How Much Is a Tax Consultant?


If you own a business or earn a significant income, you may be wondering how to manage your tax situation and how much a tax consultant costs. There is a lot to consider when weighing the costs and benefits of hiring a tax consultant. What Does a Tax Consultant Do?

5 Common Sales Tax Mistakes That Can Put You At Risk for Non-Compliance


You’re trying to run a business and sales tax is not at the forefront of your plans. Make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes to ensure you have sales tax in order and aren’t at risk for penalties and fees in the case of an audit.

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IRS Audit Red Flags & Triggers: How the IRS Catches You


In most of our previous posts, we’ve been busy revealing all of the ways to help you save on taxes and claim every deduction and tax credit as much as you can. Now, we want to help you avoid an IRS audit! 8 IRS Audit Red Flags to Watch Out For. It’s true….

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Alliantgroup Is Considering Retention Bonuses to Keep People From Fleeing

Going Concern

And now that the Houston-based national tax consulting firm is under investigation by federal authorities , more current Alliantgroup employees are planning their escape. Deloitters in audit who took the lump-sum payment now have to stay through the end of May 2023.

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Friday Footnotes: PwC’s Turn For a Probe; Accounting Professor Does a Naughty; The IRS is Hiring | 3.11.22

Going Concern

PwC Becomes Latest Subject of Investigations [ Bloomberg Tax ] Paul Brehony of Signature Litigation LLP looks at the growing number of investigations by the U.K. plans to hire 10,000 workers to clear a tax return backlog. [ ‘Big Four’ Targeted Again in U.K.—PwC

The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For: Plante Moran #30 (2022)

Going Concern

Here’s why Plante Moran made this year’s ranking, according to Fortune : A strong company culture can engender employee loyalty—and Plante Moran, one of the nation’s largest audit, tax, consulting, and wealth management firm, puts a big emphasis on strong and consistent leadership.

US Expat Tax Help – Professional IRS help for Americans living overseas


Americans living abroad, expatriates, are not immune from having to pay US Federal Income Tax and even some states do as well. Unfortunately, there are some people who mistakenly think that as soon as they leave the United States that they are no longer responsible for paying taxes.

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How to boost the tax capabilities of a general practice

Mark Lee

Every now and then I hear about general practice firms of accountants that want to boost their abilities to help clients with more complex tax maters. Recruit a tax manager. Some firms recruit a tax ‘manager’ in the hope that he or she will fill the gap.

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When You Need to Hire a Pro: Online Accounting Service for Small Business


They can help you prevent getting audited by the IRS by setting up your bookkeeping system right the first time and preparing and guiding you through an audit, if necessary. . based financial team—bookkeeping, tax consulting, and tax filing all under one roof, available 24/7.

Former and Current Alliantgroup Employees Speak Out About ‘Evil, Toxic, Emotionally Damaging Company’

Going Concern

One thing I have learned since finding out about the IRS and the FBI conducting a court-ordered raid of Alliantgroup’s Houston offices last Friday morning is that there are A LOT of horror stories from ex-Ag employees about their experience working at the management and tax consulting firm.

How Small Business Bookkeeping Solutions Can Make Your Life Easier


Small business bookkeeping services can support you with everything from simple data entry to offering more in-depth tax filing services and business consulting. It is a full service bookkeeping package and includes a business and state tax return.

Tenth Anniversary of Blog


While the demand for quality auditing and tax consulting is greater than ever, advisory services are fast-growing. This is the 1,005 th blog I posted in the last ten years, and today will start my eleventh year of these blogs.

Tax Benefits of S-Corporation: How Does a S-Corp Save Taxes?


?. What are the tax benefits of S-Corps? And here’s a quick note: We recently saved our client over $95,000 in taxes by making one small change – you guessed it right, helping her switch from an LLC to an S-Corp. 4 Tax Benefits of S-Corps. FICA taxes. $0.

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Small Business Tax Deductions: Pay Less in Taxes with Business Deductions in 2020


?. In federal taxes you owe $78,435.72. Look, those were like your tax liabilities from last year. So I’d say, learn how to use small business tax deductions to lower your liability. Because you definitely don’t want to spend more in taxes for another year.

How to Write Off Your Dream Car Tax Free in 2021


And what if we told you the business tax code was actually set up for you to do so? Now unless you’re an accountant reading this then we know you didn’t go to school to learn taxes and you probably don’t spend your weekends binge reading the tax code.