Louisiana School Cyberattacks Trigger State Of Emergency


Louisiana has declared a state of emergency after a series of cyberattacks impacted three of the state’s school districts. The attacks shut down the districts’ phones, as well as locked and encrypted files and computer equipment in school districts in Sabine, Morehouse and Ouachita parishes in North Louisiana. The state was made aware of a malware attack on a few north Louisiana school systems and we have been coordinating a response ever since,” Edwards said.

Louisiana State Tax Updates




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MTrac Launches Marijuana Payments Platform For Louisiana


The state of Louisiana has entered legal marijuana territory with medical cannabis access beginning this week. According to MTrac, its payments platform was developed in cooperation with “the main bank in Louisiana” that plans to provide bank account services to the state’s marijuana-related businesses.

Why The Louisiana Purchase Was The Greatest Fourth Of July Sale Ever


Only it was July 4, 1803 — better known as the Independence Day that the Louisiana Purchase was announced. A Brief History Of The Louisiana Purchase — And Its Associated Payments Problems . Adjusted for inflation, the contemporary value of the Louisiana Purchase was around $340 million. That deal is made more incredible when one considers that the entire Louisiana Territory was not exactly what Jefferson hoped to buy. What A Louisiana Purchase Will Buy Today.

Coronavirus Refunds: LSU Plans To Reimburse Almost $5.2M To Students


Students at Louisiana State University (LSU), in one case, are set to receive reimbursements for some charges. Coronavirus Louisiana State University LSU News refunds reimbursements

Casino Reopenings Draw In Gamblers Despite Online Gaming Surges


Casinos in Mississippi and Louisiana are reopening this week, and visitors are traveling long distances and waiting in lines to enter the facilities, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

States with local economic nexus - a review


Other states such as Alabama, Colorado and Louisiana have home-rule jurisdictions where separate returns may need to be filed at the local level. Given the complexity that already exists regarding sales tax, it’d be great if states were the only jurisdictions that levied them.

Alaska 178

Home Rule: Can Local Jurisdictions Create Sales Tax Obligations?


The Tax Foundation goes on to state “In Alaska, Colorado, and Louisiana, this issue is compounded by the additional challenge of divergent tax bases, where different jurisdictions tax different baskets of goods and services.”

Sales 166

Sales Tax on Shipping: When Does it Apply?


Give a buyer in Louisiana the option to contract separately for shipping and the cost becomes tax-exempt. And even if you think you’ve got a grip on how a state taxes shipping, watch for local rules in such strong home-rule states as Colorado and Louisiana.

Sales 171

Vendor concessions/discounts can help pay to outsource sales tax obligations


Colorado, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio and Louisiana are among states offering a discount for prompt payment; Arizona gives a better discount for e-filers; Florida and South Carolina offer both.

Sales 181

What's New in State Sales and Use Taxes?


Blue bayou: Sales tax won’t be getting simpler in Louisiana any time soon. The vote was quickly followed by a lawsuit from Arizona-based Halstead Bead , an online seller of jewelry-making supplies, challenging what news reports called Louisiana’s “patchwork approach” to collecting sales taxes.

Sales 169

Four years since Wayfair: A trend takes hold


An Arizona company, for instance, sued Louisiana for that state’s patchwork “compliance nightmare” in what many regard as the business’ first major counter-assault on the burdens of nationwide yet diverse economic nexus. What a 48 months it’s been.

What's New in State Sales and Use Taxes


Louisiana lawmakers are working to centralize the state’s sales tax collections. Supporters reportedly say that Louisiana is one of only three states with a fragmented system, and that it complicates collection of sales taxes from online purchases.

Sales 185

Monthly Sales and Use Tax Update


Louisiana lawmakers have recently passed H.B Right now the state allows parishes to independently collect their own sales and use taxes from in-state businesses while the Louisiana Remote Sellers Commission collects for out-of-state sellers.

Sales 139

Do you really understand economic nexus for sales tax?


Louisiana worked to streamline its notoriously confusing sales tax environment; and Kansas?set Businesses have heard a lot about economic nexus over the past few years.

Sales 175

Understanding the Pieces to Your Sales Tax Compliance Puzzle


Some states — notably Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Alaska, among others — empower municipalities and other jurisdictions to levy sales taxes. This article was written for the Atlanta Business Chronicle Leadership Trust. To see the original post, click here.

Sales 184

The Pass-Through Entity Workaround to Beat the SALT Limitation


Louisiana and New Jersey are the most recent states to adopt such a tax. In the past year, several states have created a pass-through entity tax (PET) to circumvent the $10,000 cap for the state and local tax (SALT) deduction.

2021: The Year in Review – Sales Tax


Louisiana was working to streamline its sales tax environment – a notoriously complex one for remote sellers and an issue that would be revisited later in the year. The whole world pinballed throughout a pandemic the last two years and continues to do so.

Sales 180

What's new in May for state sales and use taxes


Louisiana’s senate has rejected a plan passed earlier by the state’s house to phase out a temporary sales tax over the next three years. What’s new in May for state sales and use taxes. There’s always something changing in the world of tax, especially sales tax.

Sales 159

Shrinking the Delaware Tax Loophole: Other U.S. States to Incorporate Your Business


Currently, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and Oklahoma have a franchise tax. Incorporation is a critical legal matter that impacts more than your company’s tax responsibilities for doing business.

Preparing Your Business for Sales Tax Holidays


Second Amendment holidays in Mississippi and Louisiana?exempt Many states use sales tax holidays to waive or reduce sales tax on various items. These holidays can be annual or even two or more times a year.

Sales 183

Taking a Look at Sales Tax Exemptions and Why They're Important


Connecticut, Florida (which recently passed economic nexus that will be enacted this summer) and Louisiana accept certificates depending on where the product was packaged and shipped. Taking advantage of sales and use tax exemptions can save your business money and headaches.

Sales 159

Understanding Affiliate Nexus and Other Forms of Physical Presence


These states include New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Nevada, Louisiana, Maine, Kansas, Iowa, and Rhode Island. The explosive growth of online sales means that state and local governments are searching for ways to recoup the tax revenue that they have determined they are owed.

As Consumers Embrace eCommerce, Tax Complexity Grows


1.8M: Amount Walmart allegedly owes Jefferson Parish, Louisiana in unpaid 2009 to 2015 sales taxes. South Dakota vs. Wayfair was only the beginning.

4 Key Pieces of Your Sales Tax Compliance Process


In a few states, most notably Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana, there are separate local level returns that you are required to file. Both the process of reporting sales tax and the level of sales tax detail required varies from state to state.

Sales 131

Sales and Use Tax in 2020: A Look Back


Georgia, Louisiana, and Michigan required marketplace facilitators to collect and remit sales tax. Someday people will probably use a lot of words to describe 2020. “Un-eventful” Un-eventful” won’t be one of them.

Sales 130

Weekly U.S. Jobless Claims Rise Slightly To 742,000 Even As Many Face Losing Benefits


7 were in Washington (+7,683), California (+5,293), Massachusetts (+3,383), Alabama (+1,704) and Louisiana (+1,626), while the largest decreases were in Georgia (-13,426), Illinois (-6,357), Kentucky (-4,830), Texas (-3,934) and New Jersey (-3,725).

US Voters Approve Sports Betting, Casino Gaming Expansions In 6 States


One big winner of Tuesday's elections was the U.S. gambling industry, with three states authorizing legal sports betting and three others either approving or expanding casino gaming, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

US Lawmakers Split Stimulus Proposal Into 2 Plans To Work Out Deal


Louisiana Republican Sen. American lawmakers, after months at an impasse over what would be included in a stimulus bill, have decided to split the bill into two separate proposals, CNN reports.

Caesars To Resume Gaming, Hospitality Operations In Vegas


The news comes as casinos in Louisiana and Mississippi are slowly starting to reopen , and visitors are traveling far distances and waiting in lines to enter the facilities.

New Orleans City Services Hit With Cyberattacks


Louisiana’s biggest city, New Orleans, home to one of the country’s biggest ports, has been hit with a series of cyberattacks that have been spreading across the state, according to a report by CNBC. Both times, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was forced to declare a state of emergency.

Another 870K Americans File Jobless Claims


Among the largest decreases were seen in California (-17,400), where fewer layoffs were reported in the service industry; Texas (-15,905); Louisiana (-8,384); Georgia (-8,235); and Washington (-3,291).

Lyft Links Up Ride-Hailing With Epic’s Medical Records System


Access to reliable transportation is a common barrier to seeking healthcare, especially for our most vulnerable patients,” Dr. David Carmouche , senior vice president, Community Care at Ochsner Health in Louisiana, said in the announcement.“By

Another 1.5M Americans File For Unemployment, But Durable Goods Orders Rebound


The nation’s economic numbers were a mixed bag Thursday (June 25) with a higher-than-expected 1.5 million Americans filing jobless claims while durable goods orders rose by nearly 16 percent in May.

US Jobless Claims Fall Slightly To 860,000


The largest increases in initial claims were in California (23,841), as the service industry reported layoffs; Texas (8,618), which saw the loss of manufacturing, retail, education, accommodation and food and professional services jobs; Louisiana (8,375); New Jersey (2,402); and Washington (2,173).

Study: Higher Spending On Dining Out Could Forecast A Rise In The Virus


Arizona, Louisiana and West Virginia displayed the least relative drops in spending at eateries on the part of cardholders in comparison to the year-prior time frame. Aa JPMorgan study suggests a connection between increased spending on dining out and a quicker proliferation of COVID-19.

US Jobless Claims At 1.4M For Second Week


For the second consecutive week, the number of Americans filing new unemployment claims increased last week as new cases of COVID-19 continued to surge. The U.S.

Last Labor Report Before Election Shows Drop In US Jobless Claims


Seasonally adjusted initial unemployment claims dipped to 751,000 the week ending Oct. 24, some 40,000 lower than the previous week's revised levels, according to the Thursday (Oct. 29) report from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The previous week's revised level was upped 4,000 from 787,000 to 791,000. The seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate dropped 0.5 percent from the previous week's revised rate to 5.3 percent for the week ending Oct. The previous week's rate was revised from 5.8

How to File Income Tax Return: Tax Filing Preparation Guide 2022


States with progressive income taxes : Hawaii, Louisiana. For e-commerce business owners, income tax filing season marks the start of a highly stressful time. Among the taxes that e-commerce businesses need to file, income tax is the most common one.

Apple To Shutter 30 More US Stores Again Amid Pandemic


Locations in California, Alabama, Idaho, Georgia, Oklahoma, Nevada and Louisiana are set to shutter on Thursday, while shops in Mississippi, Texas, Florida and Utah were shuttered as of Wednesday (July 1).

Jobless Claims Rise To 1.4M After 15 Straight Weeks Of Declines


States that saw the biggest decrease in claims were in Maryland (13,728), Texas (11,583), New Jersey (8,577), Michigan (6,882) and Louisiana (5,066).

New Orleans Hack Causes Vendor Payment Delays


Louisiana was also hit by cyberattacks in July and November, including a ransomware attack. Both times, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was forced to declare a state of emergency. The computer system at New Orleans City Hall is still on the fritz following a cyberattack on Dec.

US Jobless Claims Fall To 1.2M


The number of Americans who filed for unemployment benefits fell last week after two consecutive weeks of increases, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) reported Thursday (Aug. For the week ending Aug.