Sun.May 08, 2022

How Cash Flow Statements Help Experts Find Fraud


Many fraud investigations focus on financial statements. Because cash is the most commonly stolen business asset, fraud experts regularly scrutinize statements of cash flow for signs of misappropriation and fraudulent disbursements.

QBO Monday Minute: Tis the (Conference) Season to be Jolly

Intuitive Accountant

As this year's slate of events kicks into gear, ProAdvisor Liz Scott takes a look at what you need to have on your schedule—and why


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The Small Business Guide to Revenue vs. Profit


When running a small business, you’ll want to track revenue and profit. What is revenue vs. profit? Is one metric more important than the other? . While revenue and profit measure your business’s financial performance in different ways, the two metrics are closely intertwined.

How Do Top 100 ProAdvisors Keep Up with Accounting Technology Changes?

Intuitive Accountant

We recently asked our Top 100 ProAdvisors a few questions about their business practices. Here's a look at how they remain productive and grow as a practitioner

The Emerging Spend Management Sector: Simplifying Your Accounting Processes

Speaker: Spencer Falbo, Principal at Kong Basile Consulting

In this webinar Spencer Falbo, Principal at Kong Basile Consulting will teach you how Spend Management can help to automate many of your processes thereby making your job as an accountant more efficient.