Meet the Brand: Mindful Education

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Next up in the spotlight is Mindful Education, specialists in o nline accounting courses and apprenticeships. At Mindful Education we create award-winning online accounting courses and apprenticeships which set a new standard in the digital delivery of education. .

Is an Accounting Major Too Hard? A Thread

Going Concern

Is accounting too hard? That is the question posed by Dr. Josh McGowan, CPA on Twitter: Is the accounting major too difficult? At many universities, accounting courses (especially Principles I & II) have some of the lowest GPAs compared to other disciplines.

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The Face of Forensic Accounting


When you need to find lost or hidden money, forensic accountant Tracy Coenen is the detective you want on your side. Consider her a financial crime fighter: part accountant, part fraud investigator.

How Vinod Shah & Co is embracing cloud accounting to reach their paperless goal


Accounting has been revolutionised many times over with the emergence of new technology. From calculators to Excel spreadsheets, accountants wouldn’t have gotten far if they weren’t willing to adapt for the good of their practices and their clients. .

College Accounting Programs Are Taxpayer-Funded Training Programs for the Big 4 and Other Such Muckraking

Going Concern

These businesses have their financial advisory needs served by hundreds of thousands of small firm accountants and CPAs nationwide. Thus, small firms provide indispensable advisory services to small businesses that account for nearly all new job creation and ½ of GDP.