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Bridging Insights: A Conversation with Marcus Brandt, Partner


This could mean taking a bookkeeping course, mastering Microsoft Excel, or even going through basic tax returns to understand the underlying calculations. What advice would you offer to new public practice accountants embarking on roles within private enterprise? Build a strong foundation in the basics of accounting and taxation.

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Decoding the Difference: Tax Planning vs. Advisory

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In addition Al-Nesha is a member of the Intuit® Tax Council, a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, an inaugural member of the CHIP Professionals Council (CHIP is bridging the gap between consumers of financial products and financial professionals of color), a member of the National Society of Black CPAs and the National Association of Black (..)


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Beyond tax season: creating revenue stability year-round


If you’re not familiar with bookkeeping services, you can take courses online, and you do not need an accounting degree to perform bookkeeping services. If you aren’t familiar with bookkeeping or need a refresher, you can find online bookkeeping courses to get up to speed. Business tax preparation.

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10 Ways to Help Gen X Clients Prepare for Retirement

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How to get started as a virtual bookkeeper in 7 steps

5 Minute Bookkeeping

This will cover everything from the technical aspects of doing bookkeeping, to the technological aspects of doing the books. You could simply take some bookkeeping courses from there or consider online learning from other online schools. Furthermore, you’ll receive support from the community, coaches, and trainers.