Does Illinois Secure Choice Affect Your Small Business? 

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Seeing this looming crisis, Illinois launched the Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program (Illinois Secure Choice). Like other state retirement programs, Illinois Secure Choice mandates that all businesses with five or more employees […] READ MORE. Payroll

Payroll trends to watch in 2022 (Part 2)


Part 2 of this blogpost explains how prevalent payroll is in our daily lives with a focus on key issues in 2022, including unemployment, disaster relief, paid sick leave, and international. Payroll is everywhere. Topics around payroll are just about everywhere.


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Last Week in Payroll: Summertime Tax Tips


Let’s go over a few summertime tax tips for payroll professionals this season: 1) Interns. House bill 118 will immediately take effect after Illinois Governor Pritzker signs it into law. For the latest in tax, accounting, and payroll news, visit

Heads Up! Payroll Changes Coming in July


As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to rise and a sense of normalcy slowly returns, we can hopefully put tumultuous payroll changes behind us. State by State Payroll Tax Changes. Illinois. Uncategorized Payroll

ESG Payroll Spotlight: Just Transition for the Workforce Toward a Net-Zero World


Illinois Clean Jobs Workforce Network Program. Checkpoint Edge will continue to report on the latest payroll developments as legislation progresses. . Uncategorized climate action plan ESG just transition PayrollWhat’s at Stake. The aptly titled?

Last Week in Payroll: Minimum Wage


Although it is possible to automate payroll systems to account for these minimum wage increases, it is a good idea for payroll professionals to be aware of these changes to avoid the possibility of underpaying employees. Chicago/Cook County, Illinois: $14.00 Minimum Wage.

Important Changes for Chicago Businesses, Effective July 1, 2022

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Even the least expensive version of Gusto Payroll allows for a sick pay plan, and it’s not hard to set up and track ( see instructions here ). Chicago’s Minimum Wage Increase, Fair Workweek Changes, and Sexual Harassment Laws Enhancements — and a Chicago Sick Pay Reminder.

2022 Minimum Wage and Overtime Salary Threshold Increases


Illinois. Example 1: In Illinois, the maximum amount that can be withheld from wages for a creditor garnishment is the lesser of Lesser of 15% of gross weekly wages or amount over 45 times the state minimum wage of $12.00 Uncategorized Payroll

Last Week in Payroll: In Like a Lion; Out Like a Lamb


This makes a business’s payroll department very important since it is typically an employer’s greatest expense. And arguably the most important (and challenging) time to be a payroll professional, is during the period known as “year-end.”

Can Employers Pay Wages in Cryptocurrency?


” Also, the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act (820 ILCS 115) says that wages must be paid in lawful money of the United States. Uncategorized Accounting Checkpoint Cryptocurrency Payroll

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Employer Vaccine Mandates, Worker Refusals, and Unemployment Benefits


Illinois. The Illinois Department of Employment Security has informed Thomson Reuters that in general, individuals may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if they lose work through no fault of their own. Uncategorized Payroll vaccine mandateOverview. The U.S.

SMBs Struggle Amid MyPayrollHR Fraud Inquiry


The closure of New York-based payroll processing firm MyPayrollHR left some 8,000 people and about 400 companies without their paychecks. Pro/Data Workforce Solutions, based in Gurnee, Illinois, notified its clients in September that it would stop handling payroll services as of Oct. 1 because of issues relating to a third-party service it was associated with called Cloud Payroll. That payroll company is a subsidiary of MyPayrollHR.

Shrinking the Delaware Tax Loophole: Other U.S. States to Incorporate Your Business


Currently, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and Oklahoma have a franchise tax. Excise Tax–Single Sales Factor is the basis of Oregon’s minimum business tax, and it does not use property or payroll to determine the basis.

Mnuchin Now Says All PPP Loan Recipients Will Face Audits


One of the things that will be required is you will have to show a payroll report that you actually spent the money on payroll and other items that qualify for forgiveness,” he said. Borrowers must certify 75 percent of the money was spent on payroll.

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Data Shows Hiring Stalled At US Small Businesses In 2019


In contrast, firms with 500 or more people on the payroll grew their workforces by 2.3 It’s just extremely difficult to find somebody who wants to work, and seems hungry to make money doing sales,” said Mia Allen, co-owner of Rose Pallet in Bridgeview, Illinois — a 10-person company.

SBA Says It Has Approved 1.6M PPP Loans


From its start on April 3, PPP provided payroll assistance to more than 1.6 billion, New York with $20 billion, Florida with $17 billion and Illinois at $15.9 The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) says that nearly 5,000 lenders have approved 1.6 million loans totaling $342.2

Stay On CFPB Payday Lending Rule Upheld


Beyond the CFPB, and at the state level in Illinois, a state Senate committee last week voted to approve legislation that would keep state banking regulators from punishing financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, for doing business with medical marijuana enterprises. I would say this is kind of the grey area we’re in right now,” Jerry Peck of the Community Bankers Association of Illinois told the Senate Financial Institutions Committee, as reported by the Times.

Dine-In Restaurant Stocks Rally On Vaccine News, But Food Aggregators And Pizza Chains Sink


Many restaurants, for instance, are going to have trouble keeping employees on payrolls as some states ban indoor dining and winter makes outdoor dining a challenge in places like Illinois [and other cold-weather places].”. News on Monday (Nov.

State Regulators Investigate Payday Advances


The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has announced it will lead a multi-state investigation into alleged violations of state regulations of the short term lending industry, specifically in the area of payroll advances. “High-cost payroll loans are scrutinized closely in New York, and this investigation will help determine whether these payroll advance practices are usurious and harming consumers,” Lacewell noted in a statement.

DoorDash And Uber Fee Hikes Will Test Business Model – And Restaurants’ Patience


They have announced plans to start tacking on additional charges in California to cover the cost of the concessionary wage and benefit programs the companies promised in lieu of adding hundreds of thousands of Golden State workers to their payrolls.

The New Year Brings Fresh Uncertainty for U.S. Business Tax Professionals


Colorado lowered its income tax rate, Arizona passed a high-income surcharge, and Illinois rejected a progressive income tax proposal. The New Year Brings Fresh Uncertainty for U.S. Business Tax Professionals. The tax rules and regulations U.S.