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10 midyear tax planning moves


Once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath following the spring busy season, it’s time to remind your clients that tax planning is where you can really add value.

How to solve your firm’s staffing crisis

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How to Increase Profit Margins Through Virtual CFO Services


What are virtual CFO services? A virtual CFO does everything an in-house chief financial officer does, either part-time or on contract. These pros are typically a more accessible option for small businesses that maintain a low overhead.


Legal Protections for Franchise Dealers Against Direct Manufacturer Sales


As posted to CBT News on 6/14/22 (Click Image to View Clip – Run Time: 18 min, 46 sec) Automakers have been making some unprecedented moves with regards to electric vehicles. so much so that many franchise dealers are becoming concerned about the future of their businesses.

Global Accounting Principles and Commission Capitalization

Speaker: Ryan Dillard, Chief of Staff Director at CBIZ ARC Consulting LLC; Kelly Hicks, Global Controller at Airbase

Join us for this webinar, where Airbase Controller Kelly Hicks and Ryan Dillard, a Director at CBIZ ARC Consulting, explore how to approach capitalizing global sales commissions.

Blog: 6 things to know about sales tax in Canada


Can U.S. companies sell profitably to the north? Sure, if statistics are any indication Canada is the 10th-largest eCommerce market in the world estimated at 35 billion USD last year. Sounds enticing. What about the sales tax obligations?

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Black CPA Centennial distributes $93.5K in scholarships

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A Practical Guide to Building Powerful Brands – the 5 Focus Areas


RESOURCES / ARTICLES. A Practical Guide to Building Powerful Brands – the 5 Focus Areas. Some of our clients are taking a long-term view of building a valuable Accounting business. And we’re helping them with brand strategy. . For starters, how do your clients view your firm?

Blog: Sales tax post-Wayfair: Costly for remote sellers, a cash cow for states


If it feels to you like the whole economic nexus and sales tax landscape is one-sided, the U.S. Government Accountability Office and many small businesses seem to agree. A GAO report states that all states with a statewide sales tax and D.C.

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Crypto crash halts states' plans to accept Bitcoin for taxes

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New Hires Are Making Absolutely Wild Demands Like Decent Salaries and Remote Work, Says Guy

Going Concern

Fresh off the ole tweet machine today we have this: New hires in accounting with 0 exp are demanding: – $80k-$100k. – Remote work. – 30 hours a week. – Client contact / advisory roles. This is unsustainable. What does the future of U.S. talent strategy look like?

5 Ways to Improve DE&I in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical for an organization’s success. And companies that take bold action to help ensure an inclusive workplace will win every time. Discover how your company can create a culture that celebrates DE&I while achieving higher revenue and growth.

A Deep Tech VC on Market Timing, Female Leadership & Diversity


Not too long ago, companies in deep tech and healthcare were often overlooked for funding in favor of companies focused on consumer products and business innovation. Lu Zhang, Founder & Read More.

IRS Reminds Employers of Penalty Relief Related to Claims for Employee Retention Credit

Dent Moses

A couple of weeks ago we covered the IRS backlog of amended payroll tax returns (941X) for employee retention credits. Now, the Treasury and IRS have responded to requests from taxpayers for relief from penalties with IR-2022-89.

IRS audited former FBI directors Comey and McCabe

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The Talent Crunch is So Bad Firms You’ve Never Heard of Are Offering $7000 Referral Bonuses

Going Concern

LaPorte who? Well now you’ve heard of them. From New Orleans City Business : “Just like every other company and industry, we have felt the effects of the ‘Great Resignation,’” said Patty Paz, chief operating officer at LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors. “We

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Virtual Cards — Everything You Need To Know

Speaker: Eoin Hession, Controller at Recharge

Even though virtual cards have been part of the payments system for over ten years, there remains a lack of clarity around how they work and their value to companies large and small. In this webinar, Eoin Hession, Controller at Recharge, talks about how his company uses virtual cards in their operations. Sign up today!

Elements Effective Accounting Workflow Management Systems | Canopy

Canopy Accounting

Is your accounting firm intentional about process and workflow? If the answer is no, it’s only a matter of time until processes start breaking down.

“Would You Like to Round up for Charity?” 6 Facts to Know About Checkout Donations 

Patriot Software

You’re at the checkout counter, wallet in hand, preparing to pay for your purchase. But before you can, the cashier asks if you’d like to round up or make a donation for charity. Sound familiar? If so, you’re part of the millions of consumers hit with a request for checkout donations.

OSCPA gives $54K in scholarships to Oklahoma accounting students

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Compensation Watch ’22: Does the New Equation Add Up to Better Raises For PwC Employees?

Going Concern

Now that raises have been doled out at Deloitte , next up is PwC.

How to Write OKRs: 45 Effective Examples

Many companies are embracing objectives and key results (OKRs) as the best practice for committing to goals and following through. Objectives are outcomes that reflect current company priorities. Each employee should write OKRs that roll up to larger company goals.

How to Simplify Your Accounting in a Business Acquisition

Anders CPA

Acquiring a company can come with many twists and turns to navigate. One of those being the accounting involved in combining businesses.

NetSuite Automation Could Be What You Need To Grow


Implementing a strong ERP system like that of NetSuite lays the groundwork for companies to further their automation capabilities, efficiencies, and more.

AICPA previews revamped CPA exam

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Tax Court Tailors Outcome to Fit Clothes Deduction

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IRS Tax Court Tailors Outcome to Fit Clothes Deduction

Building Smart with Distributed Teams

Speaker: Sam Ross, General Counsel at Remote; Jenny Bloom, former CFO at Zapier & Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab

It’s clear that distributed teams are here to stay in some form or another. Adapting to this reality means finding the right systems and processes that support remote workers — including international ones — while controlling for risks and communication challenges. Watch to find out more!

The Impact of Turnover and Inflation on Business Owners


7 min read. It's no secret that right now is a difficult time to be in business. Profitability & Growth


Sick Balance on Paycheck Requirements by State 2022

Patriot Software

No matter when you cut your checks for your employees, paychecks usually come with a pay stub. A pay stub, or check stub, explains details about your employee’s pay. Depending on where your business is located, you may also have to share information about the employee’s paid sick leave.

IRS offers simpler way for estates to extend time to file for tax exclusion

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Reasons Why Contractor Startups Fail And How To Avoid Them

Randal DeHart

Many surveys and reports show that nearly half of all new construction companies close their doors within the first five years of opening them. When we speak with contractors who failed, most say it was due to a lack of cash flow.

The First 90 Days: Onboarding Checklist

Connect with your people from day one with this development and engagement checklist.

A Complete Guide To Accounts Receivables


When performing the financial side of your small business operations, you'll come across several accounting and bookkeeping terms when making financial reports and balance sheets. One such term is accounts receivable. Often, this term goes hand-in-hand with the phrase accounts payable.

Some Guy in Montana Thinks Audit Firms Are Corrupt, Untrustworthy

Going Concern

Jim Elliott writes an opinion column for the widely-distributed Missoula Current (that’s a joke) and in today’s column he decided to address the EY cheating scandal.

Democrats plan to extend Medicare solvency in new Biden tax bill

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Raises and Inflation: Skagit County Business Owners, Listen Up


Everywhere I turn there’s a Skagit County business with a “Now Hiring” sign in the window. Are you seeing this too? Staffing is an issue in every industry across the country. Part of that? Making money isn’t the only reason people want a job. 2020 certainly shifted priorities.

Telling a Great Story with Data

Speaker: Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, & Aneal Vallurupalli, CFO at Airbase

Data can create and even change a story — this is a key theme in an enlightening discussion between Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, and Aneal Vallurupalli, CFO at Airbase. Watch the video to discover how!