ARPA Close-up: COBRA Premium Subsidy


Employers were reimbursed with a payroll tax credit or a refund if the cost exceeded their tax liability. Credits were claimed through Form 941, the quarterly employment tax return. The credit will be against the employer’s share of Medicare tax.

The Dawn Of A Cashless Global Economy?


There are issues of transaction security, criminal elements, tax evasion, free flow of capital, access to goods and services and the ability to fully participate in the global economy. Now legal in 23 states, with recreational use also legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, marijuana is very much still a cash-based business. In Colorado alone, pot is expected to pour an estimated $120 million in tax revenue into state coffers this year.

Restaurant Revitalization Fund – Details


has its own tax identification number) inside another business (e.g., Business Tax Identification Number. Step 1: Begin with gross receipts as reported on the eligible entity’s 2019 Federal tax return. Business tax returns (IRS Form 1120 or IRS Form 1120-S). Introduction.