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Sales Tax for Subscription Boxes


Over the past few years, subscription boxes have increasingly grown in popularity. This method of selling products delivers packages right to customers. Buyers sign up for regular delivery of everything from food, makeup, music, books, pet supplies, flowers, clothes and more.

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3 Ways Fraud Experts Use Data Analytics


Forensic accountants have long used technological tools to uncover fraud schemes. But recent advances in “big data” have provided even better, more efficient techniques for identifying suspicious activities and dishonest employees. These are three common ways fraud experts use data analytics: 1.


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How to Measure Marketplace Success: Stage 1, Marketplace Metrics


Every marketplace is different, but at its core, each marketplace has a seller (supply) and buyer (demand) side, acting as an intermediary to bring them together. The metrics VCs use Read More. The post How to Measure Marketplace Success: Stage 1, Marketplace Metrics appeared first on Burkland.

Tax & Accounting Service – Preparation, Planning, Representation


Tax Help? IRS – FTB – CDTFA – EDD tax help. . We provide specialized tax & accounting service for individuals and or businesses facing IRS or State tax problems such as: – Back Taxes . – Tax Levy – we release wage and bank levies. – Tax Audits.

Path to Becoming a CFO with Kelly Steckelberg, CFO at Zoom

Speaker: Jeff Epstein, Veteran Tech CFO, and Zoom CFO, Kelly Steckelberg

Join us for this very special conversation between veteran tech CFO, Jeff Epstein, and Zoom CFO, Kelly Steckelberg. The session gives us an opportunity to showcase the changes over time for CFOs, and draw comparisons between enterprise and fast-growing, early-stage companies.

Why So Many Filing Frequencies?


When attempting to manage your sales tax obligations across many different states, one of the first things to hit you will be the dizzying number of deadlines you must follow when filing sales tax returns. Due dates can include the 7 th , 10 th , 15 th , 20 th , 30 th and the last day of the month.

Biden to Name CBDC Advocate Saule Omarova to Lead OCC


President Joe Biden has announced that he plans to nominate Saule Omarova for Comptroller of the Currency and Claudia Slacik as Member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, according to a White House press release.

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Lead The Pack With Emotional Intelligence


6 min read. If asked to list the top traits needed for success in business leadership, things like business acumen, vision, creativity, drive, and analytical skills would probably make the top of your list.


Tax Proposals and the Potential Impact to Estate Planning



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Bitcoin Daily: El Salvador Now Third in Global Bitcoin ATM Count; Central Bank of Russia to Delay Digital Asset Exchange Payments; Magnum Real Estate Accepts Payment in Bitcoin; Christie’s to Auction NFTs


El Salvador now has the third-largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs, which amounts to 70% of all South American crypto ATMs, Cointelegraph reported, citing data from Coin ATM Radar. The country is third only compared to the U.S. and Canada, according to the report.

Utilizing Cloud-Based Systems to Convert to Virtual Processes


The utilization of a cloud-based system allows people outside of a business to access company financial records remotely and securely.

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Employee Safety During COVID-19: Compliance Toolkit

Stay compliant with Paycor’s COVID-19 Action Plan FAQs and templates toolkit.

Nonprofits That Stack Rank Their Programs Have Better Outcomes


8 min read. Which programs should I stop? Which programs best further my mission? Should I be starting a new program ?”. If you’ve ever stopped and asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone. Most nonprofit leaders have, and we’re here to share a solution that can solve just that.

AT&T Employee Phone Fraud – Why Insider Threats Are More Dangerous to Your Business




Bitcoin Daily: WallStreetBets Launches NFTs; Bhutan to Test CBDC


WallStreetBets (WSB) is rolling out a nonfungible token (NFT) collection, a press release says. The release notes that it will be called Diamond Hands, and will contain 15,000 handcrafted genesis NFTs. They’ll each have “unique qualities” and some will have “desirable rarities,” the release says.

Monthly Financial Review Checklist for CEOs


One of a CEO's most important tasks is staying on top of the company's numbers. This isn't just something for accountants. Financial statements give insight into the health of all areas of the company as well as how it's achieving its goals. Here's what you should be reviewing each month.

Rethinking the Concept of the Employee: How Outsourcing Can Help Grow Your Accounting Business

Speaker: Dixie McCurley, Principal, Digital Advisory at Cherry Bekaert LLP

The very mention of the word "Outsourcing" is enough to send shivers down the employee spine. However, this gut reaction - while understandable - is merely based on misconceptions. Outsourcing does not necessarily mean mass layoffs and transplanting offshore. Rather, it could be utilized as an employee-friendly way to assuage an overburdened staff, relieve productivity bottlenecks, and stimulate growth. Join Dixie McCurley, Principal, Digital Advisory at Cherry Bekaert LLP, for this enlightening discussion on the ins and outs of outsourcing, and what it can do for your practice.

What Health Coverage Options Are Available to Qualified Beneficiaries Whose COBRA Subsidy Is Ending?


QUESTION: Some of our COBRA participants have asked what they should do for health coverage when their COBRA premium subsidy ends. How should we advise them?

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How Do You Know When You Have Enough Money?


“How do you know when you have enough money?” This is the title of a program I am presenting this Thursday, September 23,at noon for the Take a Business Break series at the East Brunswick Public Library. The program is free and is open to the public and will be on Zoom. You can register online here.


UK FinTech Monneo to Accept Crypto for Invoice Payments


European FinTech startup Monneo has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to enable payment of invoices in cryptocurrencies, UK Tech News reported on Wednesday (Sept.

How Outsourced CFOs Can Keep Bookkeeping From Ruining Their Clients


When it comes to a company’s bookkeeping practices, the business will only operate as efficiently as the processes that are in place. Proper bookkeeping is essential to the health of any company.

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

The Rosenberg Survey


“Great firms continually reinvent themselves.” – Marc Rosenberg. The 2021 Rosenberg Survey is NOW available! Each year The Rosenberg Survey does an analysis to see which metrics have the strongest correlation to profitability, as measured by income per partner.

EIDL Program Retooled for Still-Struggling Small Businesses


For many small businesses, the grand reopening is still on hold. The rapid spread of the Delta variant of COVID-19 has mired a variety of companies in diminished revenue and serious staffing shortages.


China Seeks Gold Medal for Digital Yuan Rollout Ahead of Winter Olympics


Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are in various stages of development, launch and use around the globe — but one might argue that in Europe and the United States, it’s all a case of playing catch-up with China. February looms as a red-letter month, then, for the CBDC landscape.

Small Business Tax Credit Updates Skagit County Owners Will Want to Consider


I wanted you to know about something that came across my desk the other day because it is potentially very good news… Not many are talking about this, but there have been some MAJOR new Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program updates from the SBA… New $2 million maximum loan size (This is WAY higher than the previous limits).

10 Pragmatic Guidelines to Inspire Trust in Your Accounting Firm During COVID Times

Speaker: Javier Goldin, Managing Partner at Goldin Group LLC

The accounting profession has been moving from transactional to advisory work. Advisory work is based on relationships and an ongoing dialogue. The pandemic has forced many firms into a remote environment. The implicit trust of a face-to-face interaction is gone. So how do you rebuild or reproduce that trust, key to a relationship, in a remote environment. Can it be done and if so how to best execute? Join Javier Goldin, Managing Partner at the Goldin Group, LLC, for this enlightening discussion on the elements of engendering trust.

Present Value of Damages


In this video, Tracy explains damage calculations, and how sometimes we have to calculate the present value of those damages. What is present value? And why do we do this? Financial Investigations Videos


Hurricane Ida Tax Relief – New Jersey Provides “Big Apple-like” Relief While New York State and City “Cherry Pick” Taxpayer Relief


As noted in our recent alert , IR-2021-179 {“Tax Relief”} as initially issued and updated, provides comprehensive relief to business and individual taxpayers affected by Hurricane Ida in the Tri-State area.

Banking M&A Activity On a Hot Streak Again


M&A activity is heating up substantially after a pandemic pause, with the latest deal involving Valley National Bancorp’s acquisition of Bank Leumi announced Thursday (Sept.

Understanding Partnership Capital Accounts


Beginning in tax year 2020, the IRS has updated its compliance rules for partnerships. Most partnerships will now be required to report their capital accounts.

Managing Security Issues with a Remote Workforce while Continuing to Grow Your Practice

Speaker: Jim Bourke, Managing Director Advisory Services at WithumSmith+Brown

In this discussion, Jim Bourke, Managing Director Advisory Services at WithumSmith+Brown, will share his perspective on what he witnessed during this period of change – the good and the bad, and he’ll share some of the best practices for security and privacy in our space around technology and innovative advisory offerings in this new world.

Winning Auditor Malpractice Cases


Winning a case against an auditing firm when there is a sizeable fraud ( such as the Koss Corp. embezzlement ) or the collapse of a Ponzi scheme (such as the Bernie Madoff case) is not easy.

Selling a Home: Will You Owe Tax on the Profit?


Many homeowners across the country have seen their home values increase recently. According to the National Association of Realtors, the median price of homes sold in July of 2021 rose 17.8% over July of 2020.

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US Investigation of Binance Widens to Include Alleged Market Manipulation


The U.S. investigation into crypto exchange Binance has expanded to include possible insider trading and market manipulation, Bloomberg writes. The inquiry has included the officials looking into whether Binance or its staff made money by taking advantage of its customers.

Data Visualization for Resorts: Using Financial Data to Tell a Story




7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.