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Xero releases basic accounting app for small biz, freelancers

Accounting Today


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Pulse APP Academy

Insightful Accountant

Genevieve Bos demo's Pulse, and AI-enhanced business tool for Gary DeHart of Insightful Accountant in the latest Insightful Accountant APP Academy.


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Anchor APP Academy

Insightful Accountant

Insightful Accountant App Academy's are short "lessons" featuring App found in the Intuit Ecosystem. Gary DeHart, sat with Omry Man from Anchor and learned what Anchor does and how accounting professionals leverage automations.

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Corporate bill pay solution announced new integrations into corporate accounting platforms on Wednesday (July 27), while it also rolled out support for automated and mobile features. In an announcement, said it can now integrate and synchronize its data within existing cloud-based tools, including Xero and NetSuite.

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Crafting Your Accounting Innovation Strategy

Speaker: Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA.CITP, CGMA

This session will empower you to: Understand how to select your accounting apps and develop your innovation strategy. Develop your “intraprise architecture” and use it to visualize the changes to your firm’s or accounting department’s operations.

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The Top 9 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Firm

Ryan Lazanis

1:39 – Second, ChatGPT helps you draft professional emails, customize templates, schedule emails, and integrate with various accounting apps for efficient client communication. Listen below. 0:26 – ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can boost productivity and efficiency for several processes.

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Work from anywhere with these new updates to our Xero apps


Know where your business stands at a glance The Xero Accounting app helps you stay productive while away from the desk, by giving you the key financial information you need on the go.