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Certified Management Accountant Certification: What Is It, and Should You Get It? 

Patriot Software

Are you an accounting professional hungry for new accolades, knowledge, and ways to stand out from the competition? If so, you might be interested in getting your certified management accountant certification. You can expand your financial planning and strategic financial management skills through this CMA certification.

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What professional accounting certifications might an accountant earn?

Wendy Tietz

In the United Stated, accountants have a variety of certifications from which to choose to enhance their skill sets and further their career prospects.


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FinTech Capify Nets $10M Funding, Continued Goldman Backing


For its part, Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers online savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs) and personal loans. In 2019, Capify netted a $96 million credit facility from Goldman Sachs. The backing of Capify was part of Goldman’s move to boost and invest in the FinTech sector.

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Surgent Accounting & Financial Education Introduces CPArescue and CMArescue Courses

CPA Practice

Surgent Accounting & Financial Education , a division of KnowFully Learning Group, has launched CPArescue and CMArescue, custom-tailored exam preparation coaching programs specifically designed to transform a student’s accounting certification journey from failure to passing.

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Finding Hidden Income and Assets With a Tax Return


Interest – May indicate the existence of bank accounts, certificates of deposits, bonds, investment accounts, or loans receivable. Dividends – Indicates the existence of bank accounts, investment accounts, stocks, or other investments in business entities.

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Accountant Vs. Controller: What's the difference?

Basis 365

Candidates must hold a CPA license to be eligible for higher-ranking accountant positions. In addition, they must be certified as a management accountant (CMA), chartered financial analyst(CFA), or have other accounting certifications. An average of three to six-year experience is required for senior-level positions.

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Fed Consumer Finance Survey Reveals Online Banking Usage, (Slightly) Higher Debt Burdens


percent of families in 2019 owned at least one financial asset — which includes transaction accounts, certificates of deposit, savings bonds, other bonds, stocks and other holdings. Owning at least some type of financial asset was commonplace over the measured period. Overall, 98.7 Online Banking .

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