Dentists Amongst Highest Paying Jobs


The post Dentists Amongst Highest Paying Jobs appeared first on CPA Accountants For Dentists. CPA Accountant - Dental Practices Dentists CompensationGlassdoor has published its latest report on the top-paying jobs in the U.S., which includes various health care positions. Dentists are ranked third behind physicians and pharmacy managers, with an annual median base salary of $142,478. The national median pay is $52,950.

Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for Dentists


Now is the time to work with a CPA that understands the needs and nuances of dental practices, from pediatric dentistry to maxillofacial surgery to general dentistry to orthodontists. Each of our Dental CPA members has been following this legislation and offers customized dental practice guidance. If you want professional guidance from a Dental CPA Firm , complete our short form and you will be put in touch with a CPA to help.


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Best States to Practice Dentistry In


Clearly, the analysis from 24/7 did not take taxes into account as these are probably the highest tax states. If you need a higher level of tax expertise, then we recommend requesting a member of the Dental Accounting Association. All Dental Accounting Association members are Certified Tax Coaches in addition to being a CPA. The post Best States to Practice Dentistry In appeared first on CPA Accountants For Dentists. CPA Accountant - Dental Practices

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Veterinary Specialists in Short Supply


Pet Hospital CPA - Veterinarian Near Me Pet Ownership Growth Veterinary CPA Accountants Growth Veterinary Practice GrowthAccording to the American Veterinary Medical Association, veterinary specialists are in short supply and resulting from a lack of residency training programs. The sheer growth of pet ownership has outstripped the supply.

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PPC and EIDL Loans – Impact Upon Practice Transition


On Tuesday, April 14 th , Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions has invited Lee Pennington, CPA to discuss Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) programs within The CARES Act legislation. Lee has operated his own CPA practice for over twenty years.

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Best Jobs – U.S. News and World Reports – Oral Health Industry Excels


News and World Reports – Oral Health Industry Excels appeared first on CPA Accountants For Dentists. News & World Report just completed their rankings of the best jobs across 17 categories and the oral health category excelled.

Coronavirus Dental Practice Loan Assistance – COVID-19


The Dental Accounting Association, and it’s Dental CPA member firms, have launched a Small Business Loan Assistance service to support the following types of dental practices: General Dentistry. To learn more, visit the “ request a dental accountant ” page and complete the form. We will then put you in touch with a CPA nearby. The post Coronavirus Dental Practice Loan Assistance – COVID-19 appeared first on CPA Accountants For Dentists

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Dental Industry Loan Terms – Lendeavor


The post Dental Industry Loan Terms – Lendeavor appeared first on CPA Accountants For Dentists As a result of the current pandemic, most dental specific loan providers have quickly responded. Below are some details that we have recently received from Lendeavor on how they have responded. Current Dental Clients of Lendeavor.

HHS Stimulus Package Now Extends to Dental Practices


If you would like assistance, please contact one of our Dental Accounting Association members nearest you. All Dental Accounting Association members are licensed CPAs and specialize in dental practices. Medicaid and CHIP Dental Providers Now Eligible. The U.S.

Starting Your Own Dental Practice


One of the key players on your team will need to be a dental practice cpa firm , not a generalist cpa firm. A dental practice CPA will save time and lower your risk on practice acquisition due diligence, business structure, entity selection, and accounting/tax.

Founders – Bookkeeping vs. Accounting: What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to differentiating bookkeepers from accountants, a lot of startup founders primarily focus on when to hire them. For example, you might hire a bookkeeper on an ongoing basis, but only work with an accountant during tax filing season. Accounts receivable.

Tax Benefits for Founders: Qualifying Small Business Stock (QSBS)

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The post Tax Benefits for Founders: Qualifying Small Business Stock (QSBS) appeared first on Shay CPA. ShayCPA startup tax tax credit tech tech companies tech founder advice Tech Startup accountants

Startups – What’s your burn rate?

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If cash flow isn’t looking great at your startup, the issue usually lies with one of three areas: Accounts receivable. Accounts payable. As accountants who focus solely on supporting tech startups, we understand the nuance required to project your cash flow as accurately as possible.

Best Practices for Your Tech Company’s Expense Policy

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Set up an accountable plan. An accountable plan gives you a way to track employee expenses and your reimbursements to them while building in proof of both the expense and its necessity for work. . Accounting Business 101

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Accrual-Based (GAAP) Accounting and Its importance for Tech Companies

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Accounting can be more complicated than you expect. Specifically, companies have to factor in accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR). That means you’re accounting for money that hasn’t technically changed hands yet. The basics of accrual accounting.

PEO vs. Payroll Company: What Should My Tech Company Choose?

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You might hire a fractional CFO , and you’ll likely hire an accounting firm. You give them your employee information, like how much they should earn in any given paycheck and the account to which that money should be deposited, and they handle the rest. . 401(k) accounts.

The Truth About Being a Tech Company Service Provider

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As a CPA, I’ve been working with technology companies since 2010. In accounting, that means a lot of year-end cleanup, missed/misfiled tax filings, and issues with employment laws (e.g., It’s the banks, lawyers, accountants, marketing agencies, and HR/payroll providers.

Best Accounting Blogs: Finding a Great Blog for Accountants


Accountancy firmly belongs to the financial sector but it also shares a lot of key features with the service industry. No one can be an expert in all those areas, that’s why finding a helpful blog for accountants is such a great idea. Are accounting blogs only for accountants?

When You Need to Hire a CPA


Accountant? When you have more questions than a bookkeeper can answer, you’ll probably need to look into CPA services. Read on to see if online CPA services are best for you and your business. What is a CPA? What does a CPA do? When should I hire a CPA?

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When You Need to Hire a Pro: Online Accounting Service for Small Business


It’s time to go beyond merely tracking the ins and outs of your books and to start focusing on accounting and the financial health of your growing business. Choosing an online accounting service for your small business is the best way to keep your books updated, in compliance, and thriving.

What are CPA Services? And What Kind of Business Needs a CPA?


In this post, we want to provide you with some more clarity on CPA services. So then… what are CPA services? What are CPA Services? CPA services are accounting services that are provided by a Certified Public Accountant, also known as a CPA.

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