Accounting Basics for Small Business: A Simple Guide


However, delegating doesn’t mean staying out of the loop completely, especially when it comes to business finances, primarily accounting. Accounting is the language of numbers. What is small business accounting? Basic steps in accounting for small businesses.

What Type of Accountant Does Your eCommerce Business Need?


Chances are that your accounting and bookkeeping needs are low on your list of priorities, but that can come back to bite you. Your eCommerce business requires the attention of an eCommerce accountant. . Types of Accounting for Your eCommerce Business. Cash Basis Accounting.

Content Marketing – Distinguishing your Accounting Business


Distinguishing your Accounting Business. Content marketing in the in-store sampling for accountants. Basically, you give away useful, free stuff which is – hopefully – engaging, educational, memorable and builds trust. We encourage accountants to reveal their uniqueness.