Tue.Sep 20, 2022

Three Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make that Lower Company Value

Anders CPA

It’s not uncommon for business owners to have the majority of their net worth tied up in their ownership of a private company, which makes them highly dependent on the successful sale of the business to provide the cash they need for retirement.

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How not to tank your sales tax audit (part 2)


The sales tax audit can be one of the scariest – and costliest -- things an online business ever goes through. If you do get hit with an audit, it’s critical to handle the process correctly. Last time we looked at mistakes companies make leading up to an audit (Check out part 1 here).

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IRS updates WOTC guidance

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Tax credits IRS Tax Tax regulations

Sales Tax Accounting Basics [+ Journal Entry for Sales Tax Examples] 

Patriot Software

When you sell goods to customers, you likely collect and remit sales tax to the government. And when you purchase products, you typically pay sales tax. But, how do you record these tax collections and payments in your accounting books? Sales tax accounting.

Live Demo: Supercharge Your Month-End Close

Speaker: Nancy Wu, Head of Sales and Customer Success at SkyStem

Automation generally supercharges any process and brings its value to the forefront. See how infusing automation like ART (a unique month-end close solution) into your close can get you to the next level of closing. We will share a live demo of SkyStem's solution, ART, and share the key elements of month-end close automation.

A $2 trillion fraud with employee retention credits puts financial advisors on edge

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Tax planning Tax credits Fraud Tax Small business RIAs

The countdown is on for Accountex Summit Manchester

Accounting Insight

In less than a month, Accountex Summit Manchester will be opening its doors at Manchester Central for the fourth year. The show on the 12 October is set to be the biggest yet, welcoming 1500+ attendees. .

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How to Handle Salary Reduction for Employees

Patriot Software

Reducing an employee’s salary is not an easy decision to make. Unfortunately, salary reduction might be necessary. If an employee is not succeeding in their position, it may be time for a pay cut. A salary reduction is much more than just changing your payroll.

Salesforce launches marketplace for carbon emission offsets

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Accounting software Accounting Climate change ESG Salesforce

Need To Increase Cash Flow? Try These Tactics.


Getting paid quickly by your customers is what helps enable more cash flow for your business. But getting customers to make payments quickly has become a challenge for many. Delaying payments has become a growing trend that started well before the COVID pandemic.

Fiona victims in Puerto Rico qualify for tax relief

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Natural disasters IRS Tax Tax relief

Virtual Cards — Everything You Need to Know

Speaker: Eoin Hession, Controller at Recharge

Even though virtual cards have been part of the payments system for over ten years, there remains a lack of clarity around how they work and their value to companies large and small. In this webinar, Eoin Hession, Controller at Recharge, talks about how his company uses virtual cards in their operations. Sign up today!

What Is Piecework?

Patriot Software

There are various methods to compensate employees, including hourly, salary, and commission pay. But, are you familiar with piecework pay? Learn more about what is piecework, piecework laws to follow, and how to calculate piecework pay. What is a piecework?

Ready to retire? Consider a partner buy-in

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Practice management Succession planning Retirement planning Partnerships Partnership agreement

7 cost benefits of cloud accounting software

Accounting Insight

Is your accounting software having a laugh at your expense? Prudence is more than a mantra. It’s the deep devotion that underpins the entire finance function. And yet thousands of organisations are using accounting software that undermines this fundamental credo.

Citrin Cooperman acquires Murray Devine

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Building Smart with Distributed Teams

Speaker: Sam Ross, General Counsel at Remote; Jenny Bloom, former CFO at Zapier & Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab

It’s clear that distributed teams are here to stay in some form or another. Adapting to this reality means finding the right systems and processes that support remote workers — including international ones — while controlling for risks and communication challenges. Watch to find out more!

Xerocon Sydney: Reflections from our APAC leadership team


It’s been exactly two weeks today since Xerocon Sydney kicked off, and it’s safe to say we’re still buzzing from the experience. In case you missed it, we wrapped the event with a special sign-off from our APAC leadership team.

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Should You Use an Employee Time Clock?

Patriot Software

Managing employee hours worked comes with the territory of running payroll. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you must use a timekeeping method and retain records for your nonexempt employees. An employee time clock is one type of timekeeping system you can use.

Gender influences performance evaluations and career advancement

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Accounting education Practice management Career advancement

Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining High Performing Workers


10 min read. No matter the industry, business leaders in the U.S. know that attracting, hiring, and retaining employees in the current job market is more difficult than ever. Human Capital


Telling a Great Story with Data

Speaker: Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, & Aneal Vallurupalli, CFO at Airbase

Data can create and even change a story — this is a key theme in an enlightening discussion between Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, and Aneal Vallurupalli, CFO at Airbase. Watch the video to discover how!

The Role of a CFO in Mergers & Acquisitions


3 Things a CFO Does During the M&A Process. If you’re new to mergers and acquisitions, virtual CFO services can be helpful no matter how you collaborate with them. After all, it’s a whole new world (cue the Disney music).


Future Forward 2022: Xero Security for 2023 and Beyond

Intuitive Accountant

If your practice is based on Xero, are all of your cybersecurity covered? Analytix Solutions's Bharavi Parikh discusses this, and more during her upcoming Future Forward 2022 session. Sign up for the Oct. 5 webinar now

The IRS Scheduled a Website Outage on September 15, Can’t Figure Out Why People Hate Them

Going Concern

The post The IRS Scheduled a Website Outage on September 15, Can’t Figure Out Why People Hate Them appeared first on Going Concern. IRS News Social Media Deadlines outages


Accrual or Cash Accounting: Finding What's Right for Your Client

Intuitive Accountant

In today’s business world, there are two accounting choices. Oak View Law Group's Lyle Solomon shares how you can help your clients decide which accounting approach is right for them

Making A Bigger Impact with Automation

Speaker: Nadia Asoyan, VP of Finance at Trusted Health, and Amer Ali, VP of Finance at Netlify

Learn about the automation mindset behind some of the most efficient companies. Discover how to evaluate accounting software to ensure that your tech stack works for your company’s needs today, and that it will scale into the future. Download today!

In the blogs: Sense of discomfort

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Accrual or Cash Accounting: Which is Right for You

Intuitive Accountant

In today’s business world, there are two accounting choices. Oak View Law Group's Lyle Solomon shows you everything you need about the methods and which one may suit your small business

Tech needs fill CFOs' priorities

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Analytics Blockchain Corporate finance Technology Automation Cryptocurrencies

No GST on ocean freight under Reverse Charge Mechanism on CIF Contract 

VJM Global

Held by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. In the matter of. Union of India & Anr. Versus M/s Mohit Minerals Pvt. Civil Appeal No. 1390 of 2022). M/s Mohit Minerals Private Limited (“The Respondent”) is importing goods on a CIF basis. The respondent is liable to pay customs duty on the import of goods.

What I Wish I Knew: How To Build a Data-Driven Company

Speaker: Rachel Bradley-Haas and Aneal Vallurupalli

All companies need data to drive their growth and make good decisions, but timely access to relevant, clean data requires more than data feeds. It takes a shift in thinking and a change to the way all operating units approach their jobs. Download the video to find out more from Co-founder of Big Time Data, data engineer Rachel Bradley Haas.

What Ever Happened to That Scary 2013 Prediction About Robots Taking Over Accounting and Auditing Jobs?

Going Concern

The post What Ever Happened to That Scary 2013 Prediction About Robots Taking Over Accounting and Auditing Jobs? appeared first on Going Concern. Technology

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Build the Firms of Your Dreams With Practice Management | Canopy

Canopy Accounting


New beginnings in uncertain times

Inform Accounting

The 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II was marked by her sense of duty and her determination to dedicate her life to her throne and to her people. For many of us, she became a constant in a rapidly changing world.

How do you know what your clients really want from you?

Mark Lee

It’s all to easy to assume that all clients want the same things. But unless you ask, you won’t know for sure. It’s probably true that most clients want you to help them pay less tax and to keep them straight with the authorities. Probably true. For most.

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Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!