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IRS to begin accepting business tax returns next week

Accounting Today

The official start date of tax season for individual taxpayers will be on Jan. 29, but the Internal Revenue Service plans to accept business tax returns as soon as Jan.

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Starting a Business? How Expenses will be Treated on your Tax Return


The Bureau measures this by tracking the number of businesses applying for Employer Identification Numbers. If you’re one of the entrepreneurs, you may not know that many of the expenses incurred by start-ups can’t be currently deducted on your tax return. The post Starting a Business?


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Navigating Business Tax Services in Whittier, California


In the bustling city of Whittier, California, businesses face a myriad of tax-related challenges that can significantly impact their operations and financial health. From business tax preparation to dealing with unpaid back taxes and navigating complex audits, the tax landscape can be daunting.

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What Is Your Business Tax Return Due Date?

Patriot Software

As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t always have the time to think about your business tax return due date. It can be easy to miss your business tax return deadline with so much on your plate. You may be asking yourself, When are business taxes due?

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How to Change Your Personal Tax Return After It Has Been Filed

Ronika Khanna CPA,CA

Despite your (and/or your accountants’)best efforts , occasional errors or omissions relating to your personal tax return are unavoidable. It is possible that you forgot to include a tax slip, overstated your expenses or was unaware of a specific tax credit. the new home buyer’s credit or the hybrid car tax credit.

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How Entrepreneurs Expenses are Claimed on Tax Returns


The post How Entrepreneurs Expenses are Claimed on Tax Returns appeared first on Roger Rossmeisl, CPA. You may have to train workers and pay for rent, utilities, marketing and more. Entrepreneurs are often unaware that many expenses incurred by.

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Getting Business Tax Returns in a Divorce


When one or both spouses have an ownership interest in a business, it is critical to get both income tax returns and financial statements for the entity. It is impossible to fairly evaluate the business and the income from it without both of these. Many times we meet resistance from …