Our upcoming webinar aims to demystify the process of selecting and implementing automation tools for financial institutes. This session will provide your roadmap for vetting potential solutions, focusing on due diligence, vendor assessments, and aligning technology with strategic goals. We’ll also address the critical issue of innovation fatigue, offering tips on maintaining enthusiasm and momentum for new initiatives.

Join Gary Dmitriev to learn how to leverage automation effectively while ensuring sustainable growth and both customer and employee satisfaction. He'll discuss:

  • How to identify your specific automation needs
  • Best practices for evaluating and selecting automation tools
  • Practical guidance on technology implementation
  • Insights into long-term benefits and potential pitfalls
  • Maintaining team motivation and avoiding burnout

📅 August 8, 2024 at 11:00 am PT, 2:00 pm ET, 7:00 pm GMT

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