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Bill.com Gets Cozy With Accounting Apps


Corporate bill pay solution Bill.com announced new integrations into corporate accounting platforms on Wednesday (July 27), while it also rolled out support for automated and mobile features. “To stay competitive and profitable, accounting and bookkeeping firms increasingly rely on a platform that is based in the cloud and extended with mobile apps to introduce efficiency and reduce costs,” said Bill.com Senior Director of Channels and Alliances Bob Lewis in a statement.


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Benefits of Transitioning to QuickBooks Online (QBO) from QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)


By connecting with the internet in the Cloud, QuickBooks Online keeps you instantly and continuously aware of every aspect of your business’s accounting. Finance & Accounting Accounting Accounting Apps Accounting services QuickBooks Quickbooks Desktop QuickBooks Online

Do I Need an Accountant for My E-commerce Business?


Although many e-commerce businesses will hire an accountant to help them with tasks such as tax filings, having efficient accounting for Shopify software can make a big difference to your finances! We will also look at when you should consider hiring an accountancy professional.

Crafting Your Accounting Innovation Strategy

Speaker: Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA.CITP, CGMA

Tired of everyone telling you that you need to modernize your accounting operations, but not telling you how to actually do it? Attend this non-technical, but technology-focused session to actually work through creating an innovation strategy and developing a plan for modernizing the way you provide accounting services with the latest accounting technologies.

Accounting Software For Insurance Companies 2022: What To Look For

Accounting Seed

Dedicated accounting software for insurance companies saves time and money while shoring up compliance and security. But make the wrong choice of accounting software, and the consequences can be severe. What Is Insurance Accounting Software? Accounting Automation.

Top 5 Dreamforce 2022 Takeaways 

Accounting Seed

This action-packed conference not only gave a glimpse into the future of Salesforce, but also enabled AppExchange Partners like Accounting Seed to gain industry insights and connect with the Salesforce Community in a personal way. Native Apps are Key to Business Productivity.

Does Shopify Have Expense Tracking?


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of accounting for e-commerce businesses. You might find yourself in a tight spot, especially if you’re solely relying on Shopify accounting. How Do Accounting Apps Integrate With Shopify?

Does Shopify Do Accounting?


Although Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform and CMS, Shopify accounting tools are fairly limited. To execute more complex tasks such as filing compliant tax returns, you will need an integrated e-commerce accountancy app. What Accounting Tools Does Shopify Offer?

What Are the Requirements to Sell on Shopify?


In order to sell on Shopify, you need a product, domain name, Shopify subscription, returns and exchange policy, Shopify accounting app , and a data privacy policy. A Shopify Accounting App.

How to Do Bookkeeping For Shopify


In this article, we will talk about how you can begin effectively accounting for your Shopify store. Thankfully, Shopify allows you to incorporate a third-party accounting program that will simplify your bookkeeping tasks.

Latest product news — September 2022


Make adjustments in the Xero Accounting app — Global. We’re now giving you two ways to make adjustments in the Xero Accounting app: bank fees and minor adjustments. The new Account Summary report has been released to all customers.

Changes to multi-factor authentication are coming for Australian customers


At Xero, we are custodians of your data and do all we can to protect the information held in your account. From then, you’ll need to authenticate daily when you log in to your account. Xero Verify provides fast, easy and secure access to your Xero account using MFA.

Salesforce for E-Commerce: Everything to Know About This B2C Platform

Accounting Seed

B2C e-commerce is the practice of selling goods or services directly to the end consumer on a digital channel like a website or a mobile app. The Salesforce B2C platform is a mobile-first app that ensures fast page loads on mobile, with a super user-friendly storefront presentation.

What Is A Salesforce Dynamic Dashboard? Everything To Know 2022

Accounting Seed

You can ask your Salesforce account executive about increasing the limit in the Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions as a paid feature. Top Financial Dashboards Available With Salesforce Accounting Software. Request a demo of Accounting Seed today.

23 Accounting Security Tips to Keep Your Firm Secure

Ryan Lazanis

In today’s post, I’m going to show you the very best accounting security tips (23 of them to be precise!) to keep your accounting firm safe and secure. Importance of why you must have accounting security for the safety of your business. Tip 13: Limit App Permissions.

Salesforce Campaign Best Practices: Everything to Know

Accounting Seed

Once you are a Marketing user in your Salesforce org, follow the steps below to create a Campaign record in Salesforce Lightning: Go to the App launcher after login and type Campaigns. Leverage AppExchange applications like Accounting Seed to help track campaign success.

Salesforce Order Management: Everything to Know

Accounting Seed

Salesforce Order Management (SF OMS) is an app that helps companies fulfill, manage, and service orders at scale. For instance, Salesforce Order Management might tie together your accounting system, ERP, payment, warehouse management, and logistics into one single platform.

Best Vendor Payment Processes for Businesses 2022

Accounting Seed

This is part of every business’s accounts payable workflow or accounts payable process. The life cycle looks something like this: the accounts payable department receives, verifies, and routes an invoice for approval, then they send payment. Accounting Insights Business Trends

Be A Know-it-all: The solution to the £61 billion late payment problem has launched

Accounting Insight

As part of their commercial launch, they exhibited at the sold out Xerocon, at Tobacco Dock, London, on 20th and 21st July in partnership with leading accountancy app Xero.

Does Shopify Send a 1099?


Shopify bookkeeping sounds complex, but a compatible accounting software can streamline each element of your reporting, serving as a vital management tool. Can a Shopify Accounting App Automate My Tax Filing?

tax 52

Small Business Accounting Tips: How to Improve Your Workflows

Accounting Seed

Good accounting workflows turn bookkeeping into a routine task that doesn’t require consistent re-planning and thought. Below, we’ve compiled the most impactful small business accounting tips to streamline your accounting processes and set your team up for efficiency and productivity.

The Back Office Power Behind LionHeart

Accounting Seed

LionHeart Critical Power Specialists Achieved 40% Growth Moving from QuickBooks to Accounting Seed. As Controller at LionHeart, JeaNae Remala and her team are the essential cogs that keep the back office running smoothly, with the help of Accounting Seed.

20 Best Financial Dashboards for Making Business Decisions

Accounting Seed

Scroll down for the best financial dashboard examples for your business, plus tips to customize financial dashboards to fit your processes and accounting workflows. This useful accounting dashboard lets you flag high-risk clients and spotlight clients who deserve special attention.

Latest product news — August 2022


We have also changed the name of ‘My Payroll’ to ‘Xero Me’, aligning it with the mobile app that has been enhanced to empower employees to track their own start and end times. View your Xero balance in the Xero Accounting app — Global.

Salesforce B2B Commerce: Everything to Know

Accounting Seed

The Salesforce B2B ecommerce platform is designed to suit the complex B2B buying journey, including negotiated pricing, account-specific terms and conditions, and discounts, to give your business customers a superior online buying experience. Top 7 Issues Accountants Face Today.

Latest product news — July 2022


Here are the most recent design changes in Xero: We’ve made improvements to the design and layout of bank reconciliation within the Xero Accounting app, to make your experience easier and more accessible (iOS and Android). Company accounts tax.

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Top 16 Benefits of Automated Accounting

Accounting Seed

When you automate accounting with software such as Accounting Seed, routine accounting tasks get done faster and more accurately. That frees up human accountants for higher-level analysis. What is Accounting Automation? Accounting Reimagined.

Digital Banking Apps Cashing In


Whatever nomenclature you prefer — neobank, challenger bank, digital bank — the common denominator is app-based convenience and the power of algorithms to help manage and save that has people downloading these apps like mad.

Why Is Accounting Important For E-commerce?


While accounting isn’t the most glamorous aspect of running an e-commerce business, it is one of the most important functions that determine your success. Do I Need E-commerce Accountancy Software? What Features Should I Look For in an E-commerce Accounting Program?

Future of Accounting: The 2022 Annual Guide

Ryan Lazanis

In this guide, I’m going to outline what the future of accounting looks like for accounting firms and how to best prepare for it in 2022. So if you’re looking to improve your firm in 2022 and keep yourself on the cutting edge of accounting, you’ll love this new guide.

Is Selling on Shopify Profitable?


However, to get accurate financial data about your Shopify store, you need to integrate it with the best accounting app for Shopify, allowing you to know how much profit your Shopify store makes and when it’s making losses.

Sales 52

Is Salesforce a Good CRM for Nonprofits?

Accounting Seed

It contains your Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and other key details. You can use them to track donors (Leads/Contacts), ongoing relationships with partners (Accounts), and fundraising opportunities. How Can Accounting Seed Help Nonprofits?

Foreign Exchange Accounting Guide for Businesses in 2022

Accounting Seed

That requires a knowledge of foreign exchange accounting or the use of sophisticated software such as Accounting Seed. What is Foreign Exchange Accounting? Foreign exchange accounting is a set of rules for tracking business transactions in foreign currencies.

Does Shopify Collect Sales Tax?


But before you do that, make sure you apply for a sales tax permit and that you integrate the best accounting app for Shopify with your store. Accounting Business Management E-commerce New Shopify Small Business

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Free Yourself and Your Accounting From App Fatigue


Often, app fatigue gets pigeon-holed as a consumer problem. Sinform’s latest review of mobile app usage reveals that the average person has 40 apps downloaded to their phone and uses 18 of them regularly. How well does your company use apps? Move away from more apps.

How to Make Business Financial Statements: Everything to Know

Accounting Seed

You can create your own financial statements with relatively little fuss and expense, particularly through automating tools such as Accounting Seed. The income statement reports your net income for a given accounting period. Automated Accounting Statements.

How To Start a Bookkeeping Business in 2022 [Step by Step]

Ryan Lazanis

Do you want to know how to start a bookkeeping business or accounting firm in 2022? In fact, these are the very steps that I followed to help take my heavily bookkeeping-focused accounting business from scratch to sale in only 5 years. Monthly accounting and bookkeeping services?

Finicity Extends API Expertise; Signs Data Access Agreement With Brex


The access will allow Brex customers to link accounts to apps that use Finicity’s secure data network. For example, a Brex customer may configure its accounting app to automatically receive their account transactions, or review their cash flow to establish a line of credit.

Comcast Launches Apple Pay Option For Xfinity Bill Payments


Comcast has made an update to its Xfinity account management app so that it can soon start accepting bill payments via Apple Pay. of the cable company’s Xfinity My Account app for iPhone, including the new feature. A statement from Comcast adds that push notifications have been added to the app for Tech ETA to let you know exactly where your tech is, as well as other minor enhancements and bug fixes. Xfinity My Account is available for free on the App Store.

Data Leak Compels Samsung To Activate Two-Factor Authentication


The initiative starts this week, after a glitch caused about 150 users to see private account data that included phone numbers, names and addresses of people they didn’t know. An update to the Samsung account app shows where Samsung is making the change “mandatory” for all of its users. .

New Report: How Alipay Fends Off The Fraudsters


Consumers and retailers have become more wary of handling physical cash during the COVID-19 pandemic, spurring some to turn to mobile payment apps instead as a safer, contactless alternative. The payment app space is not the only one gearing up against crime, of course.

Plaid FinTech Expands Into Three More European Countries


The Silicon-based startup, launched in 2013, uses a unified application programming interface (API) to link FinTech apps with people’s bank accounts. earlier this year, Plaid has landed FinTech clients, like the budget app Cleo and the accounting app Pandle. and the European Union require account transparency to regulated third parties, as long as customers agree.