What is Managerial Accounting and How Does it Differ from Financial Accounting?


When starting a business, all the paperwork and accounting may seem daunting. No matter how large or small your business is, managerial accounting will help you gain profit. So what’s managerial accounting, and why is it crucial for small business owners?

Free webinar: “Low Man on the Totem Pole – How I Became a White-Collar Criminal”

Wendy Tietz

The Akron chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is sponsoring a webinar on white-collar crime – “Low Man on the Totem Pole – How I Became a White-Collar Criminal.” Financial accounting Managerial accounting Miscellaneous ethics teaching accountingThe webinar is on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, from 6:30 – 8 pm Eastern. Registration is at this link. I cannot emphasize enough what […].


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Specializing an Accounting Business: What and How?


Specializing an Accounting Business: . Accountants are increasingly specializing in response to the commoditization of ‘traditional’ accounting services. Some Accountants will prefer to Stay Close to Accounting. Management accounting. Cost Accounting.

Top 10 Common Accounting Interview Questions with Answers

Simple Accounts

Accounting is one of the most well-liked professions. The number of students choosing commerce as a major in college and accounting-related employment is on the rise. Companies, both big and small, are looking for the finest accountants. . AICPA’s definition for accounting. .

Project Accounting Guide: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

Accounting Seed

With project accounting, you can identify when a given project isn’t pulling its weight. Project accounting software can make this number-crunching task more efficient. What is Project Accounting? What are the Principles of Project Accounting? Why Use Project Accounting?

Friday Footnotes: Deloitte’s Naughty Workpapers; Audit Reform Critics; Clients Getting Dropped Like Mics | 3.4.22

Going Concern

Deloitte considers Russia pull out as pressure grows on western firms to exit [ Financial News ] Deloitte is considering pulling out of Russia, becoming the first Big Four audit firm to do so as pressure grows on Western companies to cut ties with the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

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Tips for Startup Accounting


The combination of transactional volume and complexity and the need for enhanced financial reporting can at first be a difficult process to digest. The accounting department’s staffing and sophistication now require an investment to accommodate these challenges. Centralized Accounting.

Pot of Gold: Be Smart (Not Lucky) With Outsourcing Business Processes


As CFOs pursue greater flexibility, liquidity, and risk management for their companies, alternatives to BPO are becoming more attractive. As the economy recovers, it’s time to review why your company should continue outsourcing accounting, human resources, IT, or production.

SMBs May Get More Time To Adopt New Accounting Standards


Financial regulators are considering allowing smaller businesses (SMBs) more time to comply with sweeping changes in lease accounting standards, which experts have said will place a significant burden as organizations work to comply with the requirements. Reports in Accounting Today last week said Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Chairman Russell Golden revealed that it is considering extending the compliance deadline for small and private firms by as much as two years.