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The post Check Kiting is No Game appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA. Despite the business community’s rapid adoption of digital payment methods, some companies continue to rely on paper checks.

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Tipalti Teams With Video Game Firms On Mass Payments, AP


Global payments automation platform Tipalti says it has made mass, automated payments seamless for numerous popular online video game customers, according to a press release. G is a gaming organization in the U.S.,

Amazon Debuts Free Shooter PC Game ‘Crucible’


Amazon has released a video game called “Crucible,” which bears similarities to popular titles like “Overwatch,” “Fortnite” and “League of Legends,” CNBC reported. The launch of “Crucible” ranks Amazon along with Microsoft as the only big tech companies to make forays into the gaming space.

The Future Of Entertainment? Try Professional Gaming


It’s doubtful that many PYMNTS readers play video games. It's not just a video game. For those who don’t play video games, that future starts with conceptualizing professional video gaming in the same manner that one would analyze a traditional sports team or event.

Online Gaming’s Winning Payouts Plan


But George Connors , senior vice president of gaming and sports solutions at Fiserv , told PYMNTS in a recent conversation that other things have remained the same — like online gaming. Sure, you can use the public Wi-Fi anywhere in a state where online gaming is allowed,” he said.

How Video Games Are Helping Retailers Grow And Innovate


Video games are helping to drive retail innovation and growth, and that includes the hot area of subscription commerce. Video games have changed a lot since the early days of home gaming in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The graphics improved, the games got more expensive and elaborate, and a whole lot more people from every walk of life are playing them. Gaming is figuring out the upsell,” Burkhart told Webster, “and utterly changing the entire market.”.

Deep Dive: Preventing Fraudsters From Gaming The System As Online Gaming Heats Up


Millions of consumers around the globe are turning to online games during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cybercriminals are springing into action with schemes to target them. It also examines how using biometric identification to build secure gaming platforms can deter malicious acts. .

The Voice Assistant Wars Shift To Gaming


It seems a new competitor — care of Sony — is suiting up, and theoretically set to be released in tandem with its next flagship gaming system, the PlayStation 5 (PS5). That would be culinary arts, sensors and gaming. The Gaming Voice Assistant . Gaming As A Power-Up To Catch-Up

The Startup End Game


We have talked a lot about how to make the leap into entrepreneurship but we rarely talk about the end game. If you haven’t also planned your end game, you may be building a trap from which you find difficult to escape. The hardest part about starting a business is starting.

Apple Has Pulled Epic Games From App Store


While a judge may not settle the dispute between Apple and Epic Games for months, the computer giant pulled the Fortnite maker’s games from the App Store on Friday (Aug. Epic emailed its Fortnite players that the iOS and Mac versions of the game are blocked from receiving updates.

Mobile Gaming Firm Skillz Plans IPO Via SPAC


Mobile game platform Skillz is looking to go public, and a partnership with Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp. The company particularly works in competitive and casual tournaments, like the thousands of such examples from this year in eSports and games played on the platform for paid entry fees.

Google Set To Announce Game Streaming Service


Google is getting ready to announce its own game streaming service. The tech giant will show off its plans to enter the $100+ billion gaming industry during the Game Developers Conference presentation on Tuesday (March 19) in San Francisco. It is expected that the presentation will include a commercial version of its “Project Stream” service, as well as a look at its “Yeti” gaming console. Google game streaming Gaming News publishers service What's Hot

MGM Backs Off Acquisition Of British Gaming Platform Entain


MGM Resorts International said it’s pulling the plug on its bid to acquire the gaming platform Entain , which is its BetMGM partner. Share prices of online sports betting firms DraftKings and Penn Gaming have escalated over the past year.

Google Launches Gaming Service


Google has launched its cloud gaming platform, a service called Stadia , with the introduction coming as payments is commanding a bigger role in online and mobile games. Boasting that “the future of gaming is not a box,” Google said players using the Stadia cloud-based streaming service can “play across multiple devices, including laptops, desktops and select phones and tablets.” Stadia users can also watch a clip of a game and then start playing from that point.

Microsoft Game-Streaming Service Goes Live


15) announced that its game-streaming service XCloud is now available to users of Google's Android service, but not to Apple iPhone users. CNBC wrote : "Think of xCloud as the 'Netflix of gaming.' per month after a $1 trial and offers more than 150 games. Microsoft Corp.

Biometrics Battles Evil On Gaming Platforms


Identity fraud is nothing to play around with, but you wouldn’t know that given its prevalence in the online gaming sector. Three out of four American consumers are now interacting with gaming platforms, spending up to 14 hours a week on them — up from 12 hours in 2018.

Epic Games Introduces Xbox, PS5 Fortnite Crew Subscription


Epic Games is rolling out a new monthly subscription service — Fortnite Crew — for Xbox and Playstation gaming systems, timed with the Dec. As of May, Epic Games reported that it had over 350 million registered Fortnite players. .

i2c, Sightline Team Up For Cashless Cross-Channel Gaming 


Digital banking and payments firm i2c is partnering with next-generation commerce firm Sightline Payments to deliver cashless, mobile and omnichannel programs to over 45 gaming resorts, state lotteries, digital gaming and sports betting sites across eight states, i2c announced on Wednesday, Feb.

Kicking Fraudsters Out Of Online Games


And, increasingly, online gaming platforms — attractive to the bad guys due to their scale and relative anonymity — are in the crosshairs. In one recent event that grabbed headlines, video game developer Valve Corp.

Google Sees Payments Potential In Subscription Gaming


Among the biggest games in eCommerce is, well, games, and that includes subscription streaming services along with the payments that go along with them. The search and online advertising provider reportedly is about to launch streaming games and gaming hardware, according to Google reportedly ran a game streaming project that ended earlier this year, “a four-month test trial of ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,’” the outlet said. Gaming Growth.

Lamar Jackson Lights Up VR Gaming


If Baltimore Ravens quarterback and last season’s NFL MVP Lamar Jackson has anything to do with it, VR gaming has arrived. Jackson himself has been part of the game’s development and promotion of the game. Retail Gaming News NFL sports Status Pro virtual reality

Apple Registers Counterclaims, Seeks Damages In Epic Games Suit


Apple registered a reply and counterclaims in its legal saga with Epic Games , contending that the developer broke its agreement with Apple as it also asked for damages in a conflict that arose on August 13, CNBC reported. Apple then halted the game maker’s developer account on Aug.

Fortnite’s In-Game Currency Used In Money Laundering Schemes


A new report has revealed that Fortnite’s in-game currency is being used to launder money from stolen credit cards. According to a report by The Independent and cybersecurity firm Sixgill , a hacker will access someone else’s credit card information, and then use it to create a Fortnite account and buy V-bucks, which is the game’s currency. With more than 200 million players worldwide, Fortnite has generated $3 billion profit in 2018 for the game’s developer, Epic Games.

Monopoly Goes Cashless And Board Games Gain Popularity


In this age of live multi-player online gaming, and virtual reality, and all things digital, it can be easy to think of board games as an artifact of the analog world. No doubt many households have a collection of board games in the closet or basement, but so many of them do nothing so much as collect dust, perhaps pulled out during the holidays after the presents are opened and the kids are getting fidgety. Well, board games are having a bright moment.

Subscriptions Change How Online Gaming Plays To Win


Video games have changed a lot since the early days of home gaming in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The graphics improved, the games got more expensive and elaborate and a whole lot more people from every walk of life are playing them. The customer bought a game and paid a lot of money for it, not to mention the cost of buying the expensive hardware required to play it. Could we see a similar thing in gaming?

Epic Games Loses Bid For Immediate Access To Apple App Store


denied a request by Epic Games to make Apple reinstate Epic's Fortnite game on its App Store before a lawsuit Epic brought against Apple is resolved at trial, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Legal App Store Apple Epic Games Fortnite legal News What's Hot

Apple Mulls Subscription Service For Gaming


Apple could be starting a subscription service for gaming, according to reports. Apple began discussions with game developers in the latter half of 2018, according to the people familiar with the plans, who all declined to be identified. There’s no word yet on how much the service would cost, or the types of games Apple would offer. Mobile gaming is expected to continue to rise in popularity and to become a $100 billion industry by 2021. “It’s

Microsoft, Facebook Express Frustration With Apple’s Gaming App Policies


15, Microsoft plans to release Project xCloud , a streaming service that will allow users to play any of roughly 100 games. Mobile App Store Apple Facebook Gaming Microsoft mobile News regulations What's Hot

Google Launches Gaming Service Stadia


19) the launch of Stadia , a cloud-based service that allows users to stream their favorite video games. Starting today, playing games on your TV in 4K without a console, streaming games to a Chrome browser on a simple laptop, or enjoying the biggest games ever made on your phone is a reality. Stadia is launching with 22 games, as well as stream 4K videos that are available through its premium service, Stadia Pro, which will cost users $9.99

Apple Provides Temporary Access To Epic Games' Fortnite


After a nearly two-week ban, fans of Fortnite , a video game in which players fight each other until the last one is standing, can log into the game on Apple ’s sign-in system, Reuters reported. Epic asked the Northern California District court to stop Apple from blocking the game.

The Largest Consumer Fraud: MLM (on the Investigation Game Podcast)


Last week I joined Leah Wietholter of Workman Forensics in Tulsa, OK on her podcast The Investigation Game. Consumer Protection Podcasts investigation game workman forensicsWe talked about one of the largest consumer frauds: multi-level marketing (MLM).

Apple Seeks Punitive Damages In Battle Against Epic Games


refuses to let the popular “Fortnite” video game maker gain any advantage in a California courtroom. The drama began last month when the game maker unveiled a payment platform designed to bypass the App Store’s payment system and its 30 percent commission. Apple Inc.

Apple's Fortnite Fight Hurts All Gaming Business, Microsoft Says


Microsoft is stepping into the fray of the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games over the banning of the Fortnite app from the App Store and the banning of Epic's account, CNBC reported.

Mobile Banking’s Authentication Game-Changer


The game has changed, said Ali, which means that past efforts to introduce at least some friction (albeit low friction), such as using only SMS prompts to double-check the legitimacy of transactions, may not be enough. The way we bank is changing in the age of COVID-19.

Gaming Platforms Betting On ‘The Metaverse’ As Next Internet


While the super-secret Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) gave us the original Internet, online gaming platforms are bringing forth the Metaverse. Such are the game platform efficiencies clearing the way for a Metaverse.

Gaming Platform DraftKings Partners With InComm Payments For Retail Gift Cards


Digital sports entertainment and gaming industry platform DraftKings — known for its top-rated daily fantasy sports and mobile sports betting apps — today announced an agreement with InComm Payments , a global leading payments technology company, to launch an industry-first retail gift card. .

Epic Games Takes Legal Action Against Apple In Australia


In an expansion of its effort to “make digital platforms fairer for consumers and developers,” Epic Games took legal action against Apple in Australia, according to a statement posted on Wednesday (Nov. The game developer licenses it to firms for a charge.

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Epic Games Again Asks Judge To Reinstate ‘Fortnite’ To Apple’s App Store


The maker of “Fortnite” has asked a California judge for the second time to reinstate its popular video game to Apple Inc.’s The Wall Street Journal reports Epic Games Inc. Google has also removed the game from Google Play.

DraftKings Trading Debut: Let The (e)Games Begin


The absence of sports events on which to bet has prompted a whole-hearted embrace of fantasy sports or eSports , where competitions are waged with the help of video games. IPO DraftKings gambling Gaming Investments ipo M&A mergers News online sports betting What Is Investing?

Gaming Breaks New Ground In Commerce And Payments


The holidays are approaching, and that means a big retail boost for video games during that all-important shopping season. Indeed, video games are helping to drive innovation when it comes to commerce and payments. Video games have changed a lot since the early days of home gaming in the late 1970s and early ’80s. The customer bought a game and paid a lot of money for it, not to mention the cost of buying the expensive hardware required to play it. AR Gaming.

Apple Revamps App Store Guidelines For Games, Classes


The tech company now indicates that game-streaming platforms like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia are expressly allowed. Games have to be downloaded straight from the App Store instead of an app. Mobile Applications App Store Apple Gaming mobile News What's Hot

IRS Backs Off Fortnite Gaming Currency As Reportable Income


A section of the IRS website telling people that the online currency from the popular game Fortnite was subject to federal taxes has been removed as of Wednesday (Feb.12). It apparently marked the first time that video game currencies had received a comment from the IRS.