a knack for preparing corporate tax returns and another can quickly and accurately work their way throw a long list of individual tax returns.

Friday Footnotes: Big 4 Pride; KPMG Gets Snubbed; EY Goes on a Poaching Spree | 6.3.22

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Accountant Finds Out Client Has “Skeletons In The Closet”, Gets The IRS Involved And Makes Him Lose Everything [ Bored Panda ] It was posted on Reddit so obviously it must be true.

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State of the Accounting Profession 2022 Via the AICPA Trends Report

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Accounting enrollments. By 2014 however, the benevolent overlords at the AICPA noticed a troubling statistic: despite record enrollments, this abundance of accounting students did not appear to be pursuing the CPA exam as expected. A worsening accounting professor shortage.

What Your Financial Reports Really Tell You


It’s not the same as getting a five-year accounting degree, but it’s going to give you the knowledge to make smart business decisions. This is where the accounting rules come in. It may seem like income because money is coming into your account, but it isn’t.

PSA: Do NOT Take a Pay Cut For the ‘Privilege’ of Working Remotely

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Perhaps in other industries the tide may be turning and potential recruits will soon have to beg to be let in through the ATS gate of HR departments everywhere but we aren’t here to talk about other industries, we’re here to talk about accounting.

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Friday Footnotes: A CPA Grindset We Can Get Behind; The Klynveld Krypto Team; Firms Still Desperate (For People) | 6.24.22

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FASB preps to revamp ‘outdated’ accounting for software [ CFO Dive ] “The models are outdated,” FASB member Gary Buesser said at the meeting, lending his support to the project and commending the staff for its work. In response to the issuance of Staff Accounting Bulletin No.

Beyond tax season: creating revenue stability year-round


Tax season is a critically busy time of the year for accountants, and we all know the stress that can come with such a high demand for services during that part of the year. Why revenue stability is important for small and mid-sized tax and accounting firms.

The Talent Pool Is Shrinking


It seems that accounting students don’t see the value in devoting the time and energy to become a CPA. Is it worth it to become a CPA, in public accounting, when average partner compensation in $5 to $20M firms is half a million? Plus, flexible work arrangements make public accounting very attractive. Accounting, auditing, and tax preparation are the words most associated with the CPA credential, further narrowing the credential’s scope and attractiveness. “As

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Friday Footnotes: ‘KPMG Did Not Know What They Were Doing’; Are You Boring?; PCAOB Warns About Confirmations | 3.25.22

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These are the 5 most ‘boring’ — and exciting — jobs in the world, according to a recent study [ CNBC ] You’ll be happy to hear accounting made #2 on the most boring list. ” Climate Plan Puts SEC in Rare Role as Accounting Rule-Writer [ Bloomberg Tax ] The U.S.

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Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Be His Accountant

Angry Accountants

He already has like a billion accountants working for him. Those who performed well in school were sometimes paid $35,752, while new hires with a master's degree or two years of professional experience usually began at $43,731. Treasury accounts.